Ever Negotiated a Hospital Bill?

Updated on September 26, 2011
T.S. asks from Dallas, TX
8 answers

i have insurance and hospital was paid over $60K by ins co. for my surgery, i have paid about $3000 already and owe another $4000. they immediately put the balance on my credit report, even though its less than 6 week old.

has anyone had any success with medical city getting a balance reduced or written off altogether?

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answers from Dallas on

I've called and successfully negotiated a hospital bill, but more recently it seems they are more hard nose on negotiating, even saying they can't negotiate on balances determined by insurance to "be your responsibility." I have even had billing departments require payment in full of large balances with 3 months and no longer with the slightest default sending you into collection agencies and bad credit marks. So, I think it is going to depend on the hospital itself and your financial ability to pay. I would definitely give it a shot. If they don't and you don't qualify financially for hospital assistance (based on income) then I would guess the only 2 options you have are to pay it or let it default, go to collections unpaid for a period of time until they are either ready to make an offer.

I am curious to see how it turns out for you. Keep us posted.



answers from Dallas on

After our son was born, we got a large bill from the hospital. I knew the ins. company had already paid their portion. I can't remember the amount but I was in tears when I opened the bill. Someone told me to call billing at the hospital and ask if they would write it off. They did.

It is worth a try. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

You need to get in touch with the patient advocates office at the hospital. They are on-site and while employed by hospital, they are there for you. Ask them if they work with RAC or RCA or another on-site billing support.
You could also, based on income, etc. discuss your options to petition your account for "charity care" which is a board who, looks at your bill, etc.
But, seriously, the patient advocates office is a great place to start as each hospital is different.
Best of luck!



answers from Las Cruces on

Yes. Last year I had more in medical bills than I make in several years. I contacted the hospitals foundation, had to provide tax returns and my employer had to fill out some paperwork that verified my income and the foundation paid 90% of the remaining balance.



answers from Dallas on

If paid in full, the hospital should do a minimum 30% off the top. This is pretty well standard in the medical industry. Negotiating down any further is unlikely, but definitely worth a try!



answers from Dallas on

If you are making payments then they can't report it to the credit bureau. My son was born 2 years ago and I make a payment of $50 a month. Call the billing department and see what can be done.



answers from Redding on

I'm not sure what "medical city" is, but most hospital billing departments will work with you especially when they have received the bulk of the bill.
I would contact the hospital billing department directly.

Best wishes.



answers from Tyler on

Eleven years ago our hospital had a policy of 50% off when paying cash. I had a huge deductible that was equal to the amount of the cost of the DNC. BEFORE my surgery, I decided to pay cash for the surgery and file it toward my deductible. The hospital charged me $1500 for the $3000 surgery. I don't know if yours will cooperate after the fact.

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