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Updated on June 25, 2010
E.S. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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my son is 10 months old and he isn't eating as much food as he was when he was 8 months old is that normal????

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answers from Topeka on

Is he healthy, active,happy?? If so, don't worry about it...eating habits change as growth spurts come and activity levels change...let him eat until he is done and then let him move on. A lot of times toddlers and older infants prefer to "graze" ....just eat a little here and there...actually it is a good thing because it helps keep their blood sugar levels more even and avoids those mood swings!!!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Growth spurts....eating habits will change according to how fast he is growing. Sometimes it will seem like he can't get enough, and sometimes you feel like you have to force feed them.... thats just the way it is....If he seems unhealthy or loses alot of weight, then I would worry, but until then let it go...
Good Luck

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answers from Cleveland on

I think it's completely normal. My 10-month-old son already wasn't drinking as much formula as others would say he should. He gets two 5 Oz. bottles a day & one 6 Oz. (When he was 8 months they were two 6 Oz. bottles and one 7 Oz.) However, he doesn't even finish those anymore. Maybe two 4 Oz. and a 5 Oz. if I am lucky lately. He seems to just keep dropping himself on his own. He also eats three solid meals a day but lately he has been more interested in playing with his food & dropping it on the floor than actually eating it. As long as he is still growing and seems happy & healthy I wouldn't worry about it. It's all about phases. ;)

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answers from Flagstaff on

Yes, completely normal. At this age, most babies decide that they can begin to assert their independence through food. They no longer want to eat what you feed them (baby food), but will continue to eat finger foods and really enjoy the breast/bottle.

A trick I found...give baby some finger foods on the high chair tray. Then when he is distracted trying to pick up a cheerio or whatever, sneak a bite of baby food into his mouth! Sometimes you have to wait until he opens up to put in the cheerio, so the baby food goes in with the cheerio. Happy feeding!

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