Eczema on Lower Back, What Can I Do to Help?

Updated on January 23, 2011
M.S. asks from Aurora, IL
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Hi moms, my DD is 15 months old. I recently learned she cannot tolerate cows milk and have needed to switch her over to Rice Milk. I think she has a milk protein diet so I have cut out cheese and yogurt as well. I noticed she has like a rash on her lower back. She keeps scratching back there and it's really red. I think its eczema. I bought her some Aquaphor Lotion and have been using that. Now she has a horrible rash on her diaper area. I always change her diaper right away so I don't know where is all this skin sensitivity comes from. I don't have much knowledge on this topic so if you know of any remedies or anything else I can do please let me know. Thank you so much!!

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answers from New York on

She could be allergic to rice milk too. I found almond milk to be the best. It also tastes the best. Does she have another food allergy? I always find rashes are best kept clean and dry. Mild soap. Oatmeal baths. Dont bathe too often that could cause additional dryness. air!

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answers from Rochester on

If you don't already know it is eczema, it would probably be a good idea to take her to the pediatrician and find out for sure. I have a hard time home-diagnosing rashes because sometimes yeast infections, acid burn, normal moisture rashes, and even eczema can start out looking the same. Your doctor will let you know what the best treatment will be. For her diaper area though use minimal product for now and try to let her air out as much as possible. I find that petroleum jelly is the best thing for my kids eczema, and I use perfume/fragrance free everything for them including making my own laundry soap. That keeps those dry patches mostly at bay. We don't have food allergy issues so I couldn't address that concern at all. Hope she feels better soon!

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answers from Scranton on

my daughter has eczema, she ha had it since she was about 8 weeks old, and they told me to use all over the counter eczema creams, so after 6 months of my daughters eczema breaking, cracking, bleeding, burning in the tub. they finally proscribed her a hydrocortazone ointment. it worked wonders for her. but the use of it has to be very limited because it can cause other serious issues. also gentle naturals baby eczema cream, you can find it at cvs. it had whinne the pooh on it. it is a very thick cream that you lather them up in, i found it worked the best when i put it on her right after she got out of the tub, then clothed her in rather snug fitting jammies, but the down side it stains clothes.

but talk to your dr and find out if it is really eczema,
best of luck :)

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answers from Spartanburg on

sweet almond oil all over the affected area, twice a day for as long as it takes...all natural!!!

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answers from Chicago on

Take her to the doctor so they check it out.. My son had a rash as well and i thought it was an allergic reaction and ended up being eczema so his doctor prescribed him hydrocortisone and it has worked alot! So from experience, rather than playing dr. mom i'd take her in. you could be giving her things thats making her body react to those things good luck .

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answers from Raleigh on

I agree with the other mom...make sure that's what it is first! Me and my son both had it. (My son was around the same age) and there are two really good over-the-counter moisturizers I think you should try. Eucerin - I think that also comes in itch relief and Cetaphil. Cetaphil was recommended by my dermatologist. It is used for sensitive and itchy skin. Cetaphil also has a line of products now that wasn't out when I went to the doctor, it is called Cetaphil is for eczema prone skin. Eucerin is also used for dry sensitive skin. Both of these products are very gentle and whether you have eczema or not I think they are very good to have. I know I'm not a doctor....but I'm speaking from experience! Good luck!!! Oh and by the way....long baths for the little one is not good and can also make the condition worse! My son ended up having to go to his pediatrician to get a prescription creme! Good luck!

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answers from Little Rock on

My pediatrician recommended Dove unscented soap for use on my son who had eczema on his back at the waist and on the backs of both arms. I also use it on my daughter who gets eczema rashes occasionally in the bends of her knees and arms as well as on her face. My sons gradually faded away after switching to Dove unscented and my daughters returns less since I switched hers. Also, you can use hydrocortizone on eczema and it should clear up very quickly. This is also on recommendation of our pediatrician. I suffer with eczema as well and this is what my dermatologist told me for myself as well.

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answers from Milwaukee on

dd's pediatrician recommended Cetaphil lotion. Works great!

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answers from Chicago on

all 3 of my girls had/have eczema. we like the Gentle Naturals Eczema Wash for bathtime (doesn't smell like that powdery baby smell, but that's the only downside to it) and the Eczema lotion for after. We used OTC hydrocortisone cream but it didn't seem to help the really dry areas. We received a prescription cream and it worked well. But, just like a previous poster said, the use must be limited and it cannot be used on the face because it's strong.

If you can cut out all perfumed soaps, lotions, oils, etc that should help too. Use unscented soaps and the hypoallergenic lotions (Johnsons has one - yellow bottle). Same with shampoos, because it runs down onto their skin also.

Good luck. I would make sure it's eczema with the doctor before doing anything drastic but for now, I'd say stick with basic soaps and lotions without perfumes/scents until you know for sure what the Dr recommends.

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