Entertaining a 4 Month Old

Updated on May 08, 2010
A.C. asks from Monrovia, CA
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I have a 4 month old son and am having problems entertaining him. He is extremely active and gets bored very easily. I have tried taking him for walks, a swing, vibrating chair, exer saucer, mobiles, reading to him, tummy time, and laying on his back on a blanket. He loves all these things but only for about 10 - 15 minutes tops then starts crying. I work at home so I have all day to entertain him. Any suggestions on things to do with him?

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answers from Los Angeles on

I agree with Katy. The aquarium is a great idea. Cerritos Library has a great one. I've noticed on days I play with a lot of lights and sounds toys my son (also 4 months) naps less and will fuss more. I try to break it up with a walk, a slow read of a picture book (e.g. Goodnight Moon 123) and just talking to him as I do my household tasks.

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answers from San Diego on

I'm a Huge fan of the Baby Einstein dvds. They always gave me a minute to load the dishwasher, cook dinner, whatever. You are providing him with lots of different experiences. Carry him in a sling when you're working around the house. Join a playgroup so you can get out and meet others and so can he.



answers from Santa Barbara on

I am guessing you need a way to stop the fussing, right? I had a very active one too (she's three now, and still active!) and I know how challenging it can be. One of the best toys we had is this Baby Counting Pal by LeapFrog: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2649282. My daughter LOVED the classical music, and if you do the "Classical music medley" it will play for a couple of minutes. It will take quite a while for your baby to learn how to push the buttons himself (I think my daughter was close to two), but this is the one thing that calmed her consistently and kept her entertained for many, many months. Just don't try to use it in the car because you won't be able to push the buttons for him. I used to attach it to my dd's stroller when we were out walking, and use it like a boombox! She loved it!

Anyway, if your son is anything like my daughter, he'll be easier entertained as he gets more mobile (especially when he can finally walk). The active ones usually do all the physical things sooner, so hopefully that is something you can look forward to soon (at least crawling). In the meantime, just be creative and know that sometimes he'll be fussy. Try to just let him have some time on the floor when he can explore all on his own, especially once he can crawl. That always seemed to make my daughter the happiest.

Oh, and don't forget good old fashioned face time with mom! Singing, playing little piggies with his toes, peek-a-boo, talking to him and pointing out everything in his world, etc. are all ways to engage him that don't require a trip to the toy store. And sometimes this is really what babies crave most. Hang in there, the day when he can entertain himself for a bit WILL come!



answers from Dallas on

Take him outside. My son can be very fussy and as soon as I take him outside his whole demeanour changes.



answers from Los Angeles on

We got a fish aquarium to keep my daughter entertained. She loved to watch the fish swim around. She had an aquarium bouncer so it made the perfect sound effects to go along with the fish.



answers from Los Angeles on

I have a four-month old too, she's my fourth child. Sounds like this baby is your first. If you are worried that you aren't doing enough, you can rest assured that you are doing great. My poor baby just spends most of her time lying around looking at her siblings. If you are really looking for more to do with him, you could look into a mommy-and-me class or mom's club. These classes have been the best for me over the years I've met so many great moms and my kids have met so many friends. The socialization is great for them to get ready for pre-school and kindergarten.



answers from Los Angeles on

He's just getting bored; he must be very bright. Fifteen minutes is like reeeeeeally a long time to him. I'll bet he would like stories and picture books already. p.s. you won't get any work done until nap time, and by then, you will need a nap too :)

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