Dying Easter Eggs and Easter Basket Question

Updated on April 06, 2011
L.W. asks from Florence, KY
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This may sound crazy but my mom NEVER dyed Easter Eggs with me. The FIRST time I did it was with my hubbys family about 15 years ago(when he was my BF) Well after we got married, we moved to another state and have not dyed Easter eggs in probably 10 years. I know HOW to make the dye since I have a kit with the tablets. Now that I have my own little one, I would like some idea on what fun things to do with the Eggs when dying (or even hiding them)
should I get stickers?? any fun things to do with the dye (like putting oil in it or something??) to make them a funky pattern?

Also I have NEVER hid the eggs before.....where should i hide the eggs for a 2 year old..should they be really obvious (like on the stairs, on the couch) or could I be sneakier and put on in a shoe?
What is a good gift. Yesturday I bought Rolos, Jelly beans, Reese Cups and filled 12 plastic eggs that I plan on hiding. I have 12 more plastic eggs that I filled with Money (just pennys and nickles and a few quarters). I bought her a coloring book, a kite, 3 new reading books (those were more for me than her...sick of the same boring bedtime books) a small game of tic tax toe and then I bought her a pillow pet...shoudl I put ALL the gifts on 1 BIG BASKET as the "Coom Ba Yah" gift?? What does your family do....I feel like I have a good start but want nothing but the best for my little one so perhaps I overlooked something...

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So What Happened?

You ladies are wonderful. Thanks for the ideas. I kind of forgot she is having ear tube surgery on 04/14...on 04/17 we plan on transitioning her to a big girl bed (per another question I have)...with 12 easter eggs FULL of candy, I am not cool with giving them all to her on Easter...SO I plan to stretch Easter out and train her to stay in the big girl bed. The easter bunny is going to visit her when she wakes up IF she stays in bed all night..if she gets up, the Easter bunny wont come(I kind of feel clever on this one) so I plan to have jelly beans trail her to 1 egg everyday that week (Sunday-Sat)..then on Sunday, I am going to hide the rest of the eggs (about 15 of them) HOPEFULLY we can do it outside but if not, inside will be fun too. I also plan on putting all her gifts in one big basket and putting it in her room after she gets up and the "coom ba ya" thing will be the pillow pet on the bed next to the easter basket...YIPPY!!! I am soo excited. I hope she likes it..

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answers from Muncie on

We keep the egg dying simple as well! A couple good ideas we have found are to use a whisk as an egg holder! Put the egg inside a small whisk...works great for little clumsy hands! We also use crayons and rubberbands wrapped around the egg and then dipped...leaves white designs when you remove them or you can dip in another color for mixing fun!

We hide plastic eggs. Something we have done is let each child pick out a nice reusable basket and 12 plastic eggs all in their favorite color! We unpack these each year and set them out "for the bunny" to fill and hide! The kids love this and then we get to reuse and save money! We have 3 kids so with them each having their own color of eggs it makes it easier too!

Also, this year I am filling them with swimming suits, towels etc. that we usually buy each year anyway...as well as a small toy and a little chocolate :) Enjoy!

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answers from San Francisco on

We always start by growing wheat grass in our easter basket. It is VERY easy and the kids love to watch it grow. take easter basket, line it with plastic kitchen wrap, fill with perlite ( can get it at hardware store) and sprinkle with wheat berry seeds form the bulk isle at the grocery store. lightly water, and cover with paper bag. water every day, and keep covered till the grass begins to sprout. once sprouted place in sun for a few hours a day. grows fast! the anticipation is great.
then the easter bunny comes and fills the baskets and hides then. have fun!

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answers from Columbus on

I put everything in the basket. I try not to make Easter be a second Christmas. Also, the dye on the eggs will run if the eggs get damp or have moisture on them so don't hide real eggs on anything that they can ruin. (This is more of a problem with an outdoor egg hunt.) Also, choc melts in the plastic eggs if left in the sun too long. We always had outdoor hunts if the weathe cooperated. It was alot more fun than inside. Be sure to make notes of where you hide the eggs. It is helpful if you child doesn't find them all - especially a real egg!

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answers from Cincinnati on

We don't dye eggs with my son because hes not interested. When I was little my mom would watch us dye eggs with my dad. We used to make all kinds of pretty colors, stickers, used that wax crayon thing. At the end my dad would combine all the colors together and make a darth vader egg. He still dyes eggs with my sister and her kids. On easter we have an egg cracking contest.
For my sons Easter basket, he just gets some small bags of chips. He doesn't like candy or sweets. You should put everything in one big basket. I say put some eggs out where your child can see some. If you put one in a shoe, make it stick up just a little so she can see it. You will have so much fun.

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answers from Redding on

My kids loved Easter and hunting eggs. When they woke up, their baskets and goodies were displayed on the kitchen or coffee table. And the eggs were already hidden. When kids are young, you want to make sure they're pretty easy to find. Clues like, "You're getting hot or you're getting cold" help too.
My kids liked hunting eggs so much they would take turns trying to hide them from me and from each other. We got our money's worth out of those eggs!
We stayed with my uncle one year after my aunt passed away and we did the egg thing. He actually got ticked about us hiding and hunting several times. It was in Southern California. The weather was stunning and we had a huge back yard to hunt eggs in. I told him we'd always done it that way. He thought we were crazy.
We were just having fun.
It sounds like you've got lots of gifts already. As your little one gets bigger, you can hide notes inside plastic eggs and have a treasure hunt that leads to some of the gifts.
The main thing is to have fun.

I'm sure she'll have a great time!

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answers from Albuquerque on

I wouldn't hide the dyed (real) eggs! (Imagine if you forgot where one was... a few months later... "what's that smell??")

We hide the plastic ones all over the place (indoors if the weather is bad)--let the kid try her hand at it! It's fun when they think they've found ALL of them... only to see "one more" in a good hiding spot!

Last year, we bought our girl a wagon for Easter & made that like her "basket" (put the gifts in it--cute spring outfits, coloring books, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, etc)! She was sooo excited! This year, I'm sure we'll have to downsize! :)

As for the dying eggs, there are a ton of different kits--with stickers, plastic wraps (boil the eggs with wrap & they shrink), etc. I say just get plain old dye tablets & vinegar. You can also write on the eggs with crayons (white works) and dye them--wherever you write will not have dye. Be sure to work on a non-porous surface (or cover the surface with plastic--like a cheap tablecloth) and have lots of papertowels ready! Also, keep the egg cartons so you have a place to put all those pretty boiled eggs!



answers from Washington DC on

Please do not put boiled eggs back into their original egg carton for storage as someone suggested! You'd be putting cooked food against a surface where raw food was originally stored. Yes, there are shells, but salmonella etc. lives on the shells of raw eggs too, and any that's on the inside of the egg carton will transfer to the shells of your cooked eggs and onto your hands and the eggs when you peel them. Throw out the carton and store somewhere safer (and definitely in the fridge).



answers from New York on

What I do is get the plastic easter eggs and hide them before she wakes up. Inside each egg I will put a sticker, a jelly bean or two or a hershey kiss. Something age appropriate. And I put them around the living room and she hunts for them with a basket - so cute!



answers from Erie on

We only dye eggs with my aunt, and she is the one that hides money in the plastic eggs and hides them for the kids to find. I would stick to in plain site for a 2 year old and i would only hide 6 at most. the dyed eggs are part of our Easter meal, ham and hardboiled eggs with gravy. Personally i would stick to traditonal egg dye and not worry about oil or stickers or anything fancy, make sure the kids clothes are protected and the dye will stain their hands so be aware.

Everything for the basket sounds great except the pilow pet, it's too big so maybe put that in her bed so when she wakes up she finds it. and i think that is plenty and would be done if that were me,
Our traditon is to hide the basket again out in the open for her age. and my mil always brings over a huge basket iwth even more candy and a movie for each kid. i wish she wouldn't but oh well.
so that's what we do. "Have fun. OH and video tape or take photos of them dying the eggs too cute.

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