Embarrassing but at My Whit's End - Itchy Feet Are Driving Me Crazy!

Updated on September 29, 2012
K.S. asks from Huntsville, AL
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Hi ladies. Okay this might sound really odd but the tops of my feet are driving me crazy. Please note: it is NOT athlete's foot, not a fungus, and there is no obvious evidence of dry skin. Every day when I get home and take my shoes and socks off (customary in our home) I spend a good 1/2 hour just scratching the tops of my feet. Not between my toes, but the entire top of my foot and sometimes the tops of my toes. On occasion, I also have the same itch on my palms, though at a much lower frequency - regardless of whether I've just washed my hands, used lotion or not used lotion, come in contact with any oils or chemicals at work, or just had a leisurely day at the house.

I thought it might be shoes that were too tight (I am required to wear a slip-on shoe that covers the entire top of the foot at work) but then I bought brand new shoes that are very roomy at the top of the foot and I am very disappointed to find that I still have itchy feet.

I googled itchy feet and the first thing that came up was that it is a symptom of diabetes. :(

Has anybody else had itchy feet (that want to make you climb the walls) that is NOT from diabetes (again, not athletes foot)? And better yet, has anybody had a problem with itchy feet that IS from diabetes? This has been maybe 6 months off and on, not every day but I finally googled it today after having bought new shoes a week ago and having this dreaded problem return! Arrrggghhh!

Thanks ladies!

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answers from Shreveport on

I to have this problem. I am still looking for answers. I know this is no help to ou but I hope that the responses that you get will help me too. Good Luck.

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answers from Hattiesburg on

I read somewhere that adrenal disease could cause itching. Maybe that will help.



answers from Tulsa on

I have diabetes and have never had a problem with itchy feet. The problem with my feet is that they feel like I am walking on sticks. I would ask myself other questions to is if there is a chance I might have diabetes. Do you get tried a lot of the time? Do you get up to go to the bathroom during the night? Do you have problems healing after a small cut? Are you always thirsty like you can not get enough to drink? IF your answer to any of these questions are yes you may want to get a simple blood test done.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Do you drink diet soda alot? This is going to sound really weird, but this exact thing was happening to my hubby's grandma. She went to the Dr and they couldn't find anything wrong with her. It was really bothering her and at times was very uncomfortable. A lady at church overheard her talking about it and said that she might be allergic to the sweetner in diet soda. His grandma drank diet coke and she stopped drinking it to see if that would help. It did...turns out she is allergic to the sweetner they use in it, which a lot of people are....maybe that will help you too! :) WEIRD



answers from Youngstown on

My feet become itchy when I wear shoes and socks in the Fall. I'm a teacher and I stand all day in class. My feet sweat and the moistness stays against my feet. By the end of the day they are itchy and burning, but there is no rash, cracking of skin, or any visible sign of skin disorder. Note: I only wear flip-flops in the summer so my feet are exposed to air all the time. Once school begins and they are shut up in shoes all day, the problem begins. Note: I only wear white, cotton socks with leather shoes in school. This has gone on for years. I keep a pair of sandals in my classroom because I cannot go a whole day in shoes. Thank God my principal understands the situation.



answers from Anniston on

Unfortunately this has been a sign for me and another friend that has been diagnoised with type 2 diabetis..I will pray for you as you endure the unpleasantness and hope you seek medical advise.



answers from Anchorage on

My daughter is 3 and has type 1 diabetes. In my experience, it would behoove you to get to the dr. and find out for sure. Diabetes is something that you don't want to sit and wonder whether or not you have it, it's a serious disease and it's sooo important to get a handle on it because it can get bad very quickly. All the best to you and hopefully you'll find this is some kind of an allergy!



answers from Tulsa on

Sometimes itchy feet & hands are signs of eating too much MSG or salt! I have the problem every now & then and I notice it when I've eaten too much salt or had spices in my food that have even a hint of MSG alot of carryout food have in it too! Have you tried taking a allergy pill like benedryl or Claratin? I've had to take a warm bath to relieve my craziness at times but that sometimes don't work, I've tried cool wash clothes too it helps some of the time too! This might sound somewhat bizzare but minty toothpaste has helped too. Well I hope I could help some! Hugs, K.



answers from Huntsville on

This may sound strange, but I have pressure hives. My feet itch very badly when I take my shoes off and sometimes my hands and wrists itch. I thought my doctor was crazy when he diagnosed pressure hives. I take an antihistamine for it and it has basically alleviated the problem. You might want to google this disorder and see if it applies to you. I thought I was allergic to something in my shoes or purse strap.



answers from Auburn on

Hi, I would definitely try washing your socks at least in a sensitive skin laundry detergent. That could definitely be the issue. Since your feet sweat it is probably compounding the issue. If that isn't the issue then look into the other things mentioned, but I would try this first.



answers from Baton Rouge on

some times trying simple things can help.
If you have a small empty perfume bottle fill it with
hydrogen peroxide. Before going to work spray the top of
you feet. Then one or twice doing office hours spray them
On arrival home spray them.
If it does not work try putting a copper penny in some vinegar for a couple of days then do it with the vinegar.
God Bless



answers from New Orleans on

Could you be allergic to your laundry soap?

I think the diet soda thing warrants some thought, and I would see the Dr. just to be safe.

Probably not much help, but good luck!




answers from Oklahoma City on

Probably not the case, but have you by chance recently gotten a new pet? I am slightly allergic to cats and one of my main symptoms is itchy hands?? Just a thought. Hope you get it resolved.



answers from Decatur on

I have had other parts of my body itch. It could be eczema which is caused from allergic reaction to something. It could be the soap you use, shampoo, laundry detergent you wash socks in, etc. I suggest make changes to all of these and see if it helps. Arbonne has botanical shower gels,shampoo. The skin conditioning oil is wonderful to help stop itch. CK out web at www.successfromtheheart.myarbonne.com



answers from Lafayette on

I have been having an "itchy feet" problem since my last pregnancy (my child is now 16 months old). My problem is at the bottoms of my feet though. It's bad when I wear socks or anything that makes my feet sweat. But it's ESPECIALLY worse after I get out of the bath/shower. It drives me bananas because it usually lasts for about a half hour. I also had the itchy palms thingy too (that has since been gone)! I did tell my OB/GYN about it and he acted like it was no big deal (but then again that's how he reacts to every problem).

While I don't have an answer for you (I'm sorry), the "diabetes" thing raises a red flag for me. You see, during my last pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. My wonderful OB/GYN has since tested me for diabetes in December and will for all of my future check-ups. He said my blood sugar was normal. So now that you mention that you researched this on the web, it makes me wonder. Are you pre-diabetic as well? If you are, get your blood sugar tested and I will also seek a second opinion. God bless!



answers from Enid on

There is a disorder called cholestasis which deals with the liver. It causes itching. From what I have studied it usually starts in the feet and palms and then spreads to other areas. I had it during my last pregnancy I think due to a dysfunctioning gallbladder that I recently had removed. This itching doesn't cause anything like hives or bumps since it is internal from the blood stream. Good luck!

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