Entertaining a 2 Year Old in Tulsa

Updated on June 29, 2009
D.D. asks from Allen, TX
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I will be traveling to Tulsa with my 2-year old and am looking for some places to take her during the day. I've heard the zoo and aquarium are great, but are there any "smaller" places to take her, such as splash grounds, good shaded playgrounds, indoor play areas, etc.? We'll be staying downtown, but have a car if we want to go farther. Thanks.

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There is a splashpark at the park near the zoo somewhere (I've never been) and there's also one at 41st and Riverside. As far as indoor, I don't know of any other than the little play areas in the malls, which are "ok."
Good luck and have fun!



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If you get a car, you want to go to Hunter Park. They have a water park for the children to play in. No rides, just sprinklers, water shooters, buckets that dump water, etc.

There's a place called Heaven Fun. Its indoors and has 2-3 of those bouncy, jump structures that kids love.

Have fun!



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You might try Pump It Up in Broken Arrow. It would be about a 15-20 minute drive from downtown, but I think it's worth it. It is a place with a bunch of big bouncers. It's indoors, which is great, because the heat here has been unbearable! You also won't have to run after her so much. Parents can even get in the bouncers too. I've not sure of the cost, because I've only been with parties, but my son had a great time and took a great nap afterwards, too! :)

Edit - My son was 2 when he started going and hasn't had a problem with the big kids, especially since the parents can get in there too.



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Since your child is only two I would not suggest Pump it Up--if it is full of big kids your little one might just end up being run over.

Woodland Hills Mall has a great contained and free play area (and it is air conditioned). Promenade Mall has one too, but it is a little smaller.

There is a splash pad at Hunter Park on 91st between Sheridan and Yale. And I think that there used to be a splash pad at the park outside of the zoo. There is also a play fountain at the Riverwalk in Jenks (near the aquarium).

There is a new children's museum called Kalidescope at 61st and Sheridan (I haven't been myself).

LaFortune Park has a great play area that is mostly shaded by lots of trees. It is on Yale between 51st and 61st.
I hope that some of these suggestions help.



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Here is a link to the Tulsa Parks: http://www.cityoftulsa.org/culture--recreation/tulsa-park... and it has some good information of city parks and a summer fun guide. I also agree that the Kalediscope Children's Museum is pretty fun. I think on Friday evenings single parents get in for free and children under 2 get in free! I took my 18 month old and we went without my husband and we both got in for free!

The Tulsa Zoo is also very fun and worth the money to get in. The Jenks Aquariam is nice but it's pretty expensive and my toddler didn't enjoy it for the cost my family to get in. That was just my expierence though...we will certainly go back in the future.

Good luck and have fun!



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There is an awesome brand-new park at 41st and Riverside, which isn't too far from downtown, just go right down Riverside. It has super-fun water fountains and splash areas as well as regular park stuff. It's not a big waterpark like Big Splash (21st and Yale) or anything, but it's a great park and it's free! The water features are really cool, some just shoot up from the ground and there are different ones. Plus it has picnic and cookout areas and a big covered place to sit. It also has free music for families and food vendors on Friday evenings I believe. I also think there is a water fountain thing to play in at Maple Park, also near downtown, at 15th and Madison. And the Jenks Aquarium is great too!



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Woodland Hills Mall has a new in toy play ground in the middle of it. I sorry I can not be of any more help but my son is an adult now.

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