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Updated on December 21, 2010
A.S. asks from Mesquite, TX
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If you are familiar with the Duggar family that lives in Arkansas I am wanting to know how the girls do their hair. I have tried putting both mousse and gel in my hair but it neither works. I've tried:

1. Putting mousse in my hair while it is wet and letting it air dry.
2. Putting mousse in my hair while when and blow drying it.
3. Putting mousse in my hair while it is dry.
4. Putting gel in my hair while it is wet and letting it air dry.
5. Putting gel in my hair while when and blow drying it.
6. Putting gel in my hair while it is dry.

My hair doesn't hold like their hair seems to hold. My hair is the same length and the same thickness. What ends up happening when I use the gel is my hair ends up not getting enough "crisp" to it no matter how much gel I put into it and when it dries my hair has a lot of dry strands of hair that end up giving me a lot of wispies flying around or frizzies flying around.

Also, the mousse just absolutely doesn't hold my hair at all.

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answers from Pocatello on

well first I think they have permed hair. so that right there makes a difference. Also if you want it "crisp" you need to use gel and hair spray. I like the Aussie brand Sprunch spray and gel. Works really well. Put gel all over wet hair then hair spray. Then dry it some with a defuser and after wards apply more hairspray.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

you can email them through the cable channel that airs the segments. and ask them. dont forget that they do get hair and make up done for the interviews.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I watched one episode where they all get home perms....not sure if your hair is treated.

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answers from Seattle on

I have naturally curly hair. When my hair was waist length I was using well over a cup (closer to 2 cups) of gel every time (or essentially a basketball size "ball" of mousse... in practicality 4-5 grapefruit sized balls, any bigger and I'd drop some). For just above my shoulders it's a palmful of gel or a naval orange size for mousse. So when you say "no matter how much"... are you using THAT much?

Also... it's pretty key what TYPE of gel or mousse you're using. Garnier Fructis is a decent (not great, but better than any other grocery store brand I've tried) mousse. Unfortunately as far as gels are concerned there are no "decent" ones to be had on the cheap. LA LOOKS strongest (for ringlets) or next level down for Duggar type curls is *okay*... but it will dry crunchy, and then you have to "squish" it to get rid of the crunch. There are several FANTASTIC salon quality gels (soft, shiny, and hold... instead of crunch, shiny, and hold).

Also... it's pretty key what you do the moment you step into the shower. As in... that is the ONLY time that you brush or run your fingers through your curls. As in you do 90% of your styling IN the shower (parting, etc.) As in never, ever, ever rub it with a towel (even squeezing breaks apart the curls, but it needs to be done if you don't want to flood your bathroom).

A thing to keep in mind, as well, is that the Duggar girls are on TV. Meaning that they probably are separating out some individual curls and using a curling iron for definition. The "daily" use for that is to twine a few curls around your fingers as it's still wet.

There aren't a ton of resources out there for curly hair. The following is one, and it's pretty decent. As someone who has had every type of white girl curls (I have natural pinky diameter ringlets I've relaxed out at various times to every type of curl and completely straight)... it's okay.


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answers from Pittsburgh on

I don't know what kind of hair you have, but here's my $.02.

The Duggar girls have perms. So, first and foremost, you should have at least reasonable naturally curly hair, or a good loose perm to achieve the curls they have.

Also, I think you are really missing an important step in how you dry your hair. The drying, in my experience, is what really makes the curls. My hair is naturally straight, and with mousse and a bowl diffuser blow dryer, I can actually get my hair quite curly.

**Wash and condition your hair, then comb or finger comb. Then, a good step is to apply a silicone based hair glossing product, like Citre Shine. It will ward off a lot of the frizziness that comes with naturally curly or permed hair. Once this is applied, go over your whole head, scrunching your hair with your hands to activate your curls to prepare it for blow drying.

**Next, apply your mousse/gel. You need to be sure you are using an adequate amount of product to completely coat your hair, all strands/curl sections, from root to tip. The fact that you say "no matter how much gel I put into it and when it dries my hair has a lot of dry strands of hair that end up giving me a lot of wispies flying around or frizzies flying around" tells me you are not using enough product. Read Riley J's response for the amount you probably need to use, to achieve a good, curly look. It's probably way more than you think. I have a cousin with thick, curly hair, and she'd use 5 or 6 handfuls (like softball size) mousse, and then use a spray gel on top of that.

**As for what products to use, I prefer Aussie mousse with leave-in conditioner in it... it gives you good curl, few fly aways, and leaves your hair really shiny from the conditioner. (My cousin with thick, curly hair likes this also, so it is good for different hair types.) Also, LA Looks has a good curling mousse, and some good spray gel for curls. You may need to distribute a lot of mousse throughout your hair, then add some spray gel as you dry each section.

**You need to dry your hair with a diffuser, preferably a *bowl-type diffuser.* You can scrunch your hair up with your fingers/hands, and place it in the bowl, and dry it section by section in the bowl. It will prevent a lot of those fly away's since you are not blasting air at the hair. You are basically *heating* it dry with very little air blowing on it. You take sections of your hair and place them in the bowl, and dry it section by section.

**Then, after getting the hair *mostly* dry with using the bowl diffuser, I'll just flip my head over and scrunch using my hand and the blow dryer with the diffuser still on. This just lets you get to the roots better, and do a little more shaping of the curls with your hand scrunching as you dry.

**Lastly, you need to use a good hairspray - Aussie Sprunch Spray is a good one for scrunching your hair some more after it's dry, and putting the final touches on scrunched hair.

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answers from San Francisco on

Have you emailed them or looked at their webpage? I am a fan of the show and they are really good at getting back to people. Why don't you email them? Maybe they have some tricks that they could tell you about.


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answers from San Antonio on

My hair dresser said to make a 'cocktail' of mousse and gel together. I have naturally curly hair, oftentimes more tendrilly than what I remember the Duggars to be. I put a mousse/gel combo in my hair when it's wet, not overdoing the gel. I let it air dry, dumping my head upside down a few times, when it starts to get 'crunchy' to loosen up the crunchiness of it. I've found that I need to handle it less, or it will become frizzy. Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

I can tell you what works for me with similar type hair (thick and curly). I use Cat Walk from Target.. They are numbered I use the leave in conditioner which is #3, and the curl amplifier which is #5 (I hang my hair upside down to apply), if you need additional lift use the roots booster which is #4.

I think this will give you what you are looking for.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

They have professional hair dressers that get them ready for the show surely..
I have medium curly hair that is not as long but is thick and hard to do too.

What I found to help with the dry frizzy hair is to go to Sally's and buy a tube of Aphogee Gloss Therapy. It is similar to the expensive Silicone based hair additives. Then I use Pantene mousse so it isn't too heavy so it is weighed down. I use only a minimal amount then sparingly use the mouse.

One thing you can use is Stiff Stuff, also from a hair supply store. It is very stiff, your hair will look good but not be touchable.



answers from Dallas on

If you don't have the same hair type as these girls then your hair is probably not going to look exactly like theirs. Ask a hairstylist how to get the same effect.



answers from Dallas on

Try this...

Conditioner wash your hair. This means you stop using shampoo on your hair. I use WEN. I used to buy it from the WEN site, buy you can get it off QVC cheaper. If you don't want to spend that amount, purchase Organix. You can buy this at any CVS, Target, or grocery store. It doesn't matter which one... pick a scent you like. JUST THE CONDITIONER. It has no sulfates.

So you wet your hair in the shower, pile on a lot of the conditioner from root to ends and let it set in your hair while you do everything else. Rinse before you get out of the shower. Then get about a nickel size amount of the conditioner and work it from ends up... do not get on your roots. Towel off.... Apply an oil/frizz serum. I again use WEN for this, but Organix has coconut oil I use on my daughter's hair. After you do this, you are going to section out your hair into small pieces and tightly twist each section in the same direction. Let your hair air dry and when completely dry flip and fluff.



answers from Denver on

You can try some hair wax instead of gel or mouse. It is like wax that you use to control your hair, but it does not get crispy. If you really want the crispy wet effect then try some of the Got 2 Be Glued products. Use the heaviest gel and then finish it off with the Freeze hairspray.

Good luck!