Ever Used a Graco Snug Ride Car Seat on a Plane?

Updated on August 29, 2007
D.P. asks from Peoria, IL
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I am going overseas with my infant and want to put him in his car seat, which is a Graco Snug Ride. I don't know if it will fit. The airlines has already said that it won't fit rear-facing, which makes me wonder how the heck it will fit front-facing. Anyone ever tried this?

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What airline are you travelling on? I went on air canada with my daughter in the snug and ride when she was an infant and it was fine. You don't use the base. Just pull the belt over and tighten into place. I plan on travelling again with my 5 week old son next week the same way. They would only let me take the seat on the flight if it wasn't full as I would not purchase a ticket for her. Good Luck to you.

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I have used our snug ride many many times on United, American, and ATA. The car seat has fit just fine. They always make us place the car seat by the window and they would try to place us in an area where no one is sitting in front of the baby seat since they (person in front of us) can not recline their seat because of the car seat. I have never heard of an airline telling you it won't fit. Maybe the person was new or did not understand what you were asking....I was told by United they wanted my baby in a car seat (rear facing) because it takes the liability issue off of them incase of an incident...plus it was so much easier on us not to have to hold her through the whole flight and when ride got a little rough on one flight I felt so much safer with her strapped in nice and tight!

I would call back and ask for a list of car seats that can be used on the flight for an infant or ask for a manager.

Good Luck!




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I use to work for United. Don't bring the base on the plane, just the car seat itself.....and use the seat belt to buckle it up. Good Luck!



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If you're not going to use your car seat while overseas you can always borrow one from the airline, too. They aren't always the cushiest nicest ones, but airlines do keep a good stash of them. (I learned this at Christmas last year. We arrived but my son's carseat didnt! Southwest loaned us one to drive the 85 miles to my parents and then just swapped it out when they delivered our missing luggage 8 hours later).

We took my then-2-month-old son to Europe last summer. Had him as a lap child on the plane and just used a sling to carry him while over there. We never needed a car seat or a stroller, which was very liberating and much simpler.



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I flew southwest and american with the graco safeseat, which is considerably larger than the snugride. as long as you check the base, you can use the safeseat on the plane. i don't see how the snugride woule be a problem.

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