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Updated on May 24, 2010
E.M. asks from Louisville, KY
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I was wondering if anyone here had ever donated eggs or knows anything about it. we were thinking about doing this to help other women in need and honestly we need the money.
so i had a few questions....
I read that you have to take fertility meds for a while... did you have any side effects from this and how long were you on them?
when/if they take my eggs would that cause me to go in to menopause?
after they take my eggs is that it for the possibility of having children?
is the procedure to remove the eggs very painful? what was the down time for you?
so those were the questions i had if you know any or all of the answers please let me know! thanks

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answers from Chattanooga on


I haven't done the egg donation, but I have been on fertility drugs so often in the past that it is not funny.

There are side effects to the fertility drugs. Depending on if you do the pills or shots, that makes a big difference. The pills have less of a side effect, however, when you ovulate, your hormones go crazy and you will literally attack your DH for sex. As far as side effects go, I had tenderness in my lower abdomen by my overies and uterus. If you end up having a lot of egg sacks, there can be some mild pain because your ovaries do swell up a bit.
If you take the shot, then you have the injection site pain of course. I had to do shots for 5-7 days. They tell you to pick one place to do it so I chose the top of my thigh. It is a very small needle but if you move it while it is in you, you could bruise yourself. Side effects are similar to the pills only a bit stronger because the injection meds are stronger.

You are playing with your hormones when you do these fertility drugs. Just think of yourself how you feel about the time you would ovulate and multiply by 10. I went crazy with them, my DH loved it! Keep in mind that if you do this, you will have to abstain from sex or use very good protection in case of fertilization. Sometimes you can ovulate and you won't know you did until they do the ultrasound. You will be doing ultrasounds constantly to find if the sacs are mature enough for them to harvest the eggs.

The harvesting isn't difficult. The doctor will go in vaginally and use a small needle to harvest the eggs. You will most likely be put out with a mild sedative as they will have to dialate you and it can take a little while to get the eggs, depending on how many egg sacs you have on your ovaries. Afterwards, you should only have mild cramping and they will probably tell you to take it easy for 24-48 hours.

This whole process can be a strain on you due to the hormonal changes. Make sure you are prepared and that your husband is prepared on how to deal with you. You may be one of the lucky ones that it doesn't effect to much. Since you are so young, you have a good chance of fewer side effects. Unfortunately the older you get, the more they can effect you.

Having been an infertal woman for many years, I hope you are able to give hope to a woman who just can't seem to get pregnant with out help. Bless you for it. I know you need the money and that is probably your main reason, but think of the joy that you can possibly give to one or more women. There are a lot of us around who would love to have someone donate their eggs to them.

Having been one of the unfortunate women, I made a study of how things were done as I had looked into all the possibilities with every child I lost.

Good luck and I hope you make the right choice.


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answers from Omaha on

How giving of you!! Bless you for giving one of the best gifts on Earth to others. :)



answers from Nashville on

I have no answers but you mentioned would this make it impossible for you to have children after? If you are wanting children of your own, I would not do this. Have your own children first. What if you can only have one and you give up that chance? What if you then wonder about if you have any children "out there"? If you need money, deliver paper, deliver pizza, give blood, etc I would only do this if you had your own children and truly wanted to do this to help, not for money.



answers from Charlotte on

I was an egg donor when I was 29 years old and then I had 2 children at age 33 and 34-- so it should not interfere with your ability to have children. I only donated one time-- producing 30 viable eggs. The drugs were difficult-- I had to give myself injection in my legs 2 times per day for like 2 weeks or something -- the surgery was the easiest part-- however, afterwards my body over-reacted and my ovaries swelled and I had to be hospitalized briefly-- the company I went to is very reputable and they took care of all of my medical bills-- nothing permanent happened-- I was just hospitalized for observation and safety mostly. I have a friend who has donated 4 times -- she doesn't want children of her own. Anyway, if you want to private message me -- I would be happy to discuss it further.




answers from Louisville on

I was wondering if they deny people who have a history of thyriod problems in their family....I have not been diagnosed with any of that or if they would deny people who have been diag. with herpies...just wondering because I would like to not get pregnant anymore...apparently Im very fertile and I cant afford to have more kiddos....



answers from Wilmington on

Ellen REALLY knows the answers to most of your questions. What I can offer is that this should not send you into premature menopause. It also should not interfere with your future ability to bear children.
You should ask the fertility clinic staff these questions as well, and don't proceed until you have received answers that you are comfortable with.
Good luck!

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