Easy Halloween Costume

Updated on October 13, 2008
A.M. asks from Boise, ID
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It's that time of year again to think of a creative costume. I'd love to hear some easy ideas that I can make at home so it will be memorable. Last year my son was a yellow crayola crayon made from posterboard with a pointy hat, but he wasn't able to play in that costume.

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answers from Denver on

One year my brother went as "traffic". He had a long sleeve black shirt and black pants we got at Goodwill. We put yellow duct tape as a dotted line from his neck down one side of his pants. We hot glued matchbox cars going in opposite directions along each leg and his chest. We used circular stickers in red,yellow,green that you get for garage sale pricing as stoplights along the way. You could cut things out of felt, too. The tape is sold at Home Depot and hardware stores, and it even comes in glow-in-the-dark. The costume was a hit with the other kids!



answers from Denver on

One yeat my son went as the Crocadile Hunter. Brown pants, brown button down and a big leather hat. He then carried a crocadile with him. You could carry any stuffed animal or carry a net and be a zookeeper. A pirate, we cut old jeans into tatters, cut one of my husbands old dress shirts, made a foil silver ear ring, put black wax on a tooth, stuck coffee grind on his chin with vaseline and a red bandanna.



answers from Casper on

Our family favorite was the year my mom found a matted blue bathrobe at a second hand store and added some big styrofoam ball eyes to make cookie monster.



answers from Billings on

I was a yard sale a few years ago, which was very easy and funny. I wore some old, ratty clothes, and then glued random items all over myself (CD's, a comb, toys, gloves, etc) complete with little pricetags--just make sure the items are light or the costume gets really heavy! As a final touch, I hung a "Yard Sale" sign around my neck.

Another great costume I remember is when a friend was a lawn. She made herself a suit out of astro turf and then glued plastic flowers and bugs all over it.

The October Family Fun magazine had a cute idea I was considering for my kids--it was a "caught in a windstorm" costume. You can see it here:

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