Ear Infection That Will Not Go Away!!

Updated on October 11, 2010
M.P. asks from Orem, UT
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Ok so my son has had an ear infection for three weeks now and will not go away! We are on his third different antibiotic. Is there anything else we can do or try? This round of meds just doesn't seem to be working. He in fact is worse! I have talked to s nurse and we will be going to the oncall dr tomorrow.

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So What Happened?

Thanks all! I actually just took him to tonights on call and he said that the ear is 95% clear. So we are guessing what's making him not sleep and cranky with a fever is the draining. Not sure how a fever can come from draining though. I am going to take him to a chiropractor soon for his ears and for his irregular bm's.

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My son would only respond to Augmentin, and in the worst case, a round of penicillian shots. Then he had tubes put in and ended the whole ordeal.

Sometimes a decongestant along with the antibiotic helps, but won't get rid of the infection, just some of the fluid in the ear.

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DEFINITELY CHIROPRACTIC!!! Our daughter was starting to have them and we took her to the chiropractor. She seems to start clearing up immediately upon being adjusted and has yet to have to go on antibiotics because of her regular visits. It's been a lifesaver! Try to find someone who has a lot of baby/child clientele and word of mouth.
Also, you can buy garlic ear oil at the health food store. You warm the bottle in a mug of hot water and then put a couple drops in each ear and plug with cotton until it stops being messy. This provides INSTANT pain relief as soon as the oil gets in there. Way better than tons of tylenol.

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I never wait more than 3 days to see if an antibiotic is starting to work. On the fourth day, I call the doctor and ask if we should switch. Glad you're going to another doctor to get a second opinion on the diagnosis of type of infection AND the antibiotic. They used to tell mom's that you can't let an ear infection go on and on or it could hurt their hearing or their ear drums. Certainly, don't take him on a plane until it is cleared up!

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Chiropractor. Many will see babies and children for free even. Worked for my son. He had 7 infections in 3 months I think? I lost track. I just know I was sick of antibiotics and willing to try everything before putting tubes in. It worked! No more infections. He's gone every two weeks for the past two months. She said I don't need to keep bringing him. But, I am because not only has it helped with ears, but, he's sleeping better also. Could be because all of that pressure is finally released so he can relax also. Good luck!

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I would also consider a possible food allergy. Is there anything new or seasonal that he's been eating?

My daughter developed a cold/fever/ear infection at the end of May. Took meds, was good for 2 days, got it again... after 6 weeks and 3 rounds of meds I sat down and looked at what was different. Result: she had been eating a TON of watermellon at daycare. I asked the babysitter to cut back on the watermellon. The next day that she had it she got the sniffles/runny nose. I asked the sitter to stop giving her watermellon and she hasn't had an ear infection since.

You could also goto and ENT and ask them to do a culture on the fluid. My coworkers son had an ear infection for 2m. They did the test. Turns out it was a drug-resistant bacterial infection... they had to go in and drain his ears/put in tubes.

Just a thought.

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Sounds like there is fluid trapped behind the eardrum. As long as that fluid is there, it will continue to be a place where bacterial infections can grow (and regrow). The question to ask the Dr tomorrow is how/what procedures are possible to address the fluid and get it out. Tubes would would be a longterm solution, but that won't help over the next days/weeks.

Be careful about giving multiple rounds of antibiotics. I know you're not really able to choose whether to give the medicine or not (as in, if he's sick, you'll give him the medicine). However, speaking from experience with my daughter, multiple exposures to antibiotics can result in an antibiotic allergic reaction. Basically, a rash may breakout, and once the child has shown an anallergic reaction to a certain antibiotic, he/she is unable to use that entire family of antibiotics FOREVER! Which reduces the available options for treating future illnesses, etc.

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Thought I answered this one but I don't see my response....I was checking back to see what others have said....

Could it be a viral infection? that won't respond to antibiotics.

Could the doc do a culture of any fluid from the ear to see what (if any ) bacteria you are dealing with (to better choose the antibiotic)

Could it be an allergic reaction? Did anything change around the time the infection began? new food, pet, soap........

I have seen something called "ear candles" in a health food/remedy store but have never used them.

It is ok to give tylenol or motrin for pain while the antibiotic works; just know that it will not cure the infection.

Sorry I seem to have more questions for you than answers, but maybe this will give you something to discuss with the doc. Good luck!

K. Z.

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My suggestion would also be to consult an ENT, my son needed adnoids removed and tubes in his ear and WOW the difference!!! And just because you consult with them does not mean you have to do the surgery right away or at all, it is just more information.



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put him on a decongestant. check into tubes. when my oldest got his tubes the doc put him on the antibiotic and a decongestant and a allergy med simotaneiously. sp? when his nose clears up it drains into his ears and when the ears clear up it drains into the nose and back and forth.



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Home remedy that worked for my son and nephew, cursh a garlic clove so the juices flow out, put it in his ear. Works way better than the meds, my son is almost a year old and has only had one ear infection, nephew has only had one as well.



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Have you tried taking him off milk products. After tubes my son kept getting ear infections and the ENT told me to take him off milk. It worked for him. If you are breastfeeding him, you may want to try to elliminate dairy from your diet. We kept him off cows milk until he was 18 months and he now does fine with it.



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Go to a chiropractor. He may just need an adjustment so that his ears can drain. If he is not aligned, then his ears cannot drain the fluid, and it becomes infected (think about a stagnate pool of water-yuck). A simple adjustment should make it able to drain.



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My son also would only respond to Augmentin. Have they tried that?



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A home remedy that really works....My twins got ear infections constantly, I did this, and they have not had one since.

Take 1 part distilled vinegar and 1 part warm water. Dip a q-tip into the mixture and let it drip into their ear. Hold the ear closed for a few seconds and then let it drain back out. Do this until his ear infection is gone, and he will not have one anymore, and you won't have to use antibiotics as well.



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I'm a little late, but have the chiropractor muscle test him for yeast. All three times my boys have had ear infections it turned out to be yeast in the ear--anti-biotics make yeast worse, so this could be why it doesn't seem to be getting better. It will also help to put him on probiotics, both for his digestion and his fever.

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