Ergo Carrier or Babyhawk Mei Tai for Newborns?

Updated on April 01, 2009
L.L. asks from Buffalo, NY
7 answers

Just wondering if other moms out there had opinions on which baby carrier they liked best and would work for a newborn? We're expecting baby no. 2 next month and our first is only 19 mo. so I'm planning on wearing baby no. 2 much more so than I did the first time around. I've tried a hand me down Bjorn and did not like the fit, I also tried a sling and didn't like it... I've heard rave reviews about the Ergo, which is what I'm leaning towards, but just found the Babyhawk Mei Tai on a couple of web sites and quite honestly am considering it merely because I like the patterns it comes in!!! But, don't want to end up with something that is not good for newborns- any advice would be great.

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answers from Burlington on

I bought the Babyhawk and was really happy with how comfortable it was. When my son was about 8 months old though, I decided to get an Ergo carrier. I thought that it would be a little easier to snap into but I ended up returning it as in the end I found it almost exactly like the Babyhawk. My review: they're equal products.



answers from Boston on

yay good for you! Slings make your life so much easier! I use the Over The Shoulder Baby holder the most, it is padded and you can nurse in it. I also have a ring sling that I like for shopping( i think its called babyland), I have a moby wrap that I like but is more suited to older babies or just newborn(my little one tries to wriggle out of it, shes five months) I also love the kangaroo korner pouch slings but that are difficult to nurse in. My good old stand by is undoubtedly the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder. good luck and congrats!



answers from Springfield on

You probably didn't try the right type of sling. Go to they are great! I have 2 they are made for your individual size no small, medium, large and nothing to adjust holds up to 40lbs they are wonderful, comfortable I put my 21 month old in all the time when I take our dogs for a walk and don't even feel him. If you get a sling that fits your correctly you won't feel it, it won't pull, and it will be extremely comfortable also check out they have slings and baby carriers that they personally recomend for baby wearing.



answers from Boston on

Ergo is great. Don't know about he other.



answers from Providence on

I much prefer the Babyhawk style carrier. (I make cusotm carriers and find that I like some small differences but, don't like all the buckle stuff, not changeable enough). I would say that maybe the best idea would be to try a moby wrap! (you will get more milage out of a non stretchy wrap but, a stretchy one is the easiest to get used to i think) They are great for a snuggly little newborn and are great up until around 20 lbs. They can be used a ton of different ways for lots of different carries.
You can always check out for more information or drop me a pm/email.



answers from Boston on

Try attending the Boston Baby Wearers group.

They meet once a month in Somerville. They do a quick overview of all the carriers and that's when you set your eye on one or a few that you want to try and the leader you want to consult with. All volunteers. Try a few out right there, see which one you feel comfortable with. The leaders help fit you and teach you how to check yourself too. Check the carrier out for a month for a deposit that you get back when you return it the following month (or you can send it back via mail to one of the leaders). You can also do this right after your peanut is born, and that will help if your peanut is especially small or nice and chunky, etc.

I have a mei tai that has a beautiful pattern... but my lo was/is too small for it; a stretchy wrap worked better for the first 6 months, now we do a beco butterfly, it seems more narrow for my peanut of a daughter.

I really liked this group, I checked out 3 in 3 months and finally settled on the wrap.

Good luck and congratulations!



answers from Barnstable on

I have both and would recommend the Ergo with the newborn insert for a newborn. It is just a bit easier to get on with the clips rather than the mei tai which you have to tie. I used both (and the maya wrap, which is GREAT for a newborn) and liked them better than a sling for my baby, who wanted to be more upright.

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