Egging and Paint on Car/house

Updated on February 24, 2010
J.R. asks from Delano, MN
6 answers

My friend's house and car were egged last night. They also threw, what looks like some kind of paint on the cars too. Does anyone have any ideas how to get it off without doing more damage? It's MN, so it's definitely frozen and hard on both surfaces. It's absolutely sad that anyone would do this, but they are 95% sure they know who did and authorities will be involved shortly (if not already) so I hope they get things straigtened out...
I just thought if anyone had any ideas on how to get the eggs and paint off the siding and paint of the cars.... THANK YOU for any advice you might be able to give us!!!

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answers from San Francisco on

There's a kind of "paint" that kids use to paint on cars. It's meant for that purpose and actually comes off easily. Hopefully they used that kind of paint on your friend's car.

I know about that paint because my daughter and her friends just went out "painting" cars a few nights ago. It's warm here, so the paint freezing on the cars is not an issue. They only do it to their friends, so it's not vandalism. The paint washes right off easily.



answers from Norfolk on


A household must have. From walls to carpet to cars. Apply to clean cloth and rub/blot until removed. I had used this when paint fell onto my far from a careless hubby in the garage.



answers from Dallas on

What I do know about eggs is that if they are on your car, they CAN damage the paint finish, so it needs to be removed asap. Maybe take some warm water in buckets and use that? I wouldn't rub if you don't have to. What a pain!



answers from San Francisco on

Hopefully its paint ball paint, that comes off easily with water as I found out one day when I went to my car after work. A bunch of our cars were covered in hot pink paint. I know it's frozen in MN but you need to get the egg off ASAP. I would try a hose due to the strong spray. They might need to also pour hot water on it. Do you have outdoor carwashes open this time of year that could be used? It might make it easier w/out creating an ice rink in the drive way. If it is real paint then I unfortunately have any suggestions. I wish your friends luck. Hopefully there is no permenant damage. It could be worse, egg baked on in the summer heat does lasting damage to paint.


answers from Dallas on

I hope your friends filed a police report. It is matter how you look at it.

I don't know about the paint but I know eggs do cause damage to cars.

Last May some teens thought it would be funny to TP our house for the 4th time. I wouldn't have had such an issue except...they added eggs, mustard, squirt cheese, sugar and some other unknown liquid.

Our cars stay in our garage so that was not an issue.

We filed a police report because it is Vandalism. Teens think it is funny and they do it to their "friends". We even caught (got pics of the car and license plates) of a MOM who drove her child and friends to my neighbor's house where they proceeded to TP and break pots that were out front.

Needless, to say....MOM was not so amused when SHE received a citation from the police.



answers from Washington DC on

For the car, use soap and water asap! You can also try Simple Green. It works on most stuff. For your house, try Simple Green or a powerwasher.


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