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Updated on April 25, 2012
M.P. asks from Cerritos, CA
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My daughter will be 8 in a month. She has just started developing a small amount of very light pubic hair. I am very worried. I am going to make her a doctor's appt tomorrow. I know that everyone is saying girls are going through puberty much earlier these days, but not even being 8 yet seems way too young. I have been reading on the internet about something called Late onset Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. They test for it in newborns as far as I know, but can it show up later and newborn tests would not have detected it?? My daughter's mood swings have been crazy lately. I am very worried! Anyone else experiencing this? What have the doctors said?? Thanks!!

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answers from Jacksonville on

There is such a thing as precocious puberty. Talk to her doctor if you are concerned. The internet can be helpful, but can also muddy the waters and worry you for nothing.

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answers from Savannah on

There is no harm in taking her to the doctors, but please do not let her think that there might be something wrong! If it is just normal, early development (which it most likely is), you won't want to freak her out for nothing or make her feel like there is something wrong with growing up. Let her know what you want to discuss with the doctor so she is prepared to hear it when she is in the room with you. Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

If your daughter drinks regular cow milk and eats regular meat, it may be related to that. Animals are treated with loads of hormones, which can cause problems such as early puberty, breast cancer (other problems for boys with these types of female hormones) in humans. I don't know if you can buy at Trader Joe's. Their products are safer. It might be a good preventative step to take. But even without these hormones (I did not grow up in the US), I started developing boobs when I was eight years old, and I am very very healthy. So don't worry too much!

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answers from Philadelphia on

My now about to turn 12 has no signs of puberty what so ever. Her little sister now about to turn 10 started getting whuspy little hair around 8. Now that she's clsoe to 10 she still has a little hair. A little more now, and she is starting to develop breast tissue - you can see a softening of the aureola, but that's all. Why the difference? Genetics. My husband's family develops early. They all had periods by 13 and got very well endowed. My daughter in 6th grade (12) has freinds all over the map development wise. Girls with periods and bras sizes bigger than mine and then my little mini me who still looks like a little girl, no boobs no hips no interest in boys. I didn't get my period until way after everyone else.

Talk to your pediatrician, but stay away from random internet info, I am going to guess your daughter is right within a normal range of development and not even close to really hitting puberty yet.

And by the way, mood swings happen every time they have a surge of development in brain growth, not just onset of puberty!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I would suggest that you stop reading stuff on the internet and speak with your doctor :-) All kids go through puberty at their own pace. She might have that small amount of very light pubic hair for three or four years before the next stage happens. Or, there may be something unusual happening that her doctor can test for. In the meantime, I wouldn't worry too much.

My daughter is 10 and started developing some breasts two years ago. Then nothing changed at all until lately, when I can tell the shape of her little breasts has changed and she has noticed some pubic hair. Puberty happens slowly over several years time.

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answers from Washington DC on

My daughter's best friend in third grade started her period, my own girls started at 12.
Help her by letting her know what is happening to her body.
So take her to her pediatrician to rule out anything else, but I think she is just developing a little earlier than we did in the 60's and 70's.



answers from Los Angeles on

You hit the nail on the head - young girls are going through puberty at alarmingly younger ages. Speculation is that the hormones in meat and dairy can be a contributing factor. I would switch to organic meat and milk. Do take her to her MD and have her tested - and more importantly - remember if you as an adult are worried - imagine how scared your little girl is. Make sure she has accurate information that is age appropriate. I used the books "Where did I Come From?" and "What is happening to ME?" They were excellent and helped my daughter to understnd the changes in her body. L



answers from Las Vegas on

My daughter went through exactly the same thing. Pubic and underarm hair starting at age 8. Also, some breast development. The Internet says that hair is one of the last things that's supposed to happen, so I was worried. I was convinced she'd look like a hairy Dolly Parton and have her period as well by the time she was 9. So I took her to an endocronologist who said she was just fine. She's 11 1/2 now, and still hasn't had her period and is only now really starting breast development--just like most of her peers. So take your daughter to a dr to ease your mind, but like others have said, girls all develop at their own rate and puberty takes a long time!



answers from Philadelphia on

When my 7 yr old started developing (hair, breasts, BO), I took her to the docs and they ran some tests because 7 was too early to start puberty. Everything checked out ok, however. Then when she was 8 and *REALLY* developing, I took her back to the docs (because things seemed to be progressing so fast) and they said "Perfectly normal, we don't get concerned about 8yr olds starting puberty." So at 7, they panic and run tests, but at 8, it's "perfectly normal". In our case, it *was* normal. We have early puberty on both sides (my SIL was FULLY developed by 11), I started my period at 11, etc. My daughter started her period 3 months after she turned 10 and now, at 11 looks 13 (still acts like a pre-teen, though).

Chances are your daughter is perfectly fine, but a trip to the doctors might put your mind at ease.


answers from Los Angeles on

Actually she sounds very normal. See what her doctor says, if he or she thinks something is going on that shouldn't be they will more than likely refer her to an endocrinologist for further testing. But I think her body is doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing.



answers from San Diego on

I'm not sure if this would help. But for myself. I was in the 3rd grade and got breast. I did everything early. with that being said. at 39 I went into menapause. By 41 I was full blown menapause. Doctors said you go into it early. When you start your period early. I think a lot of people go through it earlier now due to the process food and stuff being injected into our foods. But its not uncommon. just embrassing for young girl to hace breast when none of her freind do. I know I felt that way..



answers from Cleveland on

i started around 10/11



answers from Los Angeles on

We use 1 Symplex F for our daughter and Symplex M for our son and the mood swings are GONE. It just gets their endocrine organs communicating.

I just had a friend take her daughter who is 8 to a holistic doc and she gave her E-Manganese (different than Manganese) from Standard Process for her daughter who is starting to exhibit hormones changes as well. This balances out the anterior portion of the pituitary gland....so far so good. A few other friends have used the same thing to help their sons grow without using meds that can cause other side effects....and not fix the problem.

I had a friend buy a bottle of Symplex F for his wife because when she took it, he liked her again. She'd become so hormonal and PMSy all month and when she takes it, she is her old self again, even though her labs all look normal.

When I was 14-17, I had to take it with my mood swings. If I had gone to an MD, I would have been wrongly diagnosed bipolar. Literally, within 15 minutes of taking it, I felt like myself again. I took 14 one day it was so bad....but usually took 4-8 of them. They are tiny little natural tablets.



answers from Los Angeles on

i started developing in 4th grade so i was 8/9 years old. i was probably showing signs like your daughter around 8 but no one ever worried about it. however i did not start menstrating till 6-7th grade.



answers from Seattle on

Definitely check with your doctor but this doesn't sound like anything to be concerned about. My daughter is 8 and has serious mood swings and breast tissue growing as well though technically not actual breast development yet. Please don't be on the internet to find your answers, it is best that the pediatrician address all your concerns. :)



answers from Redding on

Definitely follow up with her doctor, but don't allow yourself to get concerned over the multitude of things you could expose yourself to on the internet.

Some girls tend to develop earlier than others and it's not a signal that anything is wrong.
I do understand that it seems young when you put a number on it.
I was a very late bloomer. My younger sister went through puberty before I did. My mom developed early also.

The main thing is to not make your daughter feel uncomfortable or like there is something wrong with her. Our bodies changing can be hard enough to emotionally deal with regardless of the age it happens.

Best wishes.



answers from Sacramento on

My 9 year old doesn't have the hair yet, that I know of, and I ask in a kidding way every so often with her. She does have the mood swings and my friends 8 1/2 year old does have the hair and is starting to get little boobies. I wouldnt worry too much, it doesnt seem to be out of the ordinary for the girls to start developmenting at an earlier age now. As I recall one of my other friends daughters even started her period when she was 9 years old. I am sure it is most likely puberty, but if it puts your mind at easy take her to the doctor and have them confirm it for you, always better to be safe rather than sorry! Good luck!

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