DS 4Th Birthday Need Gift Ideas

Updated on July 20, 2010
J.S. asks from Denton, TX
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Hey Mommas,

I need birthday gift ideas for my turning 4 year old son. We are having a cooking party at a local chefs academy that is really going to be big gift as it is going to be a surprise for him. But my hubby and I would like to buy him 1 or 2 other gifts. What are yall buying your turning 4 year old boys this year? He is getting a bike from his grandparents, he has a scooter, he doesnt have a leapster (we really dont want him to get hooked on video games at such a young age).

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answers from Chicago on

I agree with Kristin f on the Magnatiles. My kids play with them everyday. My nieces and nephews are older and still love them. Good luck:)

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answers from Phoenix on

My husband and I got our daughter a Barbie house, a Barbie doll with some clothes, and a Strawberry Shortcake action figure pool party thing. We had a big party at our house with kiddy pools, a sprinkler ball, sidewalk chalk, a craft table, and silly string (the adults had fun too). Oh and we got a doll stroller 2 months back because it was on MEGA mark down and that was a part of her gift from us too.


answers from Los Angeles on

We just got our 5-year-old a LeapFrog Tag Reader. She loves it!



answers from Minneapolis on

My son loves his Tag Reader as well. One toy both my 3.5 and 5 year old LOVE is Magna-Tiles. They are fantastic. Do a search on Amazon and you will see what they are if you aren't familiar with them. I had never hear of them until a friend of mine told me about them. They have provided hours of entertainment from building houses for lego people, garages for small cars, airplanes etc. We all love them at our house!



answers from New York on

does he have a bike? scooter? leapster? is he into transformers?



answers from Los Angeles on

Happy bday to your son! I have a couple of very fun recommendations for a 4-year old boy. I sell Discovery Toys and this age group actually has some of my favorite products. Here they are:

Motorworks: use a battery-powered screwdriver to build (and take apart) a car, airplane & motorcycle. My son LOVES using the "power tool" just like Daddy: http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/esuite/control/product?P...

Zingo: Fun bingo-style game for 2-8 players (so he can play with you or friends, siblings, etc): http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/esuite/control/product?P...

Marbleworks: build a marble maze that you can redesign as often as you want. Watch the marbles race down! Add-on sets available separately (good gift for xmas) or you can get the whole deluxe set at a discount :
Basic set - http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/esuite/control/product?P...
Deluxe set: http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/esuite/control/product?P...

Check out these and other great toys at http://www.discoverytoyslink.com/karenchao
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I really do love these toys and can tell you many great things about them.



answers from Raleigh on

My son turns 4 next month. We are getting him a tire swing. We have a big nice tree to hang it from:

He wants one of those pillow pets, so my mother got him one of those.
Also, he loves the commercials for Moon Sand, so I am going to get him some. I am not sure of the age limit, but I think he's old enough not to eat it or anything like that. :)

Hope that helps!



answers from Los Angeles on

Puzzles & board games! My 4 year old son loves the Curious George games & LeapFrog Go Fish game.



answers from Indianapolis on

Our son was really definitive with us for his 4th birthday a few weeks ago. We knew for months what his preferences were.

We took him to ToysRUs and Target/Walmart and asked him to point out things he liked. We took pictures with our phones and saved them to an e-mail so we could send them off if needed to grandparents, etc.

It ends-up, they didn't take any of the recommendations, but we able to narrow down what we wanted to get for him a little more easily.

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