Eczema/allergy Connection and Impetigo - 2 Part Question

Updated on April 01, 2012
T.S. asks from Langhorne, PA
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This is regarding my 4 year old son. He has eczema and it had flared up pretty bad after a cold (because he was wiping his nose so much, it flared up the eczema and he continued to use tissues to wipe and to scratch at his face) and recently it evolved into impetigo around his mouth. So here is my 2 part question:
I have him scheduled to get an allergy test next week and I was wondering what kind of allergies can be linked with eczema. I don't know if he has any but his nose gets runny a lot and with the eczema I wanted to see if he may have an allergy that is contributing to all of it. If your child has eczema and had been diagnosed with an allergy that contributed to it, what was it and what did you do to treat it?
Second part is about the impetigo. I have been applying Mupirocin (as prescribed by the doctor) 3 times a day for almost a week now (was rough at first and I quit the medication for a while because his face was getting a horrible rash from it but tried a third time, stuck with the dosing and as his body adjusted to the meds, the rash didn't happen anymore). His face seems to be looking worse than better. Its so crusty around his mouth. I wash it before applying the cream but it seems like impetigo is a really hard thing to clear up. Is it. I'd like to hear from other moms that use this medication or had impetigo.

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answers from Portland on

RE: asthma and allergies. My granddaughter had serious asthma attack when she was just a few months old. Her pediatrician did the blood allergy test and she tested positive for an allergy to milk, eggs, and soy as well as environmental allergies to trees in bloom, cat and dog dander, various pollens.

Wiping his face should not cause eczema to flare up unless he's allergic to the tissues. Do they have lotion or fragrance added to them?



answers from Santa Barbara on

Impetigo is caused by a bacterial infection (Staph or Strep) and is highly contagious.

There is a huge relationship in children to allergies/eczema/asthma! I hope you are getting the blood test profile that tests for environmental as well as food allergies. The results of this can help you eliminate triggers.



answers from Flagstaff on

My son has had eczema since he was a baby and it was so severe that his skin would crack and bleed I felt so bad nothing helped the doctors would give me medicine and they didn't do anything so I did as best I could till he turned 5 when he was able to get a steroid cream for it. I went to the doctor after he turned 5 and asked about it and what the doctor told me was actually surprising. The medicines don't help! How can this be I thought. But the doctor told me the meds cover it up and make it worse in the long run and had me try the aveeno eczema baby lotion and use it three times a day and bathe my son every other day. It has made the world of difference. give it a shot it couldn't hurt



answers from Odessa on

Both of my sons have had eczema. With the first one, I realized that it would happen with citrus things but he never got tested. My second son, now that is a different story. His eczema is awful horrible. I ended up getting him tested and we found out he is allergic to milk, peanuts, dogs, and different kinds of weeds. I've even seen him react to beans. We have to make sure he stays away from all these things.

My oldest son experienced impetigo as well. He kept pulling the scab and it felt like he would never let it heal. Then they prescribed him an ointment I think it was called Bactracin and it helped tremendously. If I remember correctly after two days it was completely gone. I think the scabbing is part of the healing process.

Good luck! I know it's hard but you got this mama!



answers from Miami on

Hi. So sorry you are going through this.
I will add another angle.
My son gets red and rashy and itchy around the mouth area and chin area from citrus and soy oil products...I share this, as certain types of food could perhaps aggravate existing conditions.

I was told by our doctor to ensure my son takes vitamin d to strengthen immunity. Omega 3 is also good for children with skin conditions.

best of luck, Jilly


answers from Dover on

Almost any type of allergy/sensitivity can aggrevate eczema. It can be a any combination of environmental factors...bath soap, shampoo, lotions, detergents, cleaning products, etc.

My child does not have eczema but my nephew had to use special soaps and detergents and his parents switched to an environmentally & family friendly product line for the whole household and he doesn't have any problems now. We use the same line...MelaPower detergent, MelaSoft fabric softener, Koala Pals body and hair washes, and Renew lotion.

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