Excruciating Hip Pain in First Trimester

Updated on December 04, 2011
M.M. asks from Duluth, MN
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I am only about 9 weeks pregnant and for the past several nights have had horrible hip pain when I sleep. I lay on one side until I can't take the pain anymore and then I flip to the other...this goes on all night. Last night it was terrible and I was up all night in pain. I am still sore this morning on both sides. I remember having some hip pain VERY late in my other three pregnancies....but how could this possibly be happening so early? Any suggestions on what I can do for relief? My husband thought maybe we could buy a foam topper for our bed and that would help take some pressure off....has anyone tried this? I just don't know how I will be able to handle 7 more months of this pain.

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answers from Washington DC on

Ditto for both my kids. It's the hormones loosening the hip joints. They are already loose from first one, thus worse pain. Sleep sitting propped up or in a recliner. Try physical therapy or massage,( helped some). Swimming really helped (stretching?). Could also try a wrap. Hang in there, it's worth it!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Simple solution....CHIROPRACTOR

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answers from San Antonio on

Ow! Had that before. Yes try a foam topped on the mattress. Casey had a good idea too: pillow or rolled up blanket under the knees. Also, try to find a yoga class or someone who has knowledge of prenatal exercises. There are stretches that you can do for your low back and hip area that will help. I teach these to people here in my classes. But it's hard to describe online.

These stretches really work but you need to do them regularly. If you can't find anyone in your area to teach these to you, go to yogajournal.com and search on that site for prenatal yoga and there should be pictures and descriptions on this site. The information here is all medically sound and safe.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I had something similar in my second (but not my 1st) pregnancy. Chiropractic adjustment helped a little. What helped most was sleeping on my side with a body pillow running between my feet and knees to hold everything in line a little better. I still had to switch sides several times a night, and if it was really bad, I would take some tylenol.



answers from Los Angeles on

I'm going through that right now myself 18 weeks pregnant. I had it a lot with my first too, my second I did chiropractic care all the way through the pregnancy and only suffered the last 2 months. This time around we just can't afford it. I am exhausted from all the tossing, plus for me once I'm 'awake' I inevitably have to go to the bathroom too. So toss toss get up go pee, take 5 mins get situated toss, toss, get up---you get the picture.

Recently, I've actually put a pillow under the side I'm laying on and I lay on top of it, along with my c shape body pillow, and the rest of my pillows. Its not perfect, but I really only have to toss 1/2 as much as I did before. I tried the pillow top/memory foam topper, it worked some for the hip pain, but then my back started hurting, and then I had a hard time getting out of it later in the pregnancy.

I'd go ahead and try some additional padding and see what works. I would also think you are early enough in your pregnancy you could attempt to tummy sleep more to avoid your hip pressure pain. Good luck I'm right there with ya mama!



answers from Norfolk on

I suffered from it for all 9 months of my first pregnancy and occasionally now with my 2nd pregnancy (and it was sciatic related my hips just ached!!!!). I put a foam topper on my half of the bed though for me it really doesn't do anything. I pop some Tylenol and it offers enough relief for me to fall asleep. If it's really bad at night I'll take more. Sometimes body pillows help. With my first pregnancy it was sooooooo bad I resorted to sleeping on my back but put pillows under the right side of my body so I wasn't flat on my back and I was angled to my left side but not so much that I was putting a lot of pressure on my hip. That felt better. I also got a husband pillow (those pillows with the arms) and slept sort of sitting up. For me some things I tried made things feel better all night, sometimes only part of the night, and sometimes nothing worked and I was up all night. Good luck!


answers from Minneapolis on

All three of my pregnancies went like what you are describing. I went to a specialist the first pregnancy after chiropractors, massages, medications, and walking didnt help at all. They told me I was making too much Progesterone. Your sciatic nerve would not be acting up this early in your pregnancy. You baby is barely the size of a pea at 9 weeks. Progesterone is needed to cause your muscles and tendons to relax. What happens is if you make too much at this point it softens the connective tissue in your pelvis and mainly your hips. This is causing the ball joint to bash around and pinch nerves in the joint. The only way it alleviated the pain at night was lay on side, get big body pillow and put it between knees. It got better with time but never went away, I did have lasting effects after the babies but exercise and walking did help. Is it only hurting at night? and when you sit for a long period of time? It doesnt hurt as much when you stand or walk right? Then its most likely Progesterone related.



answers from Minneapolis on

I had the same thing for my entire pregnancy. A foam topper on the mattress didn't help me. I ended up sleeping sitting up--with 4 or 5 pillows behind my back or in a recliner most nights.



answers from Houston on

If the pain is as bad as you say it is....I am thinking it may be your siactic nerve....I suggest to get a firm mattress topper...try sleeping on your back with a pillow stuck up under your knees...this will relieve pressure off you hip area. Do you have it as you are getting out of bed or during the day? Of course call your doctor too!



answers from Boston on

I second the prenatal yoga recommendation. Prenatal yoga is usually much more low key and not intimidating if you've never done yoga before. If you tell the teacher about your problem, they should be able to give you some specific poses/stretches too. Hope it gets better!

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