Ergo Carrier Bad for Baby?!

Updated on September 24, 2013
L.B. asks from New Rochelle, NY
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I was with my two year old for his physical therapy, and I was wearing my five month old in an Ergo carrier, front position. The pt turned to me and told me that the position he was in (classic ergo style with legs wrapped around me) was bad for him. She went on to imply, after I expressed shock and told her I thought it was supposed to be the most ergonomically correct carrier and that I had also used it for my two year old, that this was part of the reason he now needs physical therapy. Any thoughts on this?

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So What Happened?

ETA- I actually don't wear this baby much, because he doesn't seem to like it. Now I feel better. I thought I maybe wasn't a committed enough baby wearer. :)

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answers from Honolulu on

And ditto Bug though.
Not saying this is you.
But I have seen/known some Moms, that ALWAYS have their baby in their carrier and always wearing them.
The kid, hardly ever touches the ground.
And is never in a stroller.

I never used any carriers with my kids when they were babies.
They just HATED it. And I had had all kinds/types/brands which I got as gifts.

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answers from Dallas on

I am in NO way saying this is you, just as a disclaimer. I have noticed with my friends who wear their babies often, that their kids tend to crawl and walk much ater. I don't know that's is how the carrier hold the child, but that the child is in it sooo much. Children of this age need movement. They need to be exercising their joints and using their muscles. One friend in particular wore her son most of the day. She was so concerned at 10 months when he had low muscle tone and wasn't crawling. Her doctor said that baby needed to be on the ground! Not to mention her baby wouldn't sleep if he wasn't on someone or being held. (2 children later and she still hasn't learned. All of her kids were the same, and the doctor said the same thing every time.) Like I said, I'm not assuming this is you.

Some of the carriers hold the child's hips and legs all wrong. Could it be that she was simply mistaken on the type of carrier you had? Do you hold your child in the carrier most of the day?

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answers from Chicago on

Carrying your baby all the time has NOTHING to do with walking or crawling early or late. It's a myth. Many cultures carry their kids exclusively, and their kids walk and run on time, and just fine.

In China, they carry their babies exclusively because the ground is considered a very dirty place so you would NEVER place a baby on the ground. Their children walk and run JUST FINE.

The Ergo is designed to avoid hip dysplasia, which some carriers like the Baby Bjorn, are not. I think your physical therapist was mistaken, and was probably mixing up her facts and thinking ALL carriers are bad.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Interesting.. actually none of my kids really liked the Ergo till they were over a year old and I could put them on my back. I think it was because their legs were so spread apart. Seemed awkward to me too.

As newborns I loved the Moby and even used it a bit as a forward facing carrier when they were super crabby. Most of the time they wanted to be exploring on the ground though.

I also think to much of anything can be bad, including to much babywearing.

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answers from Houston on

I used the ergo with all three of my kids. I have never heard of it being bad for babies I was always told the opposite. I carried them in that thing ALL the time too so did my hubby. My kids loved to be close and would sleep while I ran errands or did chores. None of mine walked or crawled late or had any kind of physical problems and are actually pretty good at their activities they do which is swim, gymnastics and soccer.

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answers from Washington DC on

I think perhaps the PT didn't understand the kind of carrier you were using .... Maybe?!? Some of the carriers are bad, because they don't support the baby's natural hip positioning. The Ergo is designed for that and lots of therapists who have small patients with hip dysplasia recommend the Ergo. Personally, we use the Moby wrap, as I can't use the Ergo because of where the belt hits me.

If you are not sure, double check with your pediatrician.

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answers from Toledo on

I never got the hang of carriers, so I didn't use them. But I thought I read that as soon as baby had strong muscles and goo dread and neck control that it was time to turn baby forward facing. (That might apply only to certain types of carriers.) also, I thought carriers were supposed to be used sparingly, as it's good for baby to be able to move as much as possible.

Yep, there's all kinds of advise out there, and I really have no idea whether the advise I got was good or is outdated. I think it might be a good idea to ask the therapist some specific questions about her concerns, the specific carrier you are using, is she concerned about that particular position or carriers in general, etc. I think after you ask a few questions you'll get a much better idea of the situation and whether or not it's really that big a deal.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I'm surprised she came out and blamed it as the reason your daughter needs physical therapy.

I am not surprised. I felt like my daughters legs were in an awkward position, yet everyone said it is the latest and greatest thing back in 2010 (the bjorn for my son was so passé). Anyway, i was not the best moby/bjorn/ergo mom and usually carried her with my arms.


answers from Minneapolis on

I've always heard that wearing your baby facing out (Away from your body) is bad for their back, hips, and spine. However, wearing your baby facing your body is fine. Their legs need to be supported, not just dangling.



answers from New York on

I don't know it would really depend on how long u had him in it. It is important for him to stretch his legs.


answers from San Diego on

Carriers that dangle kids from their crotch, pulling their hips apart can cause hip dysplasia. Styles like Baby Bjorn are the ones that come to mind as being the type you should not use. Maybe this PT has lumped all carriers in and doesn't know the difference.
I know they say that the Ergo is supposed to be ergonomically better. I have to admit, I look at it and still have to wonder. It still doesn't look right to me. Until my kids got older I carried them in a ring sling in a manner that did not spread their legs and hips apart at all. I carried them tummy to tummy, head under my chin in a pocket I made out of the sling, tucking their feet inside the pocket. When they got too big/long to do that is when I started wrapping their legs around my waist.

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