Essure Procedure and Nickel Allergy?

Updated on July 01, 2011
J.S. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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Hi Moms! I am wanting to get the Essure pocedure done because I am done having kids and it is also medically necessary that I don't get pregnant again. I am looking in to the Essure procedure however I was told by the doctor that I cannot have an allergy to nickel. I am not sure if I do or not. I have only had a small rash from one of my necklaces (don't even know if it contains nickel) and my ears get a little red after I wear earrings but I think it is because I don't wear earrings very often. I looked in to getting a test done to check if I have the allergy. I checked with a dermatologist and an allergist. It takes 3 different visits and will be rather expensive. Is there an easier way to find out? If you have had the Essure procedure did you get a nickel allergy test done first or did you just do the procedure not knowing? It involves a micro-insert which contains nickel that will be put in the body. What should I do?

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much everyone for your response! Jaclyn I am so glad for your response because I actually decided not to do it a while ago because I read online stories like yours. The same problems happened with many others. Some had to have hystorectomies (I'm sure that is spelled incorrectly), some major surgeries, and one woman even said she got PREGNANT!
It must be good for some people but I just don't think they know enough about it yet. Also, I think it is horrible that doctors are continuing to do this procedure, knowing what can happen, without giving you a nickel allergy test first. It almost seems like you and many others have a case on your hands. It makes me sick that doctors are throwing this new procedure out there like it is the best thing since sliced bread. I am so sorry you have to go through all of that. Good luck and thank you for your advice!

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answers from Milwaukee on

I had that done three years ago, not a MENTION of nickle.

Btw, LOVE Essure!

I did find this...



answers from St. Louis on

Hi, I had Essure coils placed 2 yrs ago and have had horrible pain in my left side that doubles me over.When it acts up I am unable to do anything little loan care for my 2 and 3 yr olds. When I had my follow-up test I learned that I had two coils placed on the left side because the first didn't take. Although the procedure worked and I can no longer have kids I am now being told after finally going for a second opinion that I do most likely have a nickel allergy. The test you mentioned is the only one I know of that they do for testing- the 32 panel, 3 day test. My dermatologist said that it is also very innacurate and he has known many people to have false negatives. Since I am only 23 before my insurance company will approve a partial hysterectomy I have to have a diagnostic laproscopy that is scheduled for the 12th. (Btw, this is a $9,000 + surgery in itself). Not only is all of this a pain in the bum, I have also been bleeding ridiculously for the past 2 yrs. I have less than 2 wks in between periods which are so heavy that I require two overnight pads back-to-back while wearing a super-plus absorbancy tampon and still leak heavily. IN OTHERWORDS, PLEASE WEIGH THE RISKS IF YOU EVEN SUSPECT A POSSIBLE NICKEL ALLERGY. IN MY OPINION, IT IS NOT WORTH IT AND I WOULD DO IT DIFFERENTLY IF I COULD DO IT AGAIN. Good luck and God Bless! I sincerely hope that this helps.



answers from Denver on

I've had the Essure procedure done and wasn't asked if I had a nickel allergy. I was asked about allergies, but not about that one specifically.
Here is a link for Endometrial Ablation discussion board if you want to go more specific:
They helped me when I was having my procedure done. Good luck in whatever happens.



answers from Phoenix on

I had it done about 18 months ago! LOVE it! They did ask about a nickel allergy. I told them...I didn't know. My dr. said that I would for sure know it if I did! :) So..I didn't have any allergy tests & no problems here!



answers from Dallas on

I had the Essure procedure done as well and I did not have to take a test for a nickel allergy. I have very sensitive skin and ears when it comes to jewelry and I have been completely fine. I cannot where cheap earrings. They have to be real gold or sterling silver or my ears get infected. And same with necklaces, watches, and bracelets. But so far I have had no reactions to the Essure procedure and I had it done about a year ago. Hope this helps!

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