Emergency Info When Leaving Kids in Care of Someone Else?

Updated on August 27, 2010
L.K. asks from Boise, ID
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My husband and I are going on a much needed weekend get away without the kids. I'm trying to make sure we leave everything for their caregiver that might be necessary. I will leave medications and dosages for each child (Tylenol and Motrin), pediatricians name and phone number, hospital preference and letter to authorize treatment in our absence including our cell phone numbers. Am I missing anything?? I'm sure the kids will be fine while we're gone but want to be sure we cover all of our bases.

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answers from Seattle on

Also include:
- contact info for your closest relative or guardian (just in case, God forbid, something happens to you)
- copy of health insurance card
- where to find your hidden extra set of house keys
- neighbors name & contact info
- where to find fuse box, water shut off and a plunger!

Enjoy your trip!

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answers from Dallas on

If you have someone, just as a a precaution, Leave the name and number of a close friend or family member in the event your babysitter has an emergency and needs backup.

if you have pets leave the vet info too!

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answers from Dayton on

I'd add their birthdays, weight, and age to the list. Medication is often given by weight to children which someone babysitting wouldn't know. Also, I'd leave Children's Benadryl b/c if on the off chance they have an allergic reaction the dr might want a Benadryl dose given at home. Also, I don't know who you would check with, but the authorization to treat may need to be notarized.

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answers from Dallas on

I know it probably sounds excessive but I put on my information sheet for my kiddos the hours and address for the Cooks urgent care center and the number for poison control. :)



answers from Tampa on

Insurance info - company, group number and whatever that other number is that escapes me at the moment....



answers from Cheyenne on

Any meds the child is currently on with dosage, copy of back and front of insurance card and detailed bedtime and meal time routine or instructions (i.e. so-and-so still needs things cut up small, allergic to milk, gets 1 cookie for dessert but will try to get 3 out of you, cut the crust off his sandwiches or he won't eat, is too young for peanutbutter, list of potential choking hazards, okay for him to eat mac and cheese everyday, he hates ____ (fill in the blank), is restricted to 1 movie per day, wears pull-ups at night, still needs a nap at about 1 pm, can go to sleep by himself so please don't rock the baby, current potential discipline problems and how you want them handled-like so-and-so is currently liking to throw fits for attention so please ignore him when he flings himself on the floor, but if the fit continues, place him in his crib until he settles down, curfew for older kids or where/how far you give them permission to walk to/ride their bike to, if your caregiver has permission to sleep in your bed, what rooms are off limits to kids, how to run your tv if its coplicated, where the food/snacks are at and if they have permission to raid your fridge, and consider giving them a "tour" of your kitchen cabinets if they aren't used to your house)-I do this list whether it's my MIL or regular babysitters because things that are second nature to you-like cutting up grapes and hotdogs-may be forgotten by a caregiver who hasn't had little kids in awhile-I try to keep it short and sweet with bullet points but it will help both the caregiver and your kids to keep a similar routine anyway! Good luck and have fun!



answers from Denver on

Include the children's dentist name/number/address, your children's dates of birth, your contact info and an emergency contact for your caregiver in case something happens and they need back-up while you're away. Also, let your caregiver know which decisions are okay for her/him to make and which hospital you prefer just in case.... leave out insurance cards and finally, remember to leave the poison control number. I have all of this kind of info printed out in a neat format and saved to my computer for easy reference. You don't need to be paranoid... just prepared!



answers from Grand Junction on

Hate to say it, but there should be some sort of info. on what to do if you do not return, due to accident, hospitalization or death. If you don't have a plan, your kids could end up in the state's care. Unless your caregiver is grandma, aunt, etc. who could continue to care for your child in such a situation, your caregiver needs to know who to call to take over caring for your kids. We have a very simple will, which states who is responsible for our children in such a situation. We make sure that those particular family members are listed as the contact person. In case of emergency, they will be contacted and can immediately make arrangments to care for our kids (in our case, travel 1,000 miles). If something were to happen to my husband and I, the last thing I would want is for my kids to be unsure who will take of them, or worse yet, put in a temporary foster home. Sorry to be such a downer! Have fun on your trip!


answers from Fort Collins on

I make a copy of the front and back of our insurance card along with each child's social security number. Our daughter suffered a nearly fatal accident while we were away once and so insurance card necessary as she was in ICU.
Have a wonderful time on your get away.



answers from Boise on

Just add closest relative and phone number that can make decisions if you are not able to be reached. Enjoy your weekend!



answers from New York on

You may also want to include
the name and phone number of where you'll be staying
name and phone number of relative/close friend that lives nearby
weight of child (for medication, dosage s/b by weight not age)
any allergies

Have a great weekend!!!!



answers from Dallas on

Another thing you might consider is to leave a list of immunizations that your children have received. Specifically, when was the last tetanus shot? Also, I would include a list of all medication and or food allergies that my children have. If there were no known allergies, I would also leave that info with the caregiver. I would also leave the name and phone number of another emergency contact number if you can't be reached.



answers from Atlanta on

Poison Control Center number and your physical home address (if that's where they're staying) that the caregiver can reference in a time of stress. If there's a 24 hour nurse line or anything you use, leave that. It's also always nice to leave a list of food delivery options and if they can drive your children, nearby places the kids enjoy playing and eating. Of course don't forget to leave your contact info (even though you may not want the person to use it ;-)

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