Ever Get Ur Whole Home Painted by a Pro?? $

Updated on March 14, 2011
A.S. asks from Orwigsburg, PA
5 answers

just wondering if anyone ever had someone come in and paint their house and around how much did it cost you? my house is close to 15oo sq ft but wouldnt need the whole house done.

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So What Happened?

sorry...interior i need would like all tan walls with white trim

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answers from Eugene on

I'm getting bids for my house right now. They are running between 20$ per hour for a young single man who works alone, to $45 per hour for an established company that has several crews and can get the work done quickly. All are licensed and insured and have good references.



answers from Erie on

I dont' remember how much we paid, but we had a guy do our living room and hallways and Man what a superior job he did. I'm a do it yourselfer, but he was so much better i think the only thing i dare paint myself anymore is a bathroom.



answers from Boise on

Interior or exterior?

We haven't had our whole house done but we've had different rooms done and it's run anywhere from $100.00 (I thought this was a HUGE bargain!) to $200.00 a room for "regular" rooms (bedrooms not great rooms with high ceilings)



answers from Tulsa on

I found a pro who had 5 crews and not enough work. Ours was 1800. He painted the entire house plus all cabinets and the exterior doors and trim for $2500 and it was the best job ever. I called him to repaint our bigger house and it was much higher.
He said he gave us a deal the first time because he broke even on the salaries and workers comp. If he had laid them off, he would be out money.
I found out they use a price per foot method sometimes. You could ask them for a free estimate.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I haven't used a professional ourselves, although we renovated our previous home and painted every room and ceiling in it. The contractor used a professional company for the stairs and new trim. It took us forever to do every room. If I was doing it over again, I would hire someone. Painting is very time consuming and messy. If I was doing one room at a time, perhaps 1-2 rooms a year, I would do it myself but not the whole house.

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