Ever Used Apidexin or Decaslim?

Updated on June 09, 2009
C.D. asks from Macomb, MI
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My husband is interested in taking either Apidexin or Decaslim (leaning more toward Apidexin) to help him lose weight and gain energy (in conjunction with exercise and good diet, of course). He only plans to use these supplements for a short period of time, three months max. My question is, do any of you have any knowledge of these products? Have you (or someone you know) used them? How did they work? Did they like the results? Any undesirable side effects?

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answers from Detroit on

I don't know about those meds, but I am doing Weight Watchers and I love it! I think it is a very safe way to lose weight. It's the only diet plan my doctor recommended.

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answers from Detroit on

I'm with Bridget - I've never used those drugs so I can't offer any advice on them but I did Weight Watchers about 8 years ago and had great success. Prior to that, I could only seem to lose about 5 pounds and just couldn't figure out why. I THOUGHT I was a healthy eater and exerciser... I was wrong :) Weight Watchers' program really taught me some valuable tools to not only lose the weight but I've kept it off for 8 years now! It's the easiest program (in my opinion) to adjust into "real life".



answers from Jackson on

Hi Christina!

The drugs like that that I am familiar with cause the intestines to not absorb nutrients... That can cause people to have worse cravings since your body knows it isn't getting what it needs to stay healthy even though it is getting some food. Some weight loss drugs cause a greasy leaking that can't be controlled...I don't imagine he wants to wear "light days" pads. Is your husband aware of those side effects?

My family uses a weight loss system that feeds the body what it needs to help it burn fat and keep muscle. If the body isn't fed properly it will burn muscle and keep fat. Ironic isn't it? That after a diet a person could actually have more fat?

May I get you and your husband some specific information?




answers from Detroit on

I have used Adipex (I am assuming you spelled it wrong). This is a prescription medication. It is a great way to get you going on a diet. The first week usually involves a really dry mouth and crazy energy, and he may have trouble sleeping. Once you are used to it, it is amazing how much it curbs your appetite. It actually makes you not hungry almost immediately. The only thing I would complain about, is that at about 3 months, your body gets used to it and it is not very effective after that. If you have succesfully changed your eating and excersize habits at that point, the transition off of it is not too bad. It does raise blood pressure, so most doctor's require you to come in for an office visit every month, get checked and then they refill the prescription. The cost varies wildly, my insurance does not covert it. Walgreen's price was 50% higher than the local pharm next to my doctor. Good luck, that is all I can think of.



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I would be happy to make some recommendations more on the natural side of things if you are interested. I tend to advise against the types of products you are asking about.

In my business, I help health care professionals to provide energy related dietary assistance to their patients. (and much more!)

[email protected]____.com



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I also used Adipex (generic form was Phentermine) and loved it. It does give you great energy and suppresses your hunger. I have lost 18 lbs on it and was on it for 2 months. After the first month I didnt notice much of a change in the weight. Everything seemed to happen right away. They say that it can become very addictive, which I can see why, especially when you don't take it and feel tired all day. It does go away thou. I tried other weight loss programs and lost 11 lbs. but could never get past the 11 lbs til I tried this. It is a great help. Good luck.



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Hi Christina---I must confess that I am not able to comment on the supplements your husband is considering but I do know that supplements do NOT lead to long term success. The only way to do that is through diet and lifestyle changes. I am taking a series of wellness classes offered through a naturopath who has her PhD in nutrition and weight loss is a topic covered in detail.

Most people think of dieting as a short term activity to lose a set amount of weight. What usually happens when that weight loss goal is achieved? People usually go back to eating the same way as before, and the weight returns. It is best to look at your husbands weight loss goals as a goal to eat for his health. By doing that, he will lose weight automatically. Focus on eating MOSTLY fruits, vegetables, whole grains (brown rice, whole wheat pasta, not too much, quinoa, spelt, and other great grains), legumes (red and black beans, kidney, pinto, lentil, etc.) and nuts and seeds. Have your goal be to eat at least 48 grams of fiber per day. Minimize animal product consumption. Think of using meat as a condiment or as a flavoring for soups, stews and casseroles. Too much animal protein leads to diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Don't worry about getting enough protein. Human protein needs are actually quite small and you'll be getting lots of protein from the veggies, grains and beans. By eating this way, you are eating nutrient dense foods that have fewer calories in them. Another benefit of eating this way is that your entire family will be healthier.

I have a ton of recipes and articles to support this way to achieve optimal weight and HEALTH. A byproduct of this way of eating also helps to reduce the risk of ANY disease you can think of.

Pills are short-term and come with side-effects. The energy comes from caffeine. These things deal with symptoms of an underlying problem. Did you know that the Japanese eat veggies in the morning because they offer the energy needed to start the day. Let me know if you would like any of these resources and I'd be happy to share. I would be honored to work with you on this. In health, D. ###-###-####



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Dear Christina,
I have no experience with these, but just wanted to offer you an alternative if he changes his mind. These are drugs, and all drugs have side effects. If you want a natural alternative, Shaklee makes a line of Inch loss products called "Cinch", which works very well. The Cinch products are full of nutrition-they are a delicious powdered meal replacement shake, which also contain an amino acid, leucine, so you only lose fat cells, weight and inches, and not your muscle cells. Most diets fail because you lose muscle, which burns more calories than fat and then you yo-yo after stopping the diet. This is a great healthy way to lose weight. Please contact your Shaklee representative, or let me know if I can help you!
Best Wishes,

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