Easy Adult Halloween Costume

Updated on October 25, 2014
J.☯. asks from Sherman, IL
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Going to a halloween party tonight. Any idea what I could just throw together? I am not good at this at all. I'm usually just glad the kids look festive. The one year my husband and I did anything, we wore jeans and our "crew" shirts from 4 wheeler races we used to help with. Not exactly costumes, but we were happy.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for the ideas. Those are great! We ended up not going (sick kid), but these will really come in handy Friday and next year.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Robe, cold cream on face, draw dramatic eyebrows and wear red lipstick. Scarf to hold hair back. Mommy Dearest.

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answers from Reading on

A cereal box with a rope tied around it - you are a cereal killer
Or this - a friend wore a tshirt where she wrote "go ceiling! Rah rah rah" on it and carried pompons. She was a ceiling fan.
Or just a hello my name is sticker with someone else's name.
Or going with the candy theme - if you have smarties, tape them all over your pants and go as a smarty pants.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I wear a black velvet gown (that I once wore to a wedding) almost every year for Halloween. One year I added a crown and a cape and was a queen, one year I added black angel wings and a black halo, another year I bought a fancy witch's hat.

After Halloween, I recommend you go out and buy 1/2 price costumes. You could buy mouse or cat tail, ears and nose accessories and just pair it with black pants and shirt.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Men In Black. Black clothing, jackets if you have them, sunglasses, toy guns - preferable one giant nerf type one and one little tiny one.

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answers from Washington DC on

do you have candy? I saw one the other day - it was Hotties or the Hot candy and they were taped to the pants and they were "HOT PANTS"...

it was silly but cute and easy...

if you have a red and white striped shirt with jeans? Go as Waldo!!

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answers from Louisville on

One year I stole my husband's clothes, wore my hair up under one of his ball caps, and used brown eyeliner to give myself some stubble and thicker eyebrows. I didn't have much of a figure, so I pulled off my "man" costume very well. It was actually a huge hit too, people loved it!

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answers from Washington DC on

What do the kids look like? For example, DD is going to be a horse, so DH is going to put on a cowboy hat, boots, jeans, a plaid shirt and a bandana.

You could get party hats (solid colors) and matching solid t-shirts (like from Micheal's) and all be crayons.

Or if you have an old nightgown and a hat, look online for a printable fox mask or do some simple wolf makeup and be the wolf that ate granny. One year DH was the wolf and I was Little Red.

Get a big old pillowcase or sheet and cut MANY holes in it and be a Charlie Brown Ghost. Or black shorts, a yellow shirt (again, Michael's) and draw a jagged line to be Charlie. If you wore a blue dress and pigtails you could be Lucy.

Again with the party hats - red party hat, some red face paint for cheeks, some plain pants and boots, and an oversized shirt belted at the waist, braided hair, and you're a garden gnome.

Put a big paper P on a shirt and black your eye. You're a "black eyed pea".

Many stores sell masks/ears/tails as kits. Get one of an animal you like and dress in solid colors to match.

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answers from Washington DC on

we haven't gone to a party in a while, but when we did we just did 'dead whatever.' i put on my ren faire garb, he wears a puffy shirt and sash with a sword, then we do dead white makeup with black eyes and lips. voila! dead pirate and wench.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Gypsies (pants, bangles for you, bandanas tied around your heads)
Referees (black pants, black & white striped shirts, whistles, black cap,
tennis shoes)
Cowgirl (bandana tied around your neck, cowboy hat, vest, cowboy boots
if you have them)
SuperMan & SuperWoman (blue shirts, capes made from fabric you have
around house, big "S" on shirt, jeans, boots)
King & Queen (crowns bought from Party Store, jewelry, cape, dress for
you/pants & nice shirt for him, make him a sceptor)
Cops (blue shirts, fake badge from party store or local Walgreen's in kid
section w/fake handcuffs etc.)
Him: mechanic (overalls, grease, wrench) You: waitress (skirts, apron,
pad of paper for taking orders, tray)
Mail carriers (blue shirt, blue pants or shorts, satchel w/lots of envelopes)

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answers from Chicago on

Black outfits. 4 pieces of huge white construction paper cut into circles. Write numbers and you guys are lotto balls. Won't say what two numbers to pick :-).

Black outfits..place chewed gum, wrappers, lint, crumbs... You guys are dirt.

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answers from Boston on

Any old Christmas sweaters or Santa hats, stored in the basement?

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answers from Detroit on

We went tonight and my 10 year old is Iggy Azalia for Halloween this year. This morning I decided she wasn't wearing that costume to church. So I nabbed a goldish dress and scarf out of the closet, hot glued twigs to a headband, and used my makeup to make her a deer. She loved it and got a ton of compliments.
One year I dressed the kids old cabbage patch up like me and taped to on my waist. I was beside myself.
My favorite couples costume I saw this year was Jessica and Roger rabbit-just stuff on hand and some bunny ears :)

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