Ear Drops

Updated on February 15, 2012
K.A. asks from Medford, MA
4 answers

My 5 year old has ear tubes. We are now on the second round of ear drops for a lingering infection. The poor kid hates the drops and it's a battle each time we have to give them. I can only imagine what they feel like. Any suggestions on making it easier? Thanks!

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answers from Texarkana on

Poor thing my lil one fights it too. Try a sucker give ur lil one a sucker to put in his mouth while putting in the drops that way he or she is getting a treat for being good about being meds put in the ears. Hopefully the infection will pass fast and The drops will stop soon.



answers from Hartford on

I know this sounds very strange but our daughter has not had an ear infection since we started bringing her to a chiropractor last June. SHe went from having chronic, lingering infections to none! We were at a Healthy Kids fair and the chiropractor had a booth there, and he noticed her and said "she is sick huh? and I said well its just her usual ear infection" I was very skeptical about trying it, as was the pediatrician but amazingly she has not had one since!



answers from Sacramento on

Make sure the drops are neither warm or cold. Try leaving the drops bottle either in you armpit or between the thighs for several minutes.



answers from Providence on

Not sure how often it needs to be done? But I always did things like that when my kids where sleeping. Ear drops, removing splinters, cutting nails. You would think they wake up, but they never did. Good luck. Bribery with a pop or m&m is always a good one too.

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