Excess Saliva and Slurping Sound in 5 Yr Old?

Updated on July 06, 2012
B.F. asks from Tiffin, OH
6 answers

Hi there!
My son will be 6 yrs old soon, and he has just recently seemed to have an excessive saliva issue. The issue isthat he has so much, he is making a slurping, or sucking in sound, pretty often throughout the day. He doesn't seem to have any other issues that I can tell, he seems perfectly healthy otherwise.
Has anyone heard of this or dealt with this before?
Thank you so much!!

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answers from Dallas on

He's probably getting ready to pop out his 6 year molars. No worries.

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answers from Chicago on

My son is 5 and does this...I think it's more like sort of a tic than anything medical. Before this he was doing this weird thing with his hands where he would kind of stretch his fingers out in all directions...did it ALL the time. That stopped, and now the slurping. Mostly when he's reading or concentrating on something. I don't notice it if he's watching a movie or eating. I think it's probably not a big deal.

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answers from Birmingham on

I have a 5-year-old son with the same problem. He cannot speak to me without stoping to slurp his saliva. I have asked him to stop and swallow before he speaks and have constantly poiinted it out to him when he does it. He is perfectly healthy otherwise, as well. Im wondering if it may be something with this age group. I have no idea what to do! If you find something out, please let me know. :)


answers from Kansas City on

I think they do it as sort of a habit like any thing else they come up with. It will end eventually. Then they will do some other strange behavior. They are boys, you know. :-)


answers from Dallas on

My daughter does that when she has a sore throat.



answers from Fort Wayne on

My son started that when he lost teeth. I think they have a hard time managing saliva when their mouths are going through changes, the same as drooling, teething babies.

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