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Updated on March 30, 2010
T. asks from Midlothian, IL
6 answers

We are looking to put in a washer/dryer unit in a main floor closet, that does not have a hook up in place. This is for my mom who has trouble going up and down stairs. We are thinking of an electric dryer washer combo. I have only used a gas dryer - so I am looking for other peoples experience on an electric dryer. My mom lives alone so there wouldn't be a lot of laundry. We can run additional hoses for the water, the only hold up is we either have to rework a gas line or get the electric dryer. Any suggestions would be great thanks in advance!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Keep in mind that you will need a 220 electric line as well!



answers from Chicago on

They are really nice because electric is hotter and it dries the clothes faster. I was always amazed, when I used my parent's dryer, how quickly a large load of fluffy towels would dry.



answers from Indianapolis on

I'll I've known in my adult life is an electric dryer. When we built both of our last 2 houses, we went "electric only" because gas prices were spiking.

We've had no problem with an electric dryer - you may want to visit consumer review sites (such as Consumer Reports) to see if you can find any information to the contrary.

I know there's a big difference between gas/electric stoves, but I've not heard the same for dryers.


answers from Barnstable on

I could not function without my front loaders (electric dryer): Whirlpool Duets that are almost 8 years old and run beautiful (and handle all my cloth diapers!).

I grew up with a gas dryer and I swear it ate through clothes faster (either that or my father had it set to "nuclear" heat)!!!



answers from Savannah on

The only thing an electric dryer needs is the special type of outlet and a vent.

I don't know if they still make them but there are portable washer and dryers. The washer hooks up to a kitchen sink for water and to drain and the dryer uses a regular outlet. I had one in an appartment that didn't have hook ups and I vented the dryer using knee highs. They are a bit smaller in capacity than a regular top loader but perfect for one person.




answers from St. Louis on

We've only ever used an electric dryer. Electric dryers are less expensive to run due to high gas prices. But I don't know how much less it would cost to have the 220v line run versus a gas line. I'd find out what the cost is for the 220 outlet and running gas before you decide. Also be sure that you can adequately vent the dryer. You don't want a fire.

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