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Updated on April 24, 2014
S.R. asks from Kansas City, MO
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So yesterday with it being Easter Sunday I was reading FB and saw quite a few posts from friends quoting "remember what the true meaning of Easter is" or "remember its not about the bunny, but the lamb" or "celebrate the true meaning of Easter with blessings not gifts". This really had me perturbed! I thought this was a free country and I feel that people can celebrate Easter they way they see fit! I was born and raised Catholic and I have never pushed my religion on anyone or over exaggerated preaching on FB. Yes, I know what the true meaning of Easter is but at the same time, the Easter Bunny does come to my house for my little ones and brings a basket of goodies. Nothing expensive but goodies for the kiddos. I got easter baskets when I was a child and so that tradition as lived on and I have passed it on to my family now. What is the big deal. You know not everyone believes in God or celebrates him and that is ok, because you cannot have control over everyone, right? I mean all I have to know is what I believe and what I chose to teach my children. Am I wrong or am I just over sensitive about this???

ps. I think the reason that I might feel this way is bc one of the people that made a post like this claims to be "Christian" but every chance she gets she will talk trash behind your back, she calls people morons and just acts like she is above everyone else. Um, that is not very Christian if you ask me.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone! Guess this mom needs to just take a chill pill! And yes, I will be doing some hiding and even some deleting!
Happy Monday!

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answers from Chicago on

Funny, you are objecting to someone's free speech, as they have exercised it on Facebook, on the premise that "I thought this was a free country."

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answers from Austin on

People who use their religions to make themselves feel better or judge others to make them feel bad? Yeah, they are not great representatives of what they speak of.

They are hypocrites. And then people wonder why so many people are no longer wanting to be a part of organized religion or believe in it.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Posts like that annoy me. It IS judgmental, which ironically goes completely against every religion I've ever heard of. I don't even bother with fb anymore because it's just this big contest.

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answers from Albany on

Shrug, that's why God created the scroll wheel.


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answers from Portland on

Well, I think you have the right to celebrate Easter as you wish...
And your friends have the right to post whatever they wish on Facebook...
And you have the right to keep moving on if you don't care for their sentiments.

It's *such* a free country!:)

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answers from Salinas on

While I agree with many of your points and was also raised Catholic, like you said, "This is a free country." They can post what they want on THEIR FB page. Yes, you are being overly sensitive. Hide the page of the "friend" who is a hypocrite if her stuff is going to bother you this much.

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answers from New York on

Unfortuatnley Christians aren't perfect people - Ghandi once said something to the effect that if Christ's followers were like Him more people would be Christians - Ghandi liked Christ, it wa the Christians he didn't care for.

I do post things that are Christian in nature - but am equally happy to see dyed eggs, Easter bonnets and baskets filled with chocolate and jelly beans. We did it all when the kids were small - just that now they're teenagers they like cash better - so they get an Easter bunny with a $20 attached to it. ;o)

My post will comment about the empty tomb, the freedom we have because of the resurrection - but I'd never tell people how to celebrate. For me it's more about the lamb than the bunny - but I love bunnies!

I am sorry on behalf of pushy Christians. We don't mean any harm - many of us are like former smokers - we just want every one to feel what it's like to breath clean air. ;o)

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answers from Chattanooga on

Lol. I am nonchristian, so when I saw all the "true meaning of Easter" posts popping up I went ahead and posted a TRUE meaning of Easter meme... One that gives the origin of the holiday, along with the backgrounds behind the traditions of the eggs, bunny, etc. I left a joking comment, lightheartedly poking fun at the whole idea that posting something on Facebook is going to have any impact on how it is celebrated.

The funny going is that it got quite a few likes, even from my Christian friends and family. ;)

Honestly, I don't care one way or the other. I think people should be free to celebrate whatever holiday they want, however they want, so long as it doesn't interfere with the lives of others. Being preachy on Facebook gets annoying, so I hide things I dont want to see. I have even unfollowed several people because their posts were getting too over-the-top.

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answers from San Francisco on

One of the great things about FB, unlike school or work or your neighborhood, is that YOU get to decide who you are "friends" with and how much or little you want to see of their opinions.
I have hidden a few people (whom I otherwise really like) from my newsfeed simply because I got tired of seeing their political rants.
And I have unfriended a few who TRULY offended me, including family members.
Really, why are you friends with someone who name calls and trash talks about people behind their backs?
Sounds like you are surrounding yourself with a not very nice class of people, and that's no one's fault but your own :-(

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answers from Williamsport on

You're oversensitive!!!!

To be truly accepting and tolerant, you have to let EVERYONE express themselves. The atheist, the religious people, EVERYONE. I had a few religious FB easter posts in my feed. I think it's great. I don't share their beliefs, but I enjoy seeing theirs.

I would not like to think they were home being annoyed at my photo of eggs painted as mourners in front of a fried egg all like, "Oh, it's so annoying when people post easter egg things that are obviously not Christianity-based, shouldn't they be more like ME and respect the REAL EASTER MESSAGE...."

And maybe they are, who knows. And yes, SOME "Christians" are hypocrites...I think the judging aspect of the belief system makes it too hard to resist for many..but whatever! Some are not hypocrites and Christianity deserves it's place in the world. Once people start disrespecting the beliefs of others, they lose credibility in their own beliefs imo...so. Yes, you should not be annoyed that some Christians are "loud and proud".

Things like this will not upset you if you just....don't get upset.

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answers from Philadelphia on


Just like you believe people can celebrate Easter however they like in this free country, people are allowed to spout off whatever they like on Facebook. You are also free to completely ignore them. Seriously, who cares what they think or post? Just keep doing what YOU want to do for YOUR family.

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answers from Washington DC on

FaceBook is people's personal message boards. If you think that someone's post is offensive to you 1. hide it from your newsfeed 2. scroll by 3. unfriend. You similarly have the very same right to post about what the Easter Bunny brought your kids without any religious comment. I don't get offended when my friends post about Solstice or Passover instead of what I choose to celebrate. I would evaluate if you're upset because of religious content or THIS PERSON posting religious content. Easter, like Christmas, is both a secular and religious holiday. I would be surprised if I didn't see commentary on both sides on either occasion.

It is a free country - so you need to remember that those people can celebrate how they want, just like you can.

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answers from Minneapolis on

IMO, you are a little over sensitive about it. Unless it was personally directed towards you I don't think it sounds like preaching, but rather celebrating the holiday in the way that matters to them. We do both in our house--church AND chocolate bunnies. I think I might "unfriend" that one you mention in your p.s. If her postings are typically annoying or hypocritical then maybe it's time to do without them. I saw one posting on FB that said we should all be a little "less judgmental" this Easter and I wondered if there was a back story to that, but I didn't take it personally. Other than this, I hope you and your family had a nice Easter!

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answers from San Diego on

We are a household that doesn't celebrate the Christian element of Easter. We celebrate the non-secular parts and treat it more as a celebration of Spring and family time.
Except for a couple people that are over the top and pretty mean and pushy about it, I just read it and move on. I am happy that they have their happiness. They can post as they please, it's their page and their right. I do remember that for some, that is what this time of year means. It just doesn't mean that to me. The couple that are pushy, rude and mean about the whole thing I had hidden until FB changed it's settings. I found how to re-hide them and have done so. They are good people but I can't take their constant attacking so I have it hidden.
So long as they respect the fact that for myself and my family this isn't what this time of year is about I am good. I respect that these are their beliefs.

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answers from Dallas on

Facebook is an open space. As long as someone isn't getting on my case personally, or insulting/bullying someone else, I don't care how they spend their holiday. Commercialism of holidays bothers people, so they "remind" people. It's not worth getting upset about unless they're bugging you about "did you go to church" if you're posting a picture of your kid's basket. THAT would be annoying.

ADD: oh yeah, traditional meaning - eggs/bunnies - hmmmm. LOL ;)

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answers from Raleigh on

Yeah, it was all over my facebook, too. I figure they have a right to say what they want. After a bad experience at my MIL's church with the resurrection story (long story, but I think my 7 year old is still waiting for our dead cat to resurrect and return to us), we just skip over that part. To me, it's about tradition and family. Nothing wrong with that. :)

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answers from Las Vegas on

Doesn't a free country mean you can choose to ignore what you don't believe to be your choice of beliefs? So click ignore this post and move on.

I kind of giggled at a post that was requesting Easter baskets for some mission to South America to teach children the meaning of Easter. I refrained from asking if she meant the mission was to teach them the American tradition of Easter. I could care less, but found it funny.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I got a little perturbed when I stopped and peaked at FB yesterday, too. Not because people were commented like you listed per se... I have no problem with that.
My problem is more in the vein of commenters like your "p.s." mentions.
"Remember the reason for the day!" and there is no mention of what that is, and you know that the person didn't go to church... but has 50 bazillion pictures of the kids with buckets of candy and bunny ears on. Ummm... what do YOU think the reason is? The Easter Bunny? (sarcasm) GAh!!

I have no problem with the Easter Bunny, or Santa or whatever. We do them, too. Even my older kids who know it is us still like to get a basket of goodies. Who wouldn't? right? But the posts that are simply to "sound good" just irked me. I tried to use it for my own betterment... as a reminder to stay off FB for the day. :)

(oh... and to be clear... I enjoyed seeing all the little kiddies with their baskets and hunting eggs. That's not what I mean at all... it's the comments that I noticed preceding those pictures, when you KNOW the person did NOT "remember the reason" -- except on their FB status-- that got on my nerves.)
If you aren't a church goer, and don't practice your faith, and you posted a bunch of pictures of your kids doing secular Easter activities, I have no issue whatsoever. As long as you didn't also try to appear pious by your attached comment(s).

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answers from Reading on

The thing you are forgetting is that Facebook is for each person to use as he or she sees fit. Yes, celebrate as you like, and let them post to Facebook what they like. And someone like that, I would simply unfriend, block, or at least limit posts.

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answers from Kansas City on

Why were they hanging out on FB during such a sacred holiday anyway?!?!?

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answers from New York on

Yes you are over sensitive. Just remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion even if you don't agree with them. Take the overly religious ones with a grain of salt if you must or if someone is really annoying hide their feed so you don't have to look at their stupid postings.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I'm sorry about the person who leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

On the other hand, every one of us does that at some time or other, including me.

Considering the content of FB, it's clear that everyone has an "agenda" to push, because everyone has strong opinions about many things, from religion and politics to child-rearing and current events - not dissimilar to Mamapedia. There are so many posts and comments in both places that leave a bad taste in my mouth! I do know that some people, even when they're not screaming about something, seem to be screaming just because of the way they use their words.

On FB I can click "I don't want to see this" or do a little unfriending. On Mamapedia, I can leave the group if it gets to be too much (usually just checking out for the day works for me). But sometimes the thing to do is to recognize a vent or a yell when I see it (I would say people vent 90% of the time!) - and treat it accordingly.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

There similar posts when it was Christmas. It happens during just about any holiday that has religious history or connections.



answers from Columbus on

I totally get what you're saying - BUT turn it around - yes, this is a free country with free speech, therefore, they can post what they want. And because this is a free country, I choose to ignore the many posts that I see on Facebook or anywhere else and celebrate the holidays (and Holy Days) as I see fit for my family. I, too, was raised Catholic (still am) but if I want the Easter Bunny to bring baskets and I don't want to run to church every Sunday, that's my choice. I don't really care what anyone else does.

And, I also agree with your assessment of a Christian. People like that just crack me up - I know so many like this that run to church every Sunday, act all sweet to your face and then talk trash behind your back. THEN, they're usually the first ones to also criticize people like me that don't feel they have to go to a building to honor God. Sheesh!!!!

I say live and let live!!!

Good luck!!


answers from Washington DC on

I think you are being over sensitive. Your right though, this is a free country and people can and will celebrate the holidays the way they want to and that just might be on facebook as well. So, if you don't want to read it, then skip it.



answers from Miami on

I'm late seeing your post. Don't worry about hiding or deleting. You are entitled to your opinion on this subject.

I don't need anyone reminding me what Easter is for, or Christmas for that matter. We go to church for Easter service. I know all about Good Friday, Black (or Holy) Saturday, and Resurrection Sunday. Because He Lives, I Can Face Tomorrow, and all that. But if someone busts on me because I give my kids Cadbury chocolate and a chocolate bunny to nibble the ears off of, I won't be very nice about it. Easter eggs dyed to look all kinds of ways give kids a chance to play with food dye. When else do they get to do that?

Same thing about Christmas. I'm putting up a Christmas tree and buying presents. For crying out loud, I've probably sung half the Christmas Cantatas out there. Every one of my Christmas mornings includes reading the story of Christ's birth from the Bible before starting to open gifts. I don't need anyone reminding me that my Christmas tree and gifts to family and friends isn't part of the reason why we celebrate Christ's birth.

I roll my eyes at the nonsense you're talking about on your facebook. You have the right to also.

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