End of Year T-ball Party

Updated on June 02, 2008
D.S. asks from Cypress, TX
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Does anyone have any ideas where/what my son's t-ball team can do for their end of the season party?

Thank you in advance.

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Don't know what your budget is, but we just did a day at the Astros. We did it last year when we were 6 yr old t-ball and again this year when we moved up to 7 yr old coaches pitch. We had 13 kids on our team this year, but only 12 families participated. We got one of the Astros birthday party packages and I also went through their catering departmetn to have food delivered to our section. We did it on youth league day and the kids got to parade as a team around the bases. But I think they don't have any more of those dates left in the season. But I highly recommend the birthday party package. We had 48 tickets all together so that ended up being around $11 per ticket. That includes a goodie bag for the kids, a party hostess (which by far are the best hostesses that I've ever had at any kids parties, they really pick some upbeat lively people, who refuses to take a tip at the end), they get to make a banner, they also get an Astros tattoo that the party hostess puts on, cupcakes enough for 38 people, and juice pouches (as many as you tell them you'll need). The catering department is a little harder to deal with, but aside from not offering beer, the price you get for the food is better than everyone standing in line and paying for thier own food. We got 12 kids meals at about $6.80 per kids and that included meals in a box, juice, animal crackers, and hot dogs. The adults meals ended up being around $11.50 per order. You can get either hot dogs, hamburgurs, pizzas, or chicken tenders, and each meal comes with a can of soda or bottle water. The only catch is you'll need to either just offer one or two options bc they (catering) requires a 25 order min. But trust me its cheaper than everyone standing in line and paying for thier own meals. And the goodie bags are great, each kid got at least 2 packs of baseball cards. Check out the Astros website and get more info. It was a blast.

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Try this website: http://www.katybouncehouse.com/index.html
They rent inflatables and deliver, set-up, and take-down. It's no work for you. They have other cool stuff too. We used them for our daughter's birthday party and it was so much fun. It was in Nov. and she keeps asking me when her moonwalk is comming back! We looked at going to a place (ITZ, Chuckie Cheese, or a bounce house) but it was going to cost $10-15/child for the base price, plus extras so we had the party at home and saved a lot.



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Don't know where you live but many teams do their parties at Double Daves Pizza during buffet hours. It works out great for families, you don't need to split the bill, and the noise level is good for a routy bunch of kids in uniforms. We always pass out our trophies there.



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quick and easy - CiCi's. Parents can sit a part from kids and it is usually pretty noisy anyway.

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