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Updated on April 18, 2008
E.B. asks from Tacoma, WA
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So my hub stayed home from work with your pretty normal cold/flu. Fever aches and well grumpy. I thought we were all out of the clear from getting it because i have been a freak about cleaning everything he has stayed away for the most part except to watch tv in the living room at night. It was saturday and none of us had it. I wake up this morning my 15 month old has a fever. Then this afternoon I start feeling run down and yuck (no fever yet thank god) and now i just put my hand on my 3 year olds forhead and he a low grade fever too. Where did i go wrong? My hub hasnt made any meals or really even been involved in anything but being in the house and now we are all sick!!! I am bitter now to because now monday he gets to go back to work with four days of sleep under him and even though still groggy feeling better and I get to not rest and deal with my 15 month who has been screaming almost all day!! So thats my bitter side of this he brings the cold in gets all weekend to recoup and then i get to deal with the rest!!! Grrr...Is there anyway to keep things like this from consuming a household of people?

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answers from Seattle on

Do NOT rely on "Airborne". It is just a multi-vitamin. Nothing more. Google "Airborne Settlement" for info on the lawsuit and the results.

Honestly, E.... There's not much you can do. Any time one of you gets sick, the rest are sure to follow. I'm the oldest of 5 kids, and a mother of 4, so I've had -tons- of experience with the cycle of sickness.

Get as much rest as you can. Have hubby clean the house when he gets home instead of trying to do it yourself during the day. Remember... You did the same for him when he was sick, now it's his turn to help you out.

If he gets grumpy about having to do houshold chore after working all day, just remind him that you're sick, pregnant, and trying to deal with two sick kids, so you need to rest as much as you can and that you work all day as well.

Drink lots of fluids (anything you can stomach: soup, juice, water, milk) and have your little ones do the same. Chicken soup really does work to help shorten sick times and, though homemade soup works best, canned soup works a little bit as well.

Here's hoping that you only have to endure one cycle of everybody sick at once. (I once had a 9 month stretch where everybody passed the flu around... one person at a time. Nothing kept it away from the other kids or me.)

Good luck and well wishes,



answers from Seattle on

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answers from Seattle on

When a Family has One person sick, and the rest of you haven't caught it yet, then do what most doctors do. Take a medicine they call *Airborne*. It keeps the airborne germs out of your system, and boosts your immune system while fighting the cold/flue, etc.

This comes from a Mother of 3. I come from a family of 5.

Hope this helps. Good Luck.



answers from Seattle on

There is no way to control illness' path through a family. Even though you clean and try to isolate the one who is sick it will come through or maybe not...

My mother (87 years young) who lived though the depression and times when there was no medicine (including aspirin) used a lot of washing and fresh air when I grew up.

I will tell you a funny story about when I was pregnant (6 months with my daughter). It will make you fill better.

My son 18 months caught the stomach flu from somewhere. He was sick for 1 day.

My stepson (7) was sick for 3 days.

I thought I had morning sickness for a week but it was really the flu. I couldn't eat any thing for a week, but didn't throw up.

My big strong strapping husband was violently sick for a week and a half. No food went down that didn't come up. He couldn't get up out of bed. It was sad.

I can laugh at it now. But then it was really tough. W.



answers from Seattle on

Good morning E....welcome to the club. This is apparantly the way things work because that's how it always goes down in this house. Totally sucks....I always say "moms don't get sick days" because honestly we don't! No one ever helps us when we're sick. Just wait until your kids start going to school...the plot thickens.

Anyway...you didn't do anything wrong. This will happen time and time again. Do the Airborne thing. I have a lot of luck with Zycam too when you first start to feel like you're coming down with something. I wish I had a magic wand for you...I live in Kent though...do you? I'd be happy to bring you some soup or something...lol.

Take care and good luck E.!

L. H.

P.S. I'm a sahm of 2 girls (9 and 5). My husband works downtown too as an engineer. I used to work downtown as a paralegal before I had my first.

P.S.S. I love love love your boys' names!



answers from Seattle on

you did not do anything wrong - there really is absolutely no way to prevent what has happened...well... unless you live in a plastic bubble.

Recent research shows that overprotecting yourself and your children from germs, overuse of hand sanitizers, anti bacterial products etc and keeping them away from places where there may be germs is actually doing a disservice to your and your childs immune system.... Children will be more sick when they go to school and possibly develop further environmental sensitivities.

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