Ergo vs Beco

Updated on July 19, 2007
C.J. asks from La Grange Park, IL
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Hello, I am interested in purchasing either a Beco or Ergo carrier for my 21 month old. He weighs about 26 lbs. I suffer from shoulder pain and am curious about pros and cons to each. Also if anyone has a used carrier they might want to sell please let me know. Thank you so much!

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answers from Chicago on

I've been contemplating an ergo for a long time. I finally got one (it hasn't arrived yet - but I'm excited!). I bought it at They have free shipping and a 90 day warranty. The best part is that the new carriers are $92, but the returned ones (that people sent back before 90 days for whatever reason) are $78 and are listed as used. You can find them if you poke around their website a bit.



answers from Chicago on

I'm not selling mine because I love it too much but the ergo is phenomenal. I don't know anything about the beco. My daughter is 24 lbs and I wear her on my back all the time. Wearing her on my chest is a little uncomfortable sometimes only because I tend to walk like I'm 9 months pregnant and it's been like 90 out so it gets hot. But she loves to be on my back. I am also able to nurse her on my front just by lowering her a little bit. It's the best $100 I've ever spent on baby gear.



answers from Chicago on

I have read about the ergo and its supposed to be great. Good for back and posture however I do not have one so I cannot gaurantee what I've heard. Also, I never heard of the Beco. I am curious to find out more as well so if you do find out more I'll be curious to hear what others say about them. Good luck on your search for info!



answers from San Francisco on

We LOVE the ergo -- we have had it for our 11 month old and it is really our "last resort" method of calming him down when he is fussy.

the great thing is that you can use it as a backpack or side-sling as well, and it is very comfortable since all the weight is at your hips.

also, the fact that our baby "sits" in the ergo, rather than the bjorn "saddle" seems to be more comfortable and healthy.

we highly recommend it!

good luck!



answers from Chicago on

The becos are beautiful and are longer so good for a kid who is a leaner. Ergos are supposed to be comfy but are lower cut for kids who don't like to feel confined.

I just recently got a patapum (a little cheaper then either of the above) and LOVE it. It's high enough to keep my little one from flipping herself out but leaves her enough arm freedom to stay happy.

Look on ebay for the ergos. I see them for a bit cheaper there. Amazon carries patapum (if you have any gift certificates... like I did ;-))

Beco is a higher budget item but LOVELY

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