Earring Fell Out of Newly Pierced Ear

Updated on August 18, 2008
J.Y. asks from Woodridge, IL
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What do I do? My daughter went swimming (bad choice) and when rinsing off, her earring caught on her hair and the earring fell out. She is so upset and afraid to go back to Claire's. I did try to put the pointed earring back in, but could get it only half-way through the ear.

What can I do next?

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So What Happened?

I called Claire's and the manager, who did the piercing, was very familiar with the situation. She said that the ear heals from the outside in, so the tissue inside closed up as soon as the earring popped out. Only recommendation was to let it heal for a week and have it redone (at an additional cost, of course, but she said we could go the cheaper route this time). So, my daughter has settled for having one earring in for now...she has long hair, and has already redesigned her hairstyle for picture day!

God has a reason for each storm in our lives, to either remind us that He is in control, or to strengthen and perfect us. This has been a good example of strengthening my faith and my daughter's faith!

Thank you for your responses! J. Y.

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Let her try to put it back in she know where the pain is when pushing. Give her a big mirror and alot of elbow room. Or just leave her in her room to try by herself. You know how upsetting it is when we have others around to watch us when we are frightened.Tell her it will hurt but she knows her body , also let her know that if it comes out again that she can fix it by herself.



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You may need to twist the earring through towards where the hole was in the back. You should be able to feel the hole with your finger. If you feel uncomfortable about it, I would go back to Claire's. Explain to her it was an accident and they won't be mad at her. She needs to face her fears.



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Could you only get the earring half way through the ear because she was screaming or because it just wasn't going through? I have done this many times myself and have a few extra holes in the back of my ears. =) I would have her try to push the earring through. She would be able to feel it better than you might because typically you just have to wiggle it around to make it go in the right direction. Have her try pulling her ear lobe down a bit while trying to put the earring in... maybe that will help thin out her ear so you can find the end of the tunnel (so to speak). =)

Good luck!!!



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I am not sure if it would irritate her ear, but can you try putting a little vaseline on the earring to "ease" it through the whole? I don't know how safe that is on newly pierced ears, but I know it might help it slide into the hole easier.

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