Easter Basket Ideas for 2 Yr Old

Updated on April 02, 2010
K.J. asks from Altamonte Springs, FL
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Hello All, I'm trying to put an Easter basket together for my 2.5yr old daughter, and was planning on having a few items hidden around for her to hunt along with eggs. Problem is we don't do any candies, and when I go out to the stores all I see is loads and loads of candy! Things I have already are just little nick nack toys, coloring book etc.. What are all of you doing? I'd like to have maybe something creative and memorable, but I'm drawing a blank! All ideas welcome! Thank you Moms!

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answers from Jacksonville on

A have a couple of neices and nephews and I now have a 22 month old little girl. My sister and mom started years ago with each Easter the kids get new bathing suits and towel in there Easter Baskets. This is also the start of the summer season so a great time for the bath suit. The kids look forward to each year getting there bathing suits and towels and flip flops. Just an ideal and something that you can continue each year! Good Luck and Happy Easter!

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answers from Austin on

Plastic eggs filled with goldfish, teddy grahams, dry cereal, gummy fruit , raisins, stickers, temp tattoos. Then do a book about Easter, some bubbles and bubble makers maybe a sun hat and sunglasses..

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answers from Birmingham on

Hmmm... It's really cool you're trying for something other than "just candy"! Maybe art supplies, or play-dough in Easter colors? A stuffed bunny? DVDs of Easter movies or cartoons? Just ideas... I'm sure you'll make a great basket!

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answers from Tampa on

Can't remember the name of the web site but it is healthy
Easter baskets. Just google it and you should find everything you want.
I always let my girls have the candy because they would only eat a few pieces and we would end up giving the rest away. They never really were into eating candy. My vegetarian friend did her daughters Easter basket really cute. She did fancy cut carrots to put in the basket, she used spinach leaves instead of the Easter grass. Then added the colored eggs, an orange, apple and some grapes. Got a cute little stuffed bunny to stick in the middle and put a carrot so it looked like the bunny was eating it. She even took a bite out of the end to make it more real. It was super cute.

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answers from Redding on

Books, crayons, hair clips, a new toothbrush, banana and apple chips, dried apricots, a cute little bracelet, new socks....She's 2-1/2. She'll have fun.
My kids always hunted eggs and then they made me close my eyes while they hid them. They had great fun with mommy trying to find the eggs.
Of course I pretended not to see them in plain sight for a while and they got the biggest kick out of that.
My son is 14 and he already can't wait to try to hide eggs from me. It's a silly little tradition but he's done it all his life so we carry it on.
You can also get the plastic eggs and put pennies, raisins or stickers in them.
It's so easy to have fun when kids are that little.

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answers from Pensacola on

Since you do not do candy, maybe try gummies, any kind of snacks that she likes. You could put a stuffed animal, a game or 2 that she might like. For a stuffed animal, you could go to build a bear and get a bunny done with recorded voices or sounds, etc. Something that my husband usually do for some of the kids that we new or new parents for their kids is a shining star stuffed animal. You can go online and register and name a star any thing that your daughter wants. You get a certificate and a map of your star. The best part is they are only like $15! That would give her a cute stuffed animal to play with now and a certificate and a star to have when she grows up. You can go to shining star.com or on amazion to find them. Halmark used to sell them but not many of them do anymore, I am sure that you could try. Hope she enjoys whatever you decide to get her! Hapy Easter!!!


answers from St. Louis on

In my daughter's she's getting a tiara, a new book, a booklet of stickers, coloring book.

What about new socks, a hat, crayons, bubbles, markers, mini pots for planting, paints, crafts (think foam stickers, pipe cleaners, etc), a stuffed animal or doll, playdo (they have these in eggs), chapstick (if you let her use it), gum (same if you let her have it), new toothbrush and big girl toothpaste, new pajamas, snacks such as granola bars, mini bags of cheese-its, crackers, etc., play makeup, new DVD, CD for the car.




answers from Boca Raton on

We also have a 2 1/2 year old and are delaying candy as long as we can get away with it! So far so good. Here is what I am doing. I found all the "goodies" at Target. Plastic eggs already packaged with multiple colors of play-dough (I think I found a package of 4), easter-themed book, a "book" of easter themed stickers & and cute little watering can from the dollar bins at the front of the store. I also bought an Easter "bucket" instead of a baket, that she can play with all year, because she still loves to put "stuff" in things, carry it around and empty it out. Or she can use it at the beach or park for sand. I also got some of the empty plastic eggs to "hide" which I am going to fill with individual stickers, target-brand chick-shaped "goldfish" snacks, gummy fruit snacks and balloons to blow up. I also considered a small thing of bubbles and/or bubble wands, but we have a lot of that already. If you can't find the playdough eggs, you could always buy the little party-pack of mini cans of playdough.



answers from Miami on

We've got small toys, coloring books, small stuffed animals. My daughter's also has girly stickers and a bit of makeup in it, she's 6. In the past for her we've done hair clips and new clothes too.



answers from Orlando on

I'm with you on this! My son is just over 2, and we don't do candy w/him...but everything in the stores is candy, candy, candy! Target had a great selection in their dollar spot...stickers, board books, bath books, bath toys, bubbles, a pinwheel, even some really cute eggs shaped like chicks! I plan to put a couple chocolate kisses in his basket, but that's about it. Otherwise, I'm just going to put stickers or animal crackers in his eggs. Playdoh is another thing...or playdoh "tools". Also, if your daughter is into a certain character (for example, my son loves Mickey Mouse), you could find something to do with that character to put in her basket. GL!



answers from Los Angeles on

Put money in them and maybe get her a new bank to put it in. Stick on earrings, bracelets, stickers, etc. My son is getting a new outfit, frog bath towel and little board books from his grammy. I also got some bubbles and a little game to add to that, and we're doing an egg hunt with some candies and some non candy items (like coins) inside.



answers from Wausau on

Instead of an Easter basket, the Easter bunny decided to get a wheel barrel and inside it's has new bath crayons, triangular crayons, bubbles, a giant Cars coloring book, a book and a little bit of candy. My son is 22 months so I went with the traditional peeps, choc. bunny, and then some gummis. How about some puffy paints and a plain t-shirt and your daughter could decorate it? My son LOVES coloring!



answers from Washington DC on

My son is getting yogurt covered raisins, cereal bars, goldfish, and fruit cups. We keep candy to a minimum, and I'm sure he'll get more from family than we will allow him to have.



answers from Seattle on

We don't do any candies either. We're doing a pinwheel, Olivia book (she loves the Olivia books), a headband with bunny ears, a plastic hearts bracelet (a fairly new thing for her), bubbles, finger paints and we're doing a few eggs with coins in them. She has a piggy bank and loves to put an occasional bit of change in there. Hope one or two of our ideas might spark an idea for you. Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

My son is only 2, for him I'm doing one big item [a toy semi truck, since that's what he loves], one stuffed animal [small stuffed bunny], two smaller toys [egg thingy that lights up when you push a button and bubbles, because I know he will like those] and I'll put dried fruit in a couple of eggs, and mini teddy grahams in a couple of others. That's it for him. For the egg hunt all that will be in the eggs are stickers and temporary tattoos and a couple of mini cars.
It all depends on what your daughter likes, really. I wouldn't worry about it being elaborate or memorable...she is not going to remember this, and all of the Easter baskets I've ever heard of just had toys and candy in them and were very cheap. She will have fun and that's all that really matters. I'd save the thoughtful, creative, and memorable gifts for her birthday or Christmas personally.
I answered in another post from March 23rd that had some other good ideas from people. Here is the link:

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