Updated on March 18, 2009
J.R. asks from Smithfield, RI
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I am debating whether or not to invest in a ERGO baby carrier. I have heard many good reviews about them and was wondering what your opinions are about them. Also, does anyone know where I could get a used one at a discounted price?

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answers from Providence on

The Ergo carrier is great I have one but I do not think it works well for infants. My two year old never wanted to ride in stroller and he love being on my back. I would get a sling or baby bjorn for when they are tiny. I felt the Ergo is good 6 months-3 years.

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answers from Providence on

Hi, I agree with the last reply! I started using the Ergo carrier once my son out-grew the Baby Bjorn. He LOVES it. It's so easy and more like a piggy back ride rather than a complicated bulky carrier. It's also comfortable. I'm small and still I have no problem carrying our 19 month old around on my back! I ordered mine from Ergo's website. I suppose you could check e-bay or Craigslist for a used one. Good luck!

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answers from Providence on

I love my Ergo, used it when I was pregnant with # 2 and have continued to use it- it really grows with them- you can turn it to a back pack when they get heavier too. Love it!

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