Updated on November 14, 2011
J.L. asks from Lexington, KY
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We have ice and snow storms here during the winter, so I need a good pair (or two) of comfy boots for the winter so I don't slip and bust my rear. I really want to ask "Santa", but I'm not sure whether to go with UGGs or EMUs. I heard some people say they prefer EMUs over UGGs, and honestly, I think half of the people out there have UGGs just because of the brand. Suggestions?

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answers from Columbia on

Honestly, I think UGG/EMU style boots are hideous.

I love the feminine styles of The North Face and Cabela's brand boots. Merrell and Keen also make BEAUTIFUL shearling boots...but they are a bit pricier!

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answers from Chicago on

I think emu's wear better. UGG's seem to 'buckle in'. My daughter lives in the City in a dorm & we bought her EMU's. There are different grades of quality with the EMU, we got them at Carsons & sprayed them with the protector.

She did say her feet were kept very warm. She is very hard on shoes so I am surprised that they still look great.

Overall I wouldn't choose either, but UGG's are much more hyped up & less quality, IMO

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answers from Lexington on

HA! I'm in Lexington too! I've also heard EMUs over UGGs but I've only ever had UGGs....because I love them SO much. The quality is outstanding! I've had my Adirondack Talls for a few years and LOVE LOVE LOVE them! If anything they err on the side of "too hot" - even in two feet of snow and those ice storms we've had! and completely waterproof. Their customer service and one year warranty are outstanding. I've used both in the past. We are not wealthy, but I am wholeheartedly a believer in spending money on good footwear! LOVE LOVE LOVE my Ugg Adirondack Tall boots! Check out Zappos, or order from Ugg directly. Adirondacks go quick, if you want them and only come out like once a year....

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answers from Lake Charles on

I am a shoe snob but I can tell you I've had my uggs for almost 7 years, thats a freakin' long time for a pair of boots! I LOVE them, I have 2 pairs that I wear almost exclusively every winter.. the oldest pair are the classic tall in the lightest color tan, they are SO comfy and if you scotch guard them they'll last you FOREVER. Emu's are super cheap and fall apart, the UGGS are pretty much indestructible. Trust me.

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answers from Washington DC on

I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I can't believe the prices people pay for UGGs!! And I agree with you about brand name. I've never heard of EMUs. But UGGs are UGly!! My daughter has a fake pair from Target - I can't wait until she's out of that phase. My 4 nieces all have them. I guess they're OK on kids, but when I see adults wear them I think they look awful (sort of like outdoor slippers!) I second the suggestion of Merrell's - I have a pair of their slip on shoes (not tall boots) but they've been great for snow and ice. I used them 4 years in a row in Western NY and they held up really well. I also have a tall pair of Lands End boots that have lasted me for years!


answers from Dayton on

Neither seem to be made for snow/ice.
My DD has a pair of Emu's. After one season of light wear they look like poo.
And I applied weather protector multiple times as directed. :(
I really wanted a pair of the sweater UGG's but decided they were horribly impractical.


answers from Iowa City on

If you are talking about the "classic" uggs (the ones you see everyone wearing...just plain sheepskin), they are not good for slushy, rainy, wet winter conditions. They are not waterproof, just water resistant. The same goes with emus. You can get a spray to waterproof them, I think, but I don't know if it works or not. If you must have the ugg brand, they do make styles that are made to stand up to the elements.



answers from Minneapolis on

IMO, UGGs are for fashion and not snow and ice. I'm from Minnesota. (-: Personally, I don't like the flat bottoms of the UGGs and have found them to develop leaks. Maybe I'm out of touch, but I'm not familiar with EMUs. I usually go to the store and try on a variety of boots and ask the sales clerk for help. I like a little bit of support in the sole and heel and I make sure they are waterproof. A good sole for traction too. I think my last couple of pairs of boots have been Skechers. Up here in the north I usually have to buy a new pair almost every year.

ETA: Nope, not Skechers. I just checked them. SPORTO waterproof. They are in between fashion and snow/ice boots. Good for trudging around to run errands in snow and ice and sitting in chilly hockey rinks, but not the kind of boots you would want for serious outdoor activities.

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