Ear / Nose / Throat Doctors in South Carolina ?

Updated on February 22, 2011
A.N. asks from Campobello, SC
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My daughter is 19 and she just got back on our health insurance, she has tonsil stones (stinky little balls in her tonsils) and it makes her really self concious. Her father is going to let her go to an ear, nose, and throat doctor to see if they will take them out, but he's only going to let her go once and if they don't say she can get them out the first time she can't go back. I want her to be able to get them out so she she can be more confident and social; so I'm wondering if anyone knows of any doctors in South Carolina that normally take tonsils out no matter what?

She's been to two doctors before and they wouldn't remove them but I told her we would be persistant in finding a doctor to remove them for her.

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answers from Charleston on

Call and ask at Charleston ENT. They took out both my children's tonsils and did a wonderful job. Not sure about stones, but it's worth the phone call. Good luck!



answers from Spartanburg on

I had my tonsils out at greenville ent at age 30. I wouldn't say they would take them out whether she needed it or not but if she does need them out they will do a good job.



answers from New York on

Why wont the Drs remove them? Maybe there is a good reason. Also why is dad saying one chance at an ENT? Your daughter is 19, what does she think?



answers from Atlanta on

Call the ENT and ask what there policy is generally around removing tonsil stones/tonsils. If they are conservative and say only under extreme conditions move onto the next doctor.

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