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Updated on August 23, 2010
R.S. asks from Chicago, IL
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Before our baby was born, it was suggested by many well-meaning friends to purchase the Ergo baby carrier. So, we spent 120.00 and got one. It has sat, unused, for almost 13 months. Our baby never took to it. She preferred the Bjorn because she liked facing outward. I recently tried again, putting her on my back in the Ergo so she could face outward, but she just doesn't like it. So, were you in my position, would you hold on to it in the hopes that she might start to like it in the coming months (we travel a lot and I've heard the Ergo can be a lifesaver in airports, etc), or sell it? Of course, I could hang on to it whenever we have baby number 2.


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answers from Boise on

I am one of those that LOVE it, but my baby never experienced facing forward, so that was never an issue for us. Since you spent $120 on it, I would say keep it. Either in the off chance you can use it - amazing when traveling, or for number two. You won't get the paid price for it and if you want to try again with #2, you would have to spend the money again.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Some babies can be picky about carriers, and I would definitely save it. It is much better than a Bjorn for bigger babies (better on your back, and also the baby is supported on her whole butt instead of hanging by their crotch), so if you are in a pinch (like the airport) you may need it. But your next one may love it. Our baby has been in a pouch sling, Moby wrap (forward and backward) and the Ergo and loves them all.



answers from Norfolk on

I agree that if there is any chance of you being able to use it yourself, hold onto it. You'll never recoup the money you spent reselling it (certainly not with the new lines available). We love ours!



answers from Cincinnati on

You might contact the woman who runs

She sells used and recycled carriers, so I would find out what she would give you for it. Plus, you could look into a different toddler carrier that has a forward-facing option, like the Beco Gemini or the Pikolo. Personally, I didn't find the Ergo that comfortable for me, so I bought a Beco Butterfly and liked it better, but if you have the Ergo and the infant insert, you might keep it to see if Baby #2 likes, and if not, sell it then. If you don't have the infant insert, I wouldn't bother keeping it. Good luck.



answers from San Francisco on

every child is different. My daughter loved hers so i wouldn't dream of getting rid of mine because it was such a lifesaver. I would hold on to it if you are planning on having another.



answers from Cleveland on

Carriers sell like hotcakes on and you'll easily get $90-100 for it.



answers from Seattle on

I love mine, but if you're not going to use yours, I'd just sell it. No need to hang on to it - and I am sure someone will be very happy to find a used one, which is quite hard in some areas.
Good luck!



answers from St. Cloud on

I would keep it. You already spent the money and if you have another child you may regret getting rid of it! And you may still use it! The weight limit is quite a bit higher than in the Bjorn.....

We used ours till our son was over 2 years old (with travel). He always liked it from baby on though. I never wore him outward facing either. I used it on both my front and my back and he fell asleep in it all the time. Bummer your daughter didn't like it!

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