Updated on January 19, 2008
A.N. asks from Green Lane, PA
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Has anyone tried electrolysis for hair removal? Any experiences and/or recommendations would be appreciated.


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answers from Columbus on

It absolutely is painful & costly....and it's not permanent. Sometimes several treatments are needed to achieve what you are looking for. If you're looking for upper lip electrolysis, try Nads wax strips instead - there are tiny ones made specifically for this area. They are wonderful, cheap, and convenient and beats the hassel of having to make appointments for getting this done. Most drugstores sell them.



answers from Cleveland on

Years ago a girl I worked with in the salon tried it and had good sucess. She did her upper lip and had to do it in small sections and she did have red spots for a week or so each time, but continued and says it never came back! Its been a while since I've seen her, but like anything things advance in time, I'm sure it alot better and quicker now. She thought it was the best money she ever spent



answers from Mansfield on

I think the results are wonderful. But just a heads up..the check into the place ur going to before geting ur treatment done. Many over crowded and cheaper places arnt as clean as they are to be. There are some horriable skin eating dieases u can contract. How clean they are is such a factor. Just ck on the Tarya Banks website and see what she has posted on it from a show she did on the topic. Just want u to be safe and happy with ur results. Best of luck:=}



answers from Cleveland on

I used to work at a place where they did it, so i tried it, it kinda feels like being tha-waped by a rubberband.



answers from Cincinnati on

I had electrolysis done 20 years ago in high school. The blend method was used - electrical current and chemical. It was somewhat painful, but I had great and lasting results. I had terrible underarm hair and it is gone. I am not sure of the cost difference, but if I had to do it today, I would probably try the laser treatment.

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