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Updated on February 05, 2009
B.K. asks from Warminster, PA
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Where I work, I pump in someone's private bathroom. I would like to do something for them or give her a small token of appreciation for letting me use the room to pump. It's the only private place in the building to go. Should I give her something for valentine's day or when I finished pumping which will probably be sometime in the next month and a half roughly. So I guess my question is what is a good gift to give or what should I do to let her know I appreciated her letting me pump there?

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answers from Philadelphia on

I would think a thank you is enough.



answers from Allentown on

why Valentine's? that's for lovers

Thank you, take her out for lunch how close are u?

framed picture of the baby?



answers from Pittsburgh on

I, personally, would not do a "Valentine's thing" but I believe a nice bouquet of fresh flowers is always appropriate along with a heartfelt "thanks!" You could pick them up at your local market on the way to work O. morning.



answers from Philadelphia on

I think it's very kind of you to want do thank her. I think I'd do it when you are finishing up pumping. Flowers are a very nice idea....Or a little basked of something home baked (if you like to bake that is). Whatever you decide will be wonderful, I'm sure. I would suggest including a card to let her know how much it meant to you. It may have seemed like a small gesture on her part, but for a mother it is very meaningful!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I think flowers or baked goods are also a good idea. Since it is a private bathroom, you could do a small basket of good quality toiletries for the room. A nice hand creme or lotion, a little potpourri in a nice glass container, a hand towel, and some small soaps. We have a basket like this in one of the bathrooms at work and you wouldn't believe how it can lift your mood to be able to reach over for a lotion. The scents should be subdued.

I did the same thing when I had the support of the associate director at my work was supportive and told me about a very private room to pump. Is a gift necessary, no. But something unexpected and from the heart is always nice.



answers from Erie on

I vote no for valentines, but yes definately as small token thank you with a card.
Flowers or something small for a hobby you know she likes, would be good.
I don't know if you could ever find it but I remember maybe a year ago someone else asking a similar question. There were some really cute "boobie" thank you gifts. LIke a Victoria's secret gift card and some other silly ones i can't think of. Along the lines of Thanks for the "support" while you were pumping.
Maybe give her a gift card or cook your own dinner to bring her as thanks for all the meals your child got to have because she was so nice.
Something pretty for her bathroom like little handtowels or soaps????
Or if all of that is just to weird a nice thank you note would work.
How lucky you are to have had a private place, even if it was on loan. Congrats on the pumping, it's a pain but so worth it.



answers from Reading on

Hi B.,

I would give a gift after you're finished pumping along with a card with a personal sentiment of your appreciation for the support during this time. If you know them well, you would know there likes and dislikes. Try and make it personal afterall what you are doing is very personal. Keep it parallel. I don't think it has to be expensive, they have cute books out with sentiments about anything, friendships, sisters, moms etc they are lovely gifts. I always enjoy a gift that makes me laugh it's double the joy! I do like giving edible arrangements. They are a little pricy even for the smaller ones, but everyone loves them. A gift certificate to their hair stylist or a GC to a spa for a facial or a service. I'm sure whatever you do will be enjoyed for me something that shows you put thought into it doubles the purpose and is truly an expression of your gratitude. Happy shopping!

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