Eliminating Foods from Child's Diet

Updated on December 15, 2008
J.B. asks from Orient, OH
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My 3 yr old son has a lot of allergies and what doctor's call mild asthma. He was hospitalized in August and the doctor's think he may be developing asthma, but didn't necessarily say that is what it is. His breathing problems seem to be brought on when he has a cold or allergies.
We took him to get an allergy test and found that he is allergic to nuts, eggs, dogs, cats, and various tree, grass, and weeds. I have a SIL that works for a chiropractor and is constanly telling us to eliminate dairy and gluten from his diet. I understand the theory behind this, but his test showed he is not allergic to those things. I'm just wondering if eliminating these could really help if he doesn't have a bad reaction to them. I can't eliminate all the protein out of his diet and the kid would hate me if he could no longer have dairy. So I would like some feedback on whether you think eliminating a non-allergy food would help with asthma and allergies.
I appreciate any help. Thank you!

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So What Happened?

Thank you to everyone for all your responses. I truly appreciate all of your opinions and advice.

When Wesley was a baby he had a ton of ear infections. We did have him on a strict dairy diet when he was 13-16 months old to try to help clear up the ear problems. During that time we also took him to a chiropractor and elevated the mattress in his crib, along with a ton of other techniques. Nothing seemed to help with those so he got tubes and has been ear trouble free every since. The dairy elimination didn't help with the ear infections for him, but we are going to give that another try to help with the mild breathing problems he has.

I don't think I am going to eliminate gluten at this time. We are very healthy eaters and have whole grain everything. He does not have a wheat allergy and does not seem to show any of the symptoms of having a wheat intolerance either. My main reason for not wanting to eliminate the wheat is that he needs the protein. He can already not have nuts and eggs as a source of protein and we do not eat a lot of red meat. So I don't want to take away his wheat protein at this time. If taking out some dairy does not help I will talk to some of the doctors you suggested and see if gluten is the problem.

Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday season!

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answers from Fort Wayne on

I have read and been told that removing the lactose and milk proteins from the diet can tremendously reduce the asthma reactions and sensitivity to allergic reactions. I do not think this is the case for all people though. This may be something to try for a few months to see whether his allergies reduce or stay the same.

Book title "Diet for a New America" lists several things about cow's milk that are not good for the human diet.

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answers from Lafayette on

Hi, J..

Like your son, I have allergy-induced asthma but no dairy allergies. Over 5 year ago I was given advice from the owner of Jody's Herbs in Monticello to avoid dairy products, and I've noticed a difference. It sounds like you've already heard that milk is a muccus secretion, and that it complicates a body's elimination of it's own phlem/ muccus.

She feels strongly about this because her son had terrible asthma problems before his dietary changes, and he has been recovered for years.

My problems are moderate, so after trying various replacements I've just cut back drastically to no more than 3 servings a day; and less or none when I have congestion. Water is good for me anyway. :o)

If you decide to try it, I'm sure that it will be easier to alter your son's diet now while he is young. Icecream and chocolate milk would not overwhelm his system when he does have them. I know I really appreciate them more now (concidering that I grew up in a family that had 3 gallons of icecream every two weeks.)

Good luck!
mom of two boys, ages 10 and 14

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answers from Indianapolis on

Dr. Karen Marshall is in the Carmel/Fishers area. She specializes in allergies & asthma and deals with alot of kids. YOu should be able to find her in the phone book. If not, let me know & I'll get her # for you.



answers from Columbus on

As a dietitian and Celiac, who follows a Gluten Free diet, just worry about the allergies he tested positive for at this point. Eliminate the nuts and eggs to see if things improve. The GF diet is great for people with Celiac, plus they are showing improvement behavior with Autism and other medical conditions (autoimmune) respond to the GF diet. Now days, people seem to go overboard. One step at a time and move forward from there. Good Luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

I think your instincts are correct. Eliminate what he is allergic to and follow doctor's orders for the rest. No need to take everything away from him.



answers from Cleveland on

I can tell you my personal experience. I've never tested positive for gluten or casein (dairy) allergies but I went on a gluten-free, casein-free diet as a result of having to put my son on the diet. Since going on the diet, I have been able to remove myself from blood pressure meds AND asthma meds. I know that it's not an unrelated thing because I only have asthma attacks and blood pressure spikes when I cheat on the GFCF diet.

I'd say that it's worth trying for your son. If you can solve your child's health issues through healthy food rather than drugs, why NOT try it, right?

Good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

In addition to food allergies or sensitivies, alot of times there is something in the home that can causes allergies, asthma or other problems. I know it's hard for you to watch your son go thru this. My granddaughter went thru something similar and since putting an air purifier in the home, many of her symptoms disappeared.

If you are interested in the air purifier idea that Rita B suggested, I can help. I am a consultant for indoor air quality, and we have helped thousands of people with allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems and have literally changed peoples lives. We make no claims to cure people, we simply treat the air indoors which can eliminate symptoms. You can get more information by going to our website at www.freshairliving.com/ecoq3135 the required passcode is guest. If you have any questions, send me a private message and I'd be happy to answer the. Also, we have a great program where we offer a 3 day in home trial where you are under no absolutely no obligation. We could just see if it helps your son and then go from there.
Whatever you decide, I hope you can find something to help your son.
Good luck to you!



answers from Columbus on

Did the Doctor do a scratch test on him ? If not you can in most cases build up a resistance to many of the things on the list.A allergist told me I was allergic to a bunch of things but the one thing he never tested for was bee stings, they are deadly to me.Have Eppy pen will travel is my Motto.
Asthma is not a big deal I have had it most of my life.Nuwati Herbals has a wonderful tea called "The Healer Tea" it is all natural it is about $18. for a 4 OZ. jar of the dried herbs and it opens me right up. Most of my friends use it since I gave them a cup.It really works wonders. Just type in Nuwati Herbals and go to the site. You won't regret it.



answers from Cleveland on

Hi J.,
Well, All 4 of my children have alleriges and asthma to some degree. My third child was born with an actual milk allergy. He was then allergy tested at 2 years old and "showed" no allergy to milk. So, I began to give him milk products, and oh yes, he was loving them... who doesn't. But I was finding the same thing you have found, he was getting sick and then his asthma symptoms would flare up and it was a 3 week process back to health. He would be on antibiotics for 10 days and then steroids and breathing treatments. This is all on top of the chronic ear infections he had since he was 4 months old. He had two ear infections a month. So basically he was constantly on some antibiotic, which is not good for your system and then throw the steroids on top....making everything worse for his system. I then proceeded to do my own experiment. When he was healthy, and completely off dairy products, I found him to stay healthy longer. I would then add the dairy products and in a short matter of time he would be sick again. It seemed to start off with a sinus infection and then go into ashtmatic bronchitis and my 3 week process began again. He has since then taken him completely off of dairy and has been healthier for it. (I myself have been off a dairy since he was born and stayed off of it, and my 4th child has never had dairy, she is 2 1/2 years old.
Sometimes people don't show an allergy to something but may be intolerant to it. Those symptoms are similiar to allergy symptoms, but not as severe. I have many food intolerances, which causes me to avoid ALOT of food because it causes my asthma to flair up. I guess the bottom line is that you could do your own experiment and see for yourself. I am sure that you would rather see him healthy without dairy that sick with it. That was the conclusion I had to come up with. Is it hard to see them without all that YUMMY DAIRY, oh ya it is! But, I have since then found recipes that I can make for him, desserts especially, for him to enjoy. He drinks Silk Milk, has soy ice cream. It is not a horrible transition, but they learn to adjust. My son was about 3 years old when I took him off dairy, so I understand, the older they get, the harder is it. He still wishes he could have dairy and I tell him I understand, because I do. I have remained off of dairy since he was born and because of the fact that I have systemic yeast problem and have developed the food intolerance because if it. I guess I could type for ever. All my children have tons of allergies and if I would have known that food intolerances act similiar to food allergies, all my kids would have been off of dairy from the beginning. My 18 yo and my 14 yo will not even think of getting off of dairy. My son that I took off of dairy when he was 3, is now 8. Please email me if you want more input. There are a few ways to deal with allergies and one way is allergy elimination. I began to do this and it works. I will continue to do this process again. I hope what I said helps you. I know it is long, I am sorry. Have a great day. blessings to you all!



answers from Columbus on

Your SIL is on a very good track.

I am 55 years old, and for over 30 years, my best friend's sister, who is an Integrative M.D., suggested that I avoid dairy, wheat, and sugar to decrease my allergic reactions to other things. That's the key ~ it's not a matter of being allergic to dairy or wheat, it's a matter of those foods compounding the allergic reactions to other allergens. I finally listened to "Dr. Sandy" (as we call her) last February when I was extremely ill and unable to get relief any other way. Within a week of following her diet advice, all of my symptoms began to improve. Now that I have been following this diet for 10 months, I can tell you that my allergies are almost non existent, and all of my chronic pain issues (fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic migraines) have decreased to a point of almost not existing. I could have felt this good for 30 years, but I didn't believe Dr. Sandy's advice was legitimate!

Dr. Sandy began her medical career as a pediatrician who specialized in treating children with behavioral and developmental disabilities. She became concerned with the amount of chemical medication that was recommended in the traditional medical treatment of those children, so she began to do research about alternative methods of treatment. As she began putting her new knowledge into practice with her patients, she saw wonderful results, and most of her patients were able to discontinue ~ or at least cut back on ~ their medications. Because she is an M.D., she supports any medical treatment the patient is receiving from other medical sources, and she is always willing to work with the other doctors to ensure the best possible life for the patient.

Dr. Sandy is in Columbus, near Scioto Country Club. I checked your profile to see where you're located, and I see you're not far at all. It would be well worth the drive to have your son see Sandy to see what she would recommend for your son. I promise that if you follow her advice, you will see a dramatic improvement without the use of medication. If he still requires the meds, she will tailor the program accordingly.

I can also send you a file that describes the basic outline for the Dr. Sandy Diet if you're interested. It also contains suggestions for dairy alternatives (believe me, I was the original Dairy Queen! The Wheat and Crackers champion of the universe, and I don't miss them at all now!) Still, since there are genuine medical issues at work here, it would be best to see Sandy yourself. If you send me a private message, I'll be glad to reply with her address and phone number.

I wish you and your son luck, and a healthy, allergy-free life!



answers from Youngstown on

Eliminating dairy may be a step you need to take. But I have worked with people that just get rid of all toxic household chemicals and see such a difference in them or their children for repiratory issues like asthma, even ADD and the like. I would suggest the book "Green Goes with Everything" by Sloan Barnett. She had to rush her son to ER because he was developing asthma. It is an easy read and gives lots of good info. I have a copy you could borrow. I could give you more info on the cleaners I use. If he does need to eliminate dairy, I would slowly take it away from him and try to substitute with soy as much as possible. Nutriferon among some other things will help with the allergies. Give me a call if you want to talk - ###-###-####.
I am a work at home mom with a 21 month old son.



answers from Toledo on

There is a theory that some people are sensitive, rather than allergic, to certain foods. This makes it hard to pinpoint the problem. I have tried removing dairy and wheat, and it is very difficult. The allergies you listed are plenty enough to cause the symptoms. I have allergies all year round, even Winter, due to the dust. Try running an air purifier, especially where he sleeps, and a humidifier at night. Wash his bedding weekly in hot water, including blankets. Use a vaccum with a hepa filter. There are homeopathic allergy remedies that would be worth a try. Don't have pets he is allergic to. If his symptoms are extreme and you have tried everything else to help, it may be worth eliminating dairy and wheat, one at a time, for several weeks and see if it makes a difference. Keeping a food diary helps some people. You may notice his tummy hurts or he starts having respiratory problems soon after eating certain foods. good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

I do know that dairy actually produces excess mucas in the body so it may contribute to your son's breathing problems. My daughter and I do not eat any animal products I know it has really helped all of our bodily functions. I'm not sure about the gluten, but dairy does often attibute to problems. You can get substitutions for cow's milk...soy, rice and almost milk. There are also great subs for sour cream and cream cheese made from tofu and I believe they taste better than the "real" stuff.

My nephew also has a lot of food allergies and when he started eliminating those from his diet, it made a tremendous difference in his breathing and when he played sports. It's hard having to watch everything he eats, but if you stick with it, I think you'll see some benefits.

Good luck!!



answers from Fort Wayne on

First your son will not hate you for taking out any food from his diet--he may not be happy for awhile but when he feels better he will be happy! Your SIL is correct--the standard allergy tests are not effective for food sensitivities. Gluten and dairy intolerance are different then a "true" allergy. You will be so happy if you eliminate these from your diet after you see how much better all of you feel. It is not easy but well worth it. Go to a natural foods store of co-op in your area to find some alternative products. You will probably have to stick to rice milk if he is allergic to nuts(I like almond best)--avoid soy also as it is usually a problem for most people with food sensitiivties unless it is fermented. There are also many good non gluten foods available. You have it so much easier than I did when my youngest daughter had problems 17 years ago when it was harder to find products. Allergies are like a see saw--when there is an overload then they are more sensitive. AFter taking out dairy and gluten from her diet she was able to tolerate the seasonal allergies more --she still needed some medication in the spring time but other than that did not need any. I also got rid of all carpets and dust catching things in her room. She rebelled as a teen and started eating gluten and dairy and suffered for a few years--now at age 20 she is back on her strict diet and is much healthier and happier! Here is my gluten flour mixture for anyone who needs it:
1 c. millet flour, 1 c. sweet rice flour, 1/2 c tapicoa flour, 1//2 c quinuo or amaranth flour, 1/4 c arrowroot powder, 1/2 c almond meal or coconut flour if allergic to almonds. Mix well togehter and store in refrigerater and substitute for flour in any recipe. It works well for quick breads and muffins, cookies etc but does not work for yeast breads. There are some good breads available--our co-op carries Sami's products which are the best I have found. they have great bread and pizza crusts(everyone who has had the pizza says it is better than regular crust!) Also some people do better with goats milk/cheese than cow's milk so you might try that for special occasion for the pizza for ex. Hope this helps! You don't say where you are but in my city(Ft Wayne, In) there are support groups for gluten intolerance I have seen in the paper and at the co-op)



answers from Dayton on

Dear J.,

You SIL is correct. Those are two common items that cause problems. If eliminating them doesn't work for this kind of a problem, you need Columbo (a good detective) not a "doctor." In Dayton we have one of the best - Dr. Merkle. He will take the time to help you track down the problem and he does it with blood and others tests so he knows rather then guesses. He is worth the expense. He does what he does by blood work so if you aren't in Dayton, there is no need to travel here.

I've had several friends who use him and they are very happy campers as he has helped them fix problems that other doctors weren't solving. Office is ###-###-#### and he has a couple of web sites but start at www.3000health.com. He doesn't know me personally so if you call just say a net friend gave you the link.

BTW - his radio show is on the net - Sat at 11:00 AM Link on the web site as are old radio programs, which are worth the listen.

God Bless,




answers from Cleveland on

He is young and if you introduce him to the right foods now he will at first be upset but eventually he will only know what you offer him. There are many publications written that elimination of sugar, dairy, and bad flour (bleached and processed) will improve symptoms of certain illnesses including asthma. It is hard to do but it can be done. If your child has those allergies and asthma then he probably does not handle other foods well. He may not be allergic to them but it is hard on his body to process them. Heck it is hard on all of our bodies to process this stuff. It has been contributed to many illnesses. If everyone would start eating the way they should many companies would go out of business. These companies want you to buy their products. Try finding substitutes for what he likes. There are more and more organic grocery stores popping up every where. I'm sure there are also websites you can check out for useful information. My daughter who is 13 suffers from ear/sinus infections at least 2 times a year. They are just now doing blood tests for her to check her immune system. They have so far found out she has an immune deficiency in making antibodies to fight off infections in her nose/ears. This will make her more susceptible to sinusitis/asthma/pneumonia. I wish I would have known earlier so I could have made some lifestyle changes earlier. At 13 it is going to be very difficult. SHe doesn't listen to "Mommy" so well anymore.
Take it from a Mom of 4 (all older than 10), I wish I could have known this earlier in her life. It's worth doing the change if it will help your child's health.

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