Eating Disorder

Updated on January 18, 2007
L.P. asks from Newalla, OK
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Im 38 years old, i have had a eating disorder sense i was 13, my two boys also have it to, anyone with any info ??? Thank you,,,,

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answers from Kansas City on

First you are taking a huge step in admitting you have an eating disorder.

There are several things that trigger eating disorders, so I suggest finding a doctor that specializes in eating disorders to help you and your boys get on the road of recovery.

The Mayo Clinic online has some a really good overview of eating disorders.


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answers from Kansas City on


You made a great first step, by admitting it. Eating disorders are systemic (meaning, your boys have an eating disorder, because you do). There are many treatment options available to you. Where do you live? Based on your health, you may need in or out patient help. Anorexia/bulemia can be deadly, please seek help asap. I have worked with eating disorders for years, and they are very serious

A. L

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answers from St. Louis on


I too have suffered with an eating disorder. It's not an easy road to recovery but it can be done. If you need the name of a therapist I would be happy to give you the name of mine.
My email is [email protected]


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answers from Oklahoma City on

what kind of eating disorder do you have? what kind of indications do you have that your sons have it? have you ever sought counselling for your disorder? have you researched any information online. i don't have an eating disorder, but my mom struggled with anorexia and bulemia for years, including while she was pregnant with me. i have had friends with eating disorders too. you can email me privately if you like or publicly. i hope to help you and encourage you in any way i can!


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answers from Joplin on

You are stronger than the disorder!!!! I suffer, still, from an eating disorder that began at 12 years old. I could never be skinny enough. A year ago I was still 100 lbs at 5"6. I am now at 126 and yes when I look in the mirror I see fat but instead of starving myself again I work out or try to. Your children learn from your actions so they will pick up on this and that is not what you want. Neither do I, my 10 year old already says I am fat. It breaks my heart, she is a stick, but I taught her that behavior. I just had to realize that I was stronger than the behavior, I quit smoking, quit drinking coffee all day and began eating. As time has gone on I have found it easier to eat. Whether your problem is not eating or eating too much realize that YOU are stronger. Find a replacement for your behavior. It may seem like a long hard choice but it only takes 28 days to make or break a habit. Have faith in God and yourself. You ARE capable of beating this problem!! Good luck and God bless!

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