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Updated on August 17, 2010
M.Q. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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My daughter is almost 4 months and is on Nutrimigin formula now but her spitting up is a little worse as she gets older. We go to the chiropracter, which we love, but I wonder in anyone used Enfamil A.R. for their reflux baby? My doctor has prescribed previcide but I am not real comfortable with her on meds so young.
The reason we are on the Nutrimgin is because my daughter had bad gas and was a little colic, but as she gets older she is such a great baby, just the reflux!

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So What Happened?

We have an appointment next week for 4 month well visit, so I will ask doctor to change to maybe gentle ease. My first daughter was on that too. As for the pain, she doesn't seem to mind when she spits up, no screaming, no crying, so I don't really think it hurts.

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I LOVED the A.R. for my son, actually Gentlease made the spitting up MUCH worse since it's such a thin texture. Once we switched to A.R. he was like a new baby and the spitting up was so much better. Gentlease worked great during the colic stage but she should be past colic by now and I think the AR will help great with the spitting up issues.

Good luck!



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My daugther was the same, diagnosed with Reflux early on. Her old doc switched her to Enfamil A.R. and she just got really constipated. It was bad for her. I wouldn't give baby any meds now or ever, unless absolutely necessary. If the gas gets really bad for her, you can try Mylicon drops but def check with your pediatrician first. My current holistic doc says it's safe to use every once in awhile. They will outgrow it eventually, my daugther stopped having reflux around 5 months or so. Good luck and hope she feels better soon!



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you can get a small can of ar and try it. i tried it, and it made my son WORSE. we threw our can away, lol. we finally went to good start soy because enfamil was horrible, regular goodstart wasn't good, similac wasn't good, and nutrimgin was expensive, hard to find, and didn't help too much. soy formula worked well for my baby.


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We never tried the Enfamil A.R. but you could add a little rice cereal to her bottle. That will thicken up the formula so that it stays in her tummy better. Also, I would really rethink not putting her on her previcide. Reflux hurts! Both my kids had it and I have it as well. My son was on previcid until he was 2 1/2 and my daughter that is 17 months is currently on it. Both were put on is as babies. With my son we just tried to skip it here and there to see if he had grown out of it and one day it worked and he had. It doesn't have to be forever but keep in mind that it will probably make her much more comfortable. It's also possible that part of her "colic" was due to the reflux...that was the case with my daughter. Good luck...I know it really sucks but she will grow out of it eventually



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I did and it was GREAT!!!



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We were going to do the AR for my daughter with reflux but she ended up having to use GentleEase because her tummy was so sensitive, but the doctor told us that the AR was just a little thicker. So he had us grind up dry rice cereal in food processor/blender and then add a little of that to each bottle which was essentially the same thing as the AR. We were also adding Karo syrup for constipation, each bottle time was like a science project...LOL

I second the person who said that reflux hurts, I would give her the prevacid. My daughter took it and I swear by it, the poor baby was in pain and prevacid was her only relief she would cry for hours. I know someone people swear by chiropractors and I too hate giving a baby meds but I think you should seriously think about it. It is very painful and you don't want the poor thing to suffer =(

Good luck, I hope everything works out.

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