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Updated on April 12, 2008
T.M. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
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I was wondering if anyone has ever given their baby enfamil gentlease formula. Please advise if it helped with the gas. He recently turned one month old.

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So What Happened?

Hi everyone thank you for all your great advice. I switched him from goodstart and he is now on regular enfamil. I was told to try the regular enfamil and if he was still having problems then i could try gentleease. so far he is okay on the enfamil and doing great.

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When my baby was just 2 days old she couldn't hold anything down, the doctor gave her mylicon but it didn't help. Many people advised grape water which helped but only for a while, my baby developed reflux. After changing to several milk based formulas I realized she was allergic to cow's milk, so I asked my pediatrician. He said she would be fine drinking a soy based baby formula, and that babies eventually outgrow that allergy in most cases. I recommend you ask you pediatrician about it. When my daughter was about 2 years old I started giving her very small quantities of cow's milk, now she is no longer allergic to it.

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I have not used the enfamil gentlease but my baby did have a lot of gas and reflux. She was switched to Similac Sensitive at one day old and then to Enfamil AR Lipil at about one month. This has really helped her a lot. Mylicon has done wonders as well. They told me that I could even give it to her before every feeding. I would still check with your pedi, though. Good luck and hang in there!



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I have tried it and it didn't seem to be any different from regular formula, I wound up still having to give my two month old son ovol drops or gripe water after feedings to help with the gas pains. I use the enfamil with iron now and the gripe water or ovol drops when needed and my baby is doing great. Good Luck to you.



answers from Boca Raton on

Hi Tashania,

My son had the same problem with gas. We switched from the powder mix to the premixed (it's more expensive, but it was worth my son's comfort) and Dr. Brown's bottles (they're for colic or gassy babies)

How old is your baby?




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I used Enfamil Gentlease with my son, along with acidophilus powder from the health food store (in the refrigerated case--must be kept refrigerated). Really, the acidophilus was what made a difference, but once he felt better, I wasn't about to change something by taking him off the Gentlease. My son was in pain, which started as gassy symptoms, however, nothing helped until I added the probiotic (acidophilus) to his bottles. OMG, the difference was night and day. It takes a few days to fully get results, but I added a little scoop (1/4) tsp to each and every bottle. He is 13 months now and still needs it to digest the whole milk. His pediatrician says there is nothing wrong with keeping him on it, it helps with digestion whatever they are eating/drinking. Just a thought. Hope you find somethign that works for you.


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I have used Enfamil products, but never this one, but FYI Target Brand Formula is EXACTLY the same, put the cans next to each other and they do have a "gentle ease" version.....FYI Enfamil $24-$25 per can of powder....Target Brand $10.29 per can of powder!!! My pediatrician told me this and said it was just as good as Enfamil and even had a bit more "better stuff" in it......................Good Luck!



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My grand daughter uses the gentle ease formula, for fussy, gassy babies, and it really did make the difference. She had a problem with reflux, and gassiness, and this formula seemed to reduce the symptoms. She's six months old now and is doing great.

Good luck



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Hi Tashania, I started my now 2 year old daughter on Gentlease when she was just 2 months old. She was lactose intolerant back then and suffered from plenty of gas. I used this formula for about 2 months but found out that the best one for her was the lactaid enfamil, as the gentlease still produced some type of lactose and made her tummy hurt and still gave her gas. You may want to try it and if you see that your little one is still not responding well to it, then you might consider switching over to a lactaid one. Good luck!

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