Evenflo Maestro Booster Car Seat

Updated on June 11, 2011
V.B. asks from Mesa, AZ
5 answers

Does anyone have this booster seat? Is it good? I've researched on-line and the reviews looked good so far, does anyone have an opinion about it? Or are there any other boosters (5pt harness, we've out-grown the rear facing infant seat) that you would recommend? I know Britax is always a favorite, but that is not in our budget.

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answers from Phoenix on

We were in a similar situation as you and decided to purchase the Evenflo Generations 65. My little guy turned 1 in April and like you, he outgrew the infant carrier carseat. We purchased the Evenflo Generations 65 at Babies R Us and it was $10 more expensive than the Maestro. Originally we had the intentions of purchasing the Maestro but decided to go with Generation 65 because we felt it was safer with the LATCH system for installation. This carseat operates as a convertible/booster, however, the only downside we've encountered so far is that it cannot be placed rear-facing - and as someone else suggested, the AAP now recommends children be placed reear-facing until the age of 2. We are using this car-seat in my husband's car, so he won't be traveling in it very often. Good luck looking.



answers from Gainesville on

Is your little one at least 2? I was looking at previous questions you've asked and it doesn't seem so. Your little one needs to remain rear facing until *at least* age 2! That is the recommended minimum based on the latest research and findings. Your child is far, far safer in a rear facing position. I didn't turn my daughter (in a Britax) until she was 30 or 31 months old. She was 90th % for height and fit perfectly fine. It is our job as parents to keep up with the latest research and findings to keep our little ones safe. Take a peek at crash test vids. Rear facing little ones barely move. The forward facing kids are thrown violently.

If it were me, I'd start my car seat research over since your little one isn't ready to be forward facing.



answers from Phoenix on

Hi V.,

I have always used Graco and haven't had any problems. Good luck!

I. K.


answers from Kansas City on

You had me confused by saying booster seat and that you've outgrown the infant seat! I googled this seat and understand what you meant now!

I don't know anything about this seat or Evenflo, we always buy Graco and Britax when we can afford it. We had an Evenflo stroller once though and I really hated it. It wasn't well made and didn't function well either.


answers from Minneapolis on

This is a good seat for the over 2 crowd. A child should remain rear facing until at least age 2 and 30lbs, per the AAP, Safekids, and NHTSA recommendations, and the recommendations of ever car seat manufacturer. Yes, the law is 1yrs and 20lbs, but taht is the bare minimum.

That being said, if your kid is over 2, then yes, its a good seat on a budget and is a great booster when the time comes (at least 4 and at least 40lbs)

The Graco Myride 65 is $150 and will harness rear facing to 40lbs, forward to 65lbs. This will last your child until the yare at least 5/6yrs old and then you can purchase a simple booster seat for $15. Worth the money.

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