Effexor for Anxiety

Updated on February 02, 2017
O.L. asks from Long Beach, CA
12 answers

Has anyone ever taken it before? If so, did it help?

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answers from Washington DC on

how it affects someone else won't have any bearing on how it affects you.
you have to work with a doctor, not anecdotal 'evidence' from the internet.
my MIL's anti-anxiety medication was causing her to hallucinate.
please take professional, trained advice for something this important.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I was under the impression that Effexor is an anti depressant while Xanax is for anxiety. You should really discuss this with your doctor to develop a plan that is right for you and your needs.

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answers from Washington DC on

Hello, thank you for the question.

Just as a reminder per Mamapedia Guidelines:

Medical questions may be asked, however, please know that the first and best source for the answers to all such questions will alway be an appropriate certified professional. Please always consult such a professional in these matters first and foremost. Mamapedia does not offer medical advice to our members, and any medical advice you receive on the site is taken at your own risk.


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answers from Phoenix on

My experience was my experience. Please discuss with your psychiatrist and understand there are many options out there. If you take one and are experiencing uncomfortable side effects, communicate with your psych and get on something else. The particular side effect I experienced is extremely common with Effexor but that doesn't mean you'll be one of the unlucky ones. If you are then you find something else and move forward.

Yes, I was on it for 2 years. It helped but the side effects were so horrible I had to switch to something else. Unfortunately the "brain zap" side effects are very common. Feel free to pm me for more info.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi! I took it for a while and it was not good for me, the side effects were terrible and I wanted to cry all the time. However this was my experience. Everyone reacts different to medications and if your doctor believes it is good for you maybe give it a try. Know there are a tons of other medications and options if the Effexor does not work. I strongly recommend trying to eat healthy and exercising a little bit, even just a walk was helpful in my case. Ideally yoga or contact with nature do wonders. Good luck! I have been there and know how it feels but if you hang for a little bit everything will be better! take it one day at the time.



answers from New York on

2 words: WEIGHT GAIN! It's a common side effect with Effexor. Try something else. Lexapro? Or If it's for anziety - Zoloft.



answers from Los Angeles on

I have never taken it, however, I worked as a pharmacy technician for 4 years and in that time I have learned that Effexor is highly addictive, like all temporary fixes and/ or pharmaceutical drugs. From mother to mother, I do not recommend becoming dependent or reliant on any drug that can or alter your mood. Mainly because what affects us, affects our kids. Also, Effexor is known to have serious withdrawal symptoms and must be tapered off. (meaning you could be on Effexor the rest of your life and likely result in additional problems because of it). My advice to you is to seek real life lasting change by tackling the real root of the problem. Everyone has their own seed in which caused the root and only you (inside) know what it is. I hope you make the right choice. I wish you nothing but the best. You and your family are in my prayers and in my heart. God bless



answers from Portland on


Anne L has a really good point. I'm hoping you do what's right for you and offer encouragement :)



answers from Oklahoma City on

I would google it and also talk to a pharmacist. They are the experts after all. My friend took it for depression.



answers from Seattle on

Sometimes It is imperative to take meds for anxiety. I have been there and no amount of talk therapy, exercise, right foods etc. could have helped me at the time. I called 911 because I thought I was having a heart attack. I couldn't sleep also. Well, after many tests, I was not having a heart attack, just panic and anxiety.Went to my doctor who heard my story and suggested paxil. It really really helped. I did not want to take anything but decided to give it a try. I felt weird on it for a few days but then it helped tremendously. I was able to be myself again without the anxiety and panic attacks. I was prescribed 10 mgs. which is a low dose and never needed more. I have been on it for about 15 years and am just going to try to get off of it now with my doctor's blessing. I am very slowly going down on it(ever couple of months I go down by a quarter of the pill. I am down to 5mgs now and haven't had any problem. Will go to 2.5mgs and then off of it. It can be done; most people just go too rapidly. But anyway, don't be afraid to try something! You don't deserve qto suffer!



answers from Atlanta on

Rather than relying on the random, individual experiences of the few people who have read your post and answered it, I strongly strongly encourage you to talk with your mental health person and get the full information about side effects and how often they occur. Your past posts indicate that you have been struggling with a great deal of stress and sadness for quite a while, and that stress is interfering with your life. It would be really unfortunate if you nixed something which could help you begin functioning better just because five people on a web site had bad experiences with it.

Regardless of what you decide to do, I send kudos to you for taking steps to address the long-running issues which have been interfering with your happiness. Whether or not you decide to use this medication, I hope you continue to find a route forward. Many good wishes to you!


answers from Boston on

I've had clients take it and have positive affects, I've had some that hate the side eff cts and had to switch to something else.. everyone is didferent. Different chemicals , different reactions. What does the DR think? What have you tried previously?

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