Eggs for 1 Year Old

Updated on July 12, 2008
S.T. asks from Ojai, CA
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Hi, my daughter just turned 1. She is a good eater, she loves all kind of fruit and several vegetables, she eats natural yogurt and is ok with tofu. However, there are a few things that she won't eat, mainly due to consistency: chicken, pasta, cooked egg. The egg yolk she would eat if mixed with something else, but I have no luck with whole scrambled eggs. I am contemplating to try poached eggs, not hard cooked so that I can offer a different consistency... I grew up eating eggs like that. Everywhere I read that both, yolk and whites have to be fully cooked... any advice? Thanks a bunch!!!

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My sisters son is 20 months and won't touch anything but eggs and noodles or chips! The eggs my sister puts a some cream cheese in them they are yummy! Maybe try egg salad with little mayo or adding cheese to eggs. Or if she's eating it in other forms she's getting protein. My 9yr old still wont touch meats so i hve to use the food processor and sneak them in. My 22 month old takes a bite of everything then "done" so if you need to sneak it so they get the neutrition then that's all you can do. Keep trying and taste buds should change over time.

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Hello, S.,

For nutrition purposes my family enjoys our eggs raw. It is a myth about eggs. (See, or the Weston-Price Foundation and do a search on raw eggs.) I get them from the farmers' market where I can ensure that they are NOT refrigerated so they are much more nutritious. Fertile eggs are best. A good, clean diet for the chickens with much sunshine. I would not eat raw eggs from a grocery store as the growing conditions for factory animals are horrible. EGGS DO NOT BECOME CHOLESTEROL UNTIL THEY ARE COOKED.

My daughter enjoys her orange julius in the morning: Juice three organic oranges, one delicious, nutritious raw egg, and a bit of raw, unfiltered honey. Put in a blender. Christina loves it!

We also enjoy an extraordinary Caesar Salad that I make with raw egg as well.

Enjoy broadening your options and expanding your daughter's nutrition value, too!

My very best,


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Sounds like she eats very well-vegetables,fruit,yogurt and tofu- She's so young -I'd wait until she was closer to two-But then my little one had some food allergies - so I had to go slower and wished I had been advised to wait awhile before introducing her to eggs.



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Hi S.,

I agree with Susan, wait a while before introducing her to eggs. We fed our son eggs at around 8 months, which was a horrible mistake. I had no idea it was going to give him food allergies. He's 5 now, but still is allergic to them (the whites). Slowly but surely he's getting over them. Just hold off a little while longer and give her different kinds of protein.




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If she is o.k. with dairy try topping the scrambled eggs with cheese. My son loves cheese and we did this with him. Now he will eat his eggs without topping all the time.



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Have you tried plain hard boiled eggs? I found by accident (at Easter time) that my daughter at that age loved hard boiled eggs. She would not ever eat a scrambled egg, but was fascinated by the colored Easter egg. She still loves them, sometimes she'll eat the yolk, sometimes not, but a hard boiled egg is the best bet on eggs for her. She still won't eat scrambled eggs. And yes I cook them very long, longer than I'd like my hard boiled eggs cooked (lol).



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While a child may not like a food one minute, they may like another. If she won't eat them now, give it a little time and then re-introduce it. With my daughter, I have to "force taste" her by putting a little in her mouth. She struggles and then tastes it and realizes she likes it after all and then proceeds to eat it. (about 1 out of every 5 times, she'll spit it out and not go back but at least I know she's tasted it)
It can take up to 10 times of offering a child a new food before they'll like it. :)



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My daughter is 13 months and has always loved eggs. That's my go to food when she won't eat anything else. She loves when I make a cheese omelet. I've also done an omelet with ham and cheese and she ate it up. Of course, there are tons of other things you can add to an omelet. Maybe try adding something you know she likes and see how that goes. Good luck!



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My oldest daughter hated eggs, too, until I put in a LOT of spinach, scrambled them, then topped it all with parmesan cheese. Then she ate it up because it tasted more like spinach and cheese. Now, at six, she asks for just the egg whites with spinach and cheese. She's never liked yolks, unless it's an omelet. Good luck.



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Per "Parents" Magazine:
Egg whites are usually not recommended for children this it is too concentrated a protein for the kidneys and can overload it, and for allergy reasons....thus it is suggested that egg whites are delayed until 2 years old.

After 12 months old, egg yolks are supposed to be okay. But I would go's not about giving them a food party...but rather about introducing foods so that you can check if they have an adverse reaction to it first.

Also, foods to avoid until 2 years old: shellfish, tree nuts, and peanuts, low fat milk.

It's great your girl is a good eater. Mine was too, but my 2nd child is so picky!

If/when giving eggs....yes, cook it fully, to reduce likelihood of food-borne bacteria.

All the best,

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