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Updated on October 31, 2007
K.L. asks from Dallas, TX
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Hi Ladies,

I had my 32 week OB visit yesterday and it was also the first time for me to meet the new doctor I switched to. Since it was my first time meeting him he wanted to do a complete pelvic exam (even though I had my records transfered over from my previous doctor). He used the horrible, awful silver instrument that goes inside you....sorry I cannot remember the name or spelling.....and then he checked for dialation. Anyhow, ever since I left his office my crotch area is extremely sore. It was not like this before I went to him. My question for you is...is this a normal thing to experience after an exam. And was it safe for him to stick that thing inside of me when I am so far along?

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answers from San Antonio on

I switched doctors with my second pregnancy because of those last few months of visits with my first pregancy. I don't remember him using an instrament but my appointments were becoming painful and I hated to go. I switched to a woman doctor the second time around and that never happened. I don't know if the first doctor was trying to make me go in to labor or what but you shouldn't dread going for fear of pain.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm in the middle of my 3rd pregnancy and never had any type of soreness after an exam.
With my 1st pregnancy, I would get a little crampy after an exam but I feel that was from my male OB not being as easy as he could. When I was pregnant with my second, I had a female and NEVER had any type of cramping after her visits.

I know the last post said this is normal but I would call the nurse and explain your symptoms.
I'm not exactly sure if it's safe to use the instrument on you so late in pregnancy but from what I can remember, I never had that done so late. I also changed doctors with my 1st pregnancy at 7 months and did not have to do the full exam.

Good luck to you and hope you start feeling better.



answers from Dallas on

I've delivered 4 babies, by 4 different obs. I was always sore after pelvic exams late in my pregnancies! And two of those obs were very gentle at that. I'm sure some women are more prone to being sore.
I don't think it's unusual for an ob to do a pelvic at 32 weeks, especially since you are new patient late in your pregnancy. I'm not at all sure about the use of a speculum though.....



answers from Tyler on

I cannot imagine using that type of instrument could possibly be safe that late in your pregnancy. Follow your gut instincts.



answers from Killeen on

K., i am a midwife and if i had a patient transfer to me at 32 weeks with COMPLETE records i would NEVER repeat a pap or do a pelvic exam. it is NOT NECESSARY if your records really are complete--and by that i mean, was your initial pap documented? were the results of your chlamydia & gonorrhea test documented (most practices do this test on all new patients). if these results were clearly noted in your transfer records there was no reason to do those exams again.

unless your 1st child was premature there is no medical information to be gained from checking dilation at 32 weeks.

the metal instrument is called a speculum. there is nothing inherently unsafe about using one so late in pregnancy, but again, unless there was some real reason it wasn't warranted. i personally always use metal instead of plastic because they are weighted and don't have rough edges--yikes!!--like the plastic ones sometimes have. i'm sure you are sore after a pap and a pelvic so far along.

did he explain WHY he was doing all this? you might want to see if there is someone else in his practice you could see if you are not totally comfortable with him.

best wishes for a healthy baby!



answers from Houston on

Hi K.,
First, congratulations on your upcoming delivery!! How exciting it is to be a mom! :) I have an 8 yr old and 8 mo old here at home and remember all too well the frequent doctor visits and having to switch in the middle of a pregnancy. For those of us who hate change that is one of the hardest things to do. I applaud you for getting through that first appointment without having a breakdown. I was not so lucky! Lol. I'm sure there was a bit of apprehension at that first appt. and it's always hard to get used to a different doctor's bedside manner. But remember, OB's tend to be some of the most caring doctors in the world and though they have different ways of doing things, would not do anything to harm our little ones. A full exam is normal when a new doctor takes over. They just want to make sure nothing has been missed. As for the use of a speculum...that is no more harmful to your baby than having sex with your hubby. I was always sore after both with my pregnancies! Remember too that your body is preparing for labor and so that area is naturally much more sensitive than normal. I hope this puts your mind at ease a bit and I wish you and your expanding family many blessings!



answers from Houston on

Yes it is normal for it to be sore, and even some bleeding.


answers from Dallas on

I'm having my pelvic exam tomorrow, I'm about as far along in my prgnancy as you. I have some pain and bleeding, but this as always been normal for me. I have a male Dr. as well.

I do think it is normal that he did the exam even though you had your records transferred. If your pain is really that bad compared to usually, perhaps he was too firm.



answers from Dallas on

If your new dr is in a group practice, you might want to ask for another OB for your next visit, but since you are at 32 weeks, I would not advise changing dr's (outside of that office) *again*, because unless circumstances like a job transfer and move dictate, most OB's are "unwilling" to take on a maternal patient so far along. (You will also run the risk of being *without* an OB if you should happen to go into labor early.) This is the price we pay for allowing INSURANCE to dictate the "rules of medicine". OB malpractice insurance premiums are the highest of all specialties.

If you are really anxious about seeing this OB again, my OB is in Plano at Medical Center of Plano, and he was WONDERFUL!! His name is Joe Leveno (we call him Dr Joe), and his phone # is ###-###-####. His assistant's name is Rachel, and she is great! (I NEVER felt uncomfortable, or experienced any pain during my exams at his office.)

You didn't say why you switched doctors in the first place, but if you would like to email me privately, my email address is [email protected]____.com information you want to share with me is treated CONFIDENTIALLY (used to work in the medical field, and still operate in that "mode").

Good Luck in the next 8 weeks with Sierra!!



answers from Dallas on

The cold metal instrument is called a speculum. I also agree that sometimes women have a gentler touch. My midwife uses a speculum made of plastic for my well woman pap smear exam and it was much less uncomfortable. No, its not wrong to have an exam this late in your pregnancy, but if you are unhappy with the bedside manner, keep searching for the right healthcare provider for you. Good luck!


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