Edamame for My 2 Yr Old?

Updated on May 02, 2010
C.P. asks from Charleston, SC
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My daughter turned 2 this past february. She loves eating edamame and probably has it twice a week. Does anyone know any reason I should not be feeding to her. I know there has been some concern with women and soy but don't know anything about soy and toddlers? Thanks!

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answers from Boca Raton on

My son LOVVEESSSSS eating edamames. He eats them probably 3 x's per week. He's 3.5 and started eating them at 2.5. We have had no issues with them..

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answers from Sacramento on

My son loves edamame. I know soy has some plant estrogen in it, and the fact that it's a filler in lots of foods is of some concern, but I personally wouldn't worry about feeding her the beans... You may want to ask her doctor, but as many babies as there are on soy based formulas (not to mention entire cultures with soy rich diets) I wouldn't think it's a huge deal.



answers from Houston on

In general, you shouldn't give too much soy (especially to little girls), but I would really just be looking for any allergies. My friend gave her kids edamame and they loved it, but both ended up with rashes within a couple of days and she was able to finally trace it to the soy. I would just ask your pediatrician how much is too much and as long as she isn't reacting to it, then let her have it occasionally.



answers from Atlanta on

great source of protein! think about it- this is a normal food product in japan. keep it up. my kids love edamame too.



answers from Savannah on

It's not a big deal. If you were giving your child supplemental soy (like concentrated forms of soy isoflavinoids), then I would say that is something you should probably consult the dr. about, not necessarily healthy or needed by a toddler. However, if soybeans were harmful, then there would be a much larger percentage of Japanese children with issues, and yet there are not. Just keep in mind that soybeans are a very pesticide-heavy crop (like strawberries and apples)-- one of the foods that it is certainly better to feed organic, esp. if the child is eating them regularly.



answers from Chicago on

The beans themselves are the best source of soy. the processing is the issue when it comes to the controversy of women and soy, etc. Let her eat away.



answers from Portland on

Edamame is still good for her! I THINK all the concern is with processed forms of soy (soy milk, soy dogs, soy cheese etc).

Best of luck!



answers from Macon on

my daughter developed hypothyroidism and other autoimmune diseases from soy. She began soy when she was 2 years old. By the age of 7 her health was terrible. It took about a year to find out what the problem was. She first got vitiligo (a disease inwhich skin pigment is destroyed, and she is left with patches of very white skin), then she stopped growing/began loosing weight. Then her hair began to fall out and break off...
A friend of mine told me to suspect the soy; the doctors still didn't have a clue. I took her off the soy, and after 2 years she is growing well now, she is curred of her hypothyroidism but still has the vitiligo.

Just google 'dangers of soy' that's what I did. It broke her heart to give up her milk and other soy products. But I had read that 8 ounces of soy milk each day in an adult can cause thyroid disorders. Soy was my daughter's main beverage and she had been drinking way more than that each day for 6 years!
the way soy is manufactured in the US is not the same as in Asia. In Asia, I read that the soy ferments for a year to remove harmful substances. In the US, we use it as soon as it's been made. The asians do not consume it in the large quantity that we do. ... I would avoid soy.



answers from Nashville on

I have also heard about lots of concerns with soy, and especially for growing children, but the last thing I read about it was that the biggest concern is the processed soy. So all the soy that is in foods as a filler, or soy milks, formulas, etc. It is probably a good idea to just check with the doctor about how much you should feed her, but edamame is definitely going to be healthier than processed stuff, because all the nutrients will still be there.



answers from Atlanta on

It's fine -and really good for her!



answers from New York on

I wouldn't worry about it 2 times a week unless you are giving her several other sources of soy on a daily basis as well.



answers from Atlanta on

I would never feed soy of any kind to my child or to anyone else in my family I cared about....

There are so many reasons why, first of all most of the soy in this country is GMO. I'll let you do your own research on that.

As for the Soy Start here
Lots of great articles on why to avoid it can be found here.
Here is more...

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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