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Updated on November 06, 2010
B.G. asks from Fremont, CA
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My 14 month daughter does't care about eatting solid food. When I bring food to feed her, she never be happy. I have to play her favorite DVD, she will opens her mouth sometime. Sometimes she keeps food in her mouth but not swallow it, or sometimes spits it out. If I put her in highchair, it will be worse.
The only time I feel her hungry is at night. Because I am still breastfeeding, she still eats several times at night.
I read alot about let her be hungry, she will eat when she is hungry. But at night she just cry to eat. Sometimes I don't have enough milk for her, she just keeps eatting and won't let go. I thought about wean breastfeeding. But I would like to feed her longer if I don't have to wean. I am also afraid what if I stop breastfeeding and she won't eat well still, I will not be able to help her.
What should I do? Please help!!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for alll of your help. My daughter is doing so much better. Your encouragement is very important.
She has eaten in her highchair for three days. Some meal she ate very little. I offer fruit for snake. Some meal she ate more. I feed her breast milk before afternoon nap and at night. I won't feed her after 4am.
She couldn't just sit in the highchair and eat. I give her flash card and book to read with her during feeding. But at lease I can get her in the chair.
I am feeling much happier now.
If there is anything I should improve, please let me know.
Thanks again.

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answers from Gainesville on

She is still very young and you don't have to wean if you aren't ready to. Don't let anyone tell you that you need to wean her cold turkey and then she'll eat. Probably won't happen. You'll be miserable, she'll be miserable and no one will be eating or sleeping.

But I would begin to establish good meal time routines. Remember that she is only 14 months old and it doesn't sound like she has a positive routine at this point so it will take some time.

Every meal and snack she goes to the high chair.

Make it a positive. Say and do the same things she quickly learns what to expect and what is expected of her. Tell her "Yeah! It's time for breakfast! Let's see what yummy breakfast mommy made just for you!" Something fun like that.

No tv, dvd, etc while she is trying to learn good table habits.

Continue to offer her a variety of healthy options. Some kids, especially very young like her, aren't very interested in solids.

I would also encourage you to learn as much as you can about infant/toddler sleep to help encourage good sleep habits. She needs to know how to sleep so that once you do wean (or even before) she is sleeping better. Check out Dr. Sears Baby Sleep Book (he also has one for toddlers) and The Baby Whisperer. I think she also has one for toddlers. Also, the No-Cry Sleep Solution had some very valuable info for nursing moms and helping baby sleep better.

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answers from Columbus on

Have her eat in the dining room/kitchen in a high chair or booster seat without TV. Try different foods, Maybe she doesn't care for what she getting. Then also give her lots of praise when she takes bites, YAY!! Big girl bites!!! Go over the top, they love it! :)



answers from Topeka on

What are you offering her to eat? Try different textures...and make sure the bites are little enough for her to eat without requiring a lot of chewing and manipulating. Are you letting her feed with the food and explore it? Let her have fun...let her make a mess...then she will get "comfortable" with her finger food and eat it more readily. I agree with Dori...get a routine going...always feed her in the highchair...turn off the DVD or distractions....
I can tell you the things that my young grandson loves.....see if any of these will work for her
fresh fruit...bananas...pears...plums....persimmons...
fresh veggies...steamed carrots, broccoli,squash,green beans
baked sweet potatoe
Baked turkey and chicken
Just introduce one thing at a time...let her get used to it...then move on to something else....don't overwhelm her
and whatever you do...don't wean her....breastfeeding her is the best gift you can give your child...and weaning her will NOT make her eat more will just make her hungry!!! lol
Good luck to you



answers from Redding on

my second son was the same. did all the same things for him as i did for my first, who was a great eater, but no luck. still, i recommend routine and focus at the table. sit down together, eat your food with your baby, talk and make it fun.
that being said, some kids take a while to get into food. for my son it all happened when we went to hawaii and he discovered fruit. i started to have fruit at every meal and try to get hime excited about it. also, i offered more snacks -- with fruit of course -- and realize that he is not a sit down meal person. he likes to snack and eat all day. he does eat meals with us, but not a lot of food and i just have to feed him often.
he is 2, in the 25% for weight and is just a lean boy. i am just weaning him now and let him nurse lots when he was younger because he needed it. i also let him nurse at night longer than my first son -- maybe 16 or 18 months -- because i just wanted him to get nutrition.
give her the breastmilk if you don't mind, keep offering her food, and she will come around. also -- my son likes to sit in my lap sometimes to eat. fine with me as long as i get some time to eat by myself and he gets the food in his mouth!



answers from San Francisco on

I just wanted to say that I agree with Dori. It is time to start establishing an eating and sleeping routine. Eating should be in her high chair and at set times. Try to feed her solids during the day before breastfeeding her. If she doesn't eat, fine, but still always offer solids first. Try a variety of foods. My kids really liked scrambled eggs with cheese at this age. You never know what she may like!

For night time, I would suggest the same books that Dori suggested. You may have to go with cry it out, but try the others first. Once she is sleeping more at night, she will be more hungry during the day. Sleeping and eating routines go hand-in-hand. Once you get these going you both will be much happier!



answers from San Francisco on

I obviously have not observed your child so this answer may be completely crazy. But her mouth muscles may not be developed enough and it may either be physically difficult or exhausting to chew and/or swallow the food.

I would definitely go to your pediatrician and talk to him/her about it. There are therapists that work with children who have difficulties eating so there is a solution.

I don't think the breastfeeding is preventing her from eating solids. I would continue to breastfeed as long as you and her want.

At the same time, don't do it because you are afraid to stop. I am assuming that you have introduce a sippy cup at this point and she can certainly get her nutrition from there. Nobody has died from not eating for a few days (if they are healthy otherwise) and her desire to not be hungry would have to kick in. But check the 'medical'/physical side of things first to make sure there isn't a reason she isn't trying to eat.

Good luck!

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