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Updated on March 06, 2010
M.S. asks from Dorr, MI
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so, i went to the health department yesterday to get a pregnancy test and ask for my iud to be taken out. the test was negative. but, as in my previous posts, i feel pregnant and now i am having a dull pain on my right side that wont go away. last sexual encounter was back in january 14, had normal period last month. could it be ectopic pregnancy or just a cyst?

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answers from Dallas on

Went through the same thing last was a cyst! But boy I was so nervous and scared. It got so bad my boobs were feeling full like they would be springing a leak at any time. Although I hadnt BF in 4 yrs. I just knew I was pregnant! They found a Cyst while doing a sono. My period was a week late as well.

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answers from Tulsa on

You need to have a blood test for pregnancy before you do anything drastic. If it is ectopic it could rupture and you could end up in emergency surgery like I did. I had a dull pain in my side back that just would not go away, I was in constant dull aching pain. I was not spotting or anything else. I went to the doctor for a blood test on one morning around 10 am and was in emergency surgery by noon, since I was upset that I could be pregnant and loosing the baby that I hadn't eaten or drank anything since the day before, I was so dehydrated they couldn't get a vein, they were still trying to get me prepped for surgery at 6pm. So it ruptured and I lost the baby, the tube, the ovary, and ultimatly the ability to get pregnant because the other tube was damaged from scar tissue from an infection in my past.

My daughter was pregnant and the tests kept coming back negative. She finally started bleeding, if she stood up she made a puddle, and was passing lots of clots and tissue, the lab tests on the material showed fetal tissue. The hospital did not do a d-n-c because they thought it all came out and her hormone levels were already dropping very low. About a month later she had stopped bleeding but was still having pregnancy like feelings and issues, she asked me to meet her at the hospital ER again. The nurse kept telling her she must be pregnant again and they ordered a blood test for pregnancy. She repeatedly stated she hadn't done ANYTHING to get pregnant and would the nurse just go get an ultra sound machine and see before waiting for the blood work came back? The nurse smirked and went to get one, my daughters heart rate was about 85 and her tummy's was in the 125 range...she was pregnant...BUT to hear a heart beat with an external ultra sound machine you have to be at least 16 weeks along. It had just been a couple of weeks since her miscarriage. She had been carrying twins and lost one of them but what was so strange and why they wanted to use her case to write an article for a professional journal was her hormone levels dropping so much, that is how they usually know there is more going on, she shoud have not dropped more than a tiny bit.


answers from Dallas on

If you were pregnant, it would have showed up on a test by now, even with an ectopic. I had one back in 2006, and the pain went from a cramp to unbearable pain (to the point that I wanted to die), and then I had surgery to save my life, all within a week and a half. I would still get yourself checked out just to be on the safe side.


answers from Santa Fe on

you might want to go to a obgyn i know alot of women go to health centers but at an actual office for women they can further assit you and give u a referral to a specialist if needed...



answers from Detroit on

While ultrasounds are not always great ideas (NOT totally neutral diagnostic tests, but that's another post), this is EXACTLY what an ultrasound is best used for. Only way to tell, could be either or neither, and a good thing to know soon. Best wishes, trust your gut feelings!
Midwife (family store)



answers from Kansas City on

I would try to have it checked out, just in case.



answers from Detroit on

if you just had you IUD removed its your ovary. You will have a little dicomfort pain on that side for almost two week but it shouldn't be severe. If its severe it could be somethng else if its somethng you can't bere and our in a fetal position i would see a physician. I highly doubt its an eptopic pregnancy because i have had them and there not that painful. there like a normal period discomfort.


answers from Detroit on

dull pain that is constant and doesn't go away? mine hurt everyday all day, and it started out to be a dull pain, but then grew into horrible pain. i would go get it checked to be sure.

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